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Thoughts on remaking parts of Sims 2 in Sims 3



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    I spent the day working on the Broke family from Pleasantview; as every single person in the family tree was alive and well in Riverview in some form, I only had to make Brandi, Dustin and Beau from scratch (all via genetics too)


    Here you can see that the full family tree, extended in Sims 3, is complete and viewable ingame. The only one missing is Bernard Broke, who is seemingly an unconnected cousin or other sort of relative. In the uploaded version, Beau will have all the tombstones in his inventory; I tried putting them in the family inventory, but while the graves were preserved with the sims intact, all the family tree stuff was shredded, so I had to reconnect everyone. I'd advise moving all the graves to a graveyard or into the mausoleum, and making sure the connections are all intact.

    The house itself was rather simple to build, and due to engine differences, the little pool is usable even without its ladder. I gave Brandi the hydrophobic trait, since after her husband's death there, she wouldnt want to go near it.

    Speaking of, Skip is actually present as an urn by her bed this time. He was always resurrectable, despite a missing tombstone, and those flowers if viewed, will show they are gifts from him.

    Brandi and Dustin are largely recognisable, they were made via natural generation from Bob and Betty Newbie from Riverview, and Brandi and Skip respectively, rather than tweaking face settings for hours.

    As a neat bonus, on my end at least, the pinball machine saved its scores between saves, so Dustin will always see his old man topping the high scores. Something to work to beat :p It also seems to have saved his relationship with Angela Pleasant in his scrapbook, who is a very WIP sim and thus not shown. (Daniel Pleasant and Maru-Sue do NOT have good looking kids, the twins will have to be handtweaked heavily)

    Ive also been adding the PS2 Pleasantview lots and families, and everyones favourite townie, Goopy Gilscarbo, is present, with his PS2 outfit as his second Everyday outfit, and his parents from Monte Vista in his inventory as tombstones, to preserve the family tree. One could place this version of Goopy into Barnacle Bay too, and link him to the family tree of his exwife and daughter living there.
    Rebuilding Sims 2 inside Sims 3 one lot and sim at a time.

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    Awesome! I do this for other types of games. These days I play a lot of open world, survival, crafting/building games and I have a book with tons of blueprints I created from sims 2 lots. I'll build one of them occasionally as a base and defend it from either zombies or exiles lol. But the last couple of days i've been playing sims 3 with just WA and Supernatural and all the store stuff/mods and it's been fun and the loading time is doable. Started a legacy but had no inspiration on a build, think I just found it, so thanks :).

    Now with sims 4, i've taken and gotten rid of all the sims and lots and recreated Pleasantview and Strangetown. I extracted all the floors and created them for sims 4, haven't tackled the walls :p. That's a HUGE chore. Then went to search for ts2 to ts4 conversions, searched ts2 in the gallery and... it was pretty amazing. I just wish we had grass textures in sims 4, even if cartoony. Sims 2 and 3 had textures and it looks super weird in 4, to me that is. Tried dl'ing sims 2 terrain paint but it doesn't look good in ts4.

    Anyway, love that i'm not the only one who does this lol :). I bet you are having so much fun, your screenshots look amazing. Sims 2 will always be a special game to me and will always be installed on my computer. Doesn't it still look pretty .... amazing for 2020! That game was so ahead of it's time.
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    Got a new PC, but it has no disc-drive. Origin is..not working at all, so I have no Sims 3 access again. I swear I have this problem every few years. guess I'll be waiting till the country reopens to resume this stuff.
    Rebuilding Sims 2 inside Sims 3 one lot and sim at a time.

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    Found a disc drive in an old computer that was compatible with the new one, so im back in business!

    Capp Manor with a small change to the central pathway, just to have sims actually USE the stairs. Without those little fences for the new flowerbeds, everyone just walks up the hill on the grass, and will routefail if you order them to use the stairs -.- This way, they use the pathway just like they do in Sims 2! The Capps are civilised folk afterall :p

    The Pleasant family home is done, on the outside anyway. Still gotta tweak a lot of things indoors. This makes all the default Sims 2 Pleasantview homes now present in my save; as a bonus, the Pleasant home is built where the Langeraks normally live xD

    Currently working on the Kat and Kim families from Sims 2 Pets, which I always place in Pleasantview. The Kat family home has the most ridiculous roof that makes no sense whatsoever, but I painstakingly recreated it anyway, warts and all. The Kim family home is a little difficult, as its full of themed furniture that largely isnt present in Sims 3, will have to improvise with the Atomic Age dining and pet sets, bits and pieces from ITF, and probably Mid-Century Modern store content
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    I have just completed the exterior of the Summerdream family home, 71 Bard Boulevard. The inside needs a few tweaks with CAS still.

    This home has one of the stranger entrances out there. Also, most of the entrances are archways instead of doors. Ive added more curtains to these spots, and am assuming they are enchanted to keep unsavoury people out to a degree and the inside temperature normal, while maintaining the free floor plan they had originally

    I really dislike the side of the house with the platform with nothing on it, and no fence. I didnt want to change TOO much, so ive left it as-is, but I'd probably put planter pots up there for the fairies to grow even more crops (I have many of these indoors replacing decorative plants already) You can also see the small grave area, which has the non-Summerdream grandparents of Oberon and Titania. Oberon's parents are indoors in urns, one is in a spot where a vase used to sit, the other is on a free spot nearby. I wanted Oberon to give respect to his parents in the same way as Titania, without usurping her lineage thing

    No raging party yet with the Capps and Monty teens, sorry. I added a few bits around the edges of the left and right raised platforms that the bottom one had. I used the Origin-ecxlusive pinball machines that came with 70s/80s/90s Stuff Pack, sorry. But any other pinball machine can fill those slots really. I used them because they have a very similar shape to the originals.

    The four big graves by the pond are a new addition; they belong to Brillante and Pistol, the first Summerdream couple on the family tree and presumably former King and Queen of the Fae, and Fae and Elvin, the parents of Titania, the successing monarchs, till their untimely deaths. There is also a Fairy Castle nestled in the rose bushes with a little dirt path leading out that is new, and a fairy bungalow on the other side of the hills by the smaller graves. Ive witnessed the ghosts at night sleeping or partying in these houses when they aren't dancing away by the pool. Night owls indeed. A neat touch is that the four previous monarchs by the pool still have fairy retinues circling them from time to time, even in death.

    Titania was brought in from Moonlight Falls, where she appears as a townie. I aged her up to Adult, and gave her the Queen of the Fae lifetime reward, which not only matches her lore namesake, but also fits her matrilineal family. Oddly, in Sims 3, she was married to Oberon, but he had his original surname, while in Sims 2, they aren't married, but he HAS her surname. I've set them as boyfriend/girlfriend with Oberon's original surname so that the player can marry them as Sims 2 generally sets up. Formally bring in the new King and Queen of the Fae's reign!

    Oberon was also brought in from Moonlight Falls and aged. I made do with face paint from the Into the Future registration gifts to replace his blue hero mask. He has the King of the Fae trait despite not being married yet, due to his namesake. Just remember to make Titania do all the marrying to keep the matrilineal thing going, otherwise you'll end up with Titania Gossamer.

    Puck's long shorts did not exist in any capacity, had to either go with normal shorts or long pants, but I instead chose to use the fairy pants, which were, amusingly enough, the right length. Sims 3 made the Summerdreams and Gossamers fairies, so I generally assume Puck is too what with him and his parents having the elf ears too, and Oberon and Titania being the king and queen of the Fae, they likely took some young fairies into their care. His face makeup is much less awful to look at this time too. There wasn't anything as obnoxious in 3, fortunately.

    Bottom had the worst luck. Children generally get a real short end of the stick in this game, with their faces all looking the same, and if you customise a child's face too much, their teenage face onwards takes a huge hit. I always age up the child to adult, then customise the Sims 2 version based on their adult face structure, then age them down to child. Bottom's dreadlocks hairstyle isn't represented in any form in Sims 3; dreadlocks in general are barely there for females, I keep having to use this one terrible style for them.

    Next post I'll post the Summerdream/Gossamer ancestors and how I made neat characters out of low-res mugshots with no body data that only existed in family trees. But here is the full tree, it even carries the EXACT same order tha it does in Sims 2 when you open Puck and bottom's family tree. Ancestors in this family always show the father on the right, as if all the fairies in these four families are matrilineal. Oberon is oddly shown on the left on both Puck and Oberon's family tree, and ive kept that. To fix it, detach Puck and Bottom from Oberon and Titania's family tree with Master Controller, then re-add the parents, selecting Titania first; she will then be on the left.
    Rebuilding Sims 2 inside Sims 3 one lot and sim at a time.

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    The Summerdream Ancestors: Creating sims out of nothing more than headshots and leftover data.
    In Sims 2, the three starter neighbourhoods for the most part have the playable sims all with an extensive family tree, showing parents and grandparents, but generally these ancestors only exist in the game files as severely cut down data; just a mugshot or two, and data on their aspiration and personality, and even that is often incomplete or broken. The actual body data is gone for almost all of them, so you cannot resurrect them, nor can one find out their full original set of outfits. Some of the sims that did not lose their data, have old corrupted data, likely from a previous build of the game that never got updated; afterall, they were just tombstones right?

    I rebuild all of these ancestors, only to kill them off, to keep that family tree present. All my uploads will have the tombstones either on the lot, or in someone's inventory. I tried leaving the tombstones in family inventory, but that didnt preserve the family tree when installing the lot; the sims themselves survived the process, but the relationships all had to be re-established. Sims with aliens in the family tree, ie Caliente and Smith, the alien ancestors end up with ITF's futuristic tombstones unless the alien died on earth and was buried by humans. Unwanted tombstones can generally be dumped in the graveyard, either on the grounds, or in the mausoleum itself.

    In the case of missing personality points, I'll generally improvise. Its still more than EA ever gave them :p Anyay; here is an example of a family tree restoration, and my attempts to give some life to some rather fuzzy headshots (Veronaville suffered heavily from low resolution images, which you will see below)

    Brillante Summerdream
    latest?cb=20090228202121 The head of the Summerdream line, I made her a gardener, fully utilising her natural fairy powers to shape her kingdom, what was likely Veronaville before it became the divided town it is today. She was ambitious and a bit of a party animal like most faeries, and took Pistol as her husband

    Pistol Summerdream
    latest?cb=20090228202800 Pistol was a humble alchemist who used Brillante's alchemical gardens to provide elixirs to the fae kingdom, and eventually attracted the eye of the queen herself, and found himself the king of the fae. He stayed out of the spotlight and generally preferred to read books or work on his recipes; his crowning achievement was the development of Pollen Punch in elixir form, a recipe passed down the line, but noone has been able to replicate his methods (Real talk: There is a Pollen Punch elixir hidden in the game that functions just like the stuff you drink in a fairy house; except any sim can drink it. It can be learned via debug commands, but cannot be made at the alchemy station. I have left a small supply in the Summerdream house; it is the last of Pistol's stock, and true to my backstory, all four know the recipe, but cannot make it.

    Sylph Featherlight
    latest?cb=20090602044818 Sylph was a goodhearted fairy with a penchant for black with a talent for seeing the future. Brillante came to her for private readings every now and then, such was the accuracy of her fortune-telling. She was also an exceptional mother, but was unable to curb Elvin's more negative traits.

    Damon Featherlight
    A troublemaker even by fae standards, Damon was on the wrong side of the fortune-telling career when he bumped into Sylph. She somewhat straightened him out, and he ended up her mostly-loyal partner for the rest of his life.

    Fae Summerdream
    The born heir to the Summerdream monarchy, Fae was more interested in adventure and feats of daring than managing the kingdom's affairs. She lived as a magician, entertaining the sims of the growing Veronaville, unaware of her fairy nature. After Brillante's passing and her crowning as the new queen of the Fae, ironic given her name also being 'Fae', she settled down slightly with Elvin, and had Titania. She met an untimely end when distraught over Elvin's death; drowning on stage during an act, to the horror of her audience.

    Elvin Summerdream
    Elvin was the student of Shock Gossamer; the legendary chef of the Fae world (In the original data, although its hard to see due to the low res, Elvin and Shock both wore outfits from the top of the Culinary career) and aspired to surpass him, as he was not opposed to meat dishes and beleived he could achieve success by catering to a larger audience. However, due to a prank gone wrong from Damon during his childhood, he was terrified of water, and when his kitchen went ablaze on a live show, he panicked and shut himself in the freezer instead of diving into water. He froze to death, inadvertently causing the death of his wife the same day, and brought about the early coronation of his daughter Titania.

    Download Titania's Ancestors here

    Will post Oberon's ancestors soon.
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    Oberon's side of the family isnt as royal, but I like to think the Gossamer line had an important role in the fae kingdom

    Momentilla Bramble
    latest?cb=20090602044336 Momentilla looks rather comical, and I wanted to work in a black sheep bad fairy into the family somewhere, kind of like a less-competent Malificent. Her red evil aura also acts as a counterpart to Sylph's blue aura. Her original incarnation also had the cut Power aspiration, which helped me push her towards a criminal fairy.

    Bob Bramble
    latest?cb=20090602044133 Bob is so amazingly normal in this family tree. He looks like he'd be an everyday normal grandpa, just with pointy ears (in TS2) and with light wings (TS3). I like to think that he was Momentilla's anchor that kept her craziness and bad stunts under control. They are already a rather unlikely looking pair to start with. I made him a doctor, as business is the Capp family territory in Veronaville. Bob was also one of the only two ancestors that had personality points, so his traits are a bit more 'official'

    Nym Gossamer
    latest?cb=20090601110016 Nym, the Gossamer founder on the tree, was another case of the Dreadlock Problem that im constantly running into. She looks rather plainish, compared to her rather outlandish partner Shock, and I made her compliment his chef skills with Nectar Making. She probably supplied the monarchy with nectar for the royal gatherings.

    Shock Gossamer
    latest?cb=20120816211729 Shock has always been the most over the top ancestor in Sims 2. An old guy with a mohawk and a chef outfit? I envisioned him as a celebrity chef amongst his kind, with one major caveat; he is fiercely vegetarian and his culinary arts never included anything with meat. When his student Elvin became the next in line to be king of the fae, he passed on his restaurant to him in good faith.

    Zephyretta Gossamer
    latest?cb=20090601105813 Oberon's mother is another rather plain sim. Working in politics, she tried to secure a green future for Veronaville...until she was squished by a passing sim's trash while she was in fairy form. She rests inside the Summerdream home, on a table in the main room, where a blue vase used to rest.

    Sprite Gossamer
    latest?cb=20120816232853 Sprite is a bit of an oddity. Adults cannot have white hair, so his original incarnation must have been bugged. However hes also the second ancestor to have personality points. Sprite in this incarnation was a rebellious type that worked in the criminal building alongside his mother, as a Master Forger. His wife never knew his artistic skills were used for nefarious purposes, but he did truly love her and their son. He met his early end trying to turn a newspaper into gold, only for his death to be reported in the very next issue. Somewhere out there, a collector now has a rather bizarre golden statue of a fairy screaming in terror..

    Download Oberon's ancestors here

    STEALTH EDIT: Get completed Summerdream family here. The will be a bit lonely without the Capps and Montys though. Soon...
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    They look Wonderful! :heart:
  • EdoodEdood Posts: 4 New Member
    PleasantSims just recreated Pleasantview in TS3, if you'd like to check it out.
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,124 Member
    Edood wrote: »
    PleasantSims just recreated Pleasantview in TS3, if you'd like to check it out.

    'No other ancestors are included.' Well, I'll be including them, if anyone wants to add them to this (Master Controller and other such mods will be needed to link up the family tree stuff). Also, im still going to finish my own Pleasantview remakes, as this person's design philosophy is slightly different to mine. I also include the Sims 2 Pets and the Traveller families in all my Pleasantview games, so those four (five if you count Crittur), and theres also the Sim State University sims too that will need homes in Pleasantview.

    Wonder if I could get someone to make a custom world for Four Corners though? I completed EVERYTHING for that world except the NPCs and Townies which are planned (Four corners has DOUBLE the townies and NPCs of a normal TS2 town, since theres a Freeplay variant)
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    Continuing my streak of Veronaville content

    The Monty Ranch is almost complete, just needs some edgy teen posters and piles of trash in the boys rooms, some CAS on the beds, a few plants in the garden to replace the cactuses that just do not exist in Sims 3 (I find this really weird..) and add the two urns to the back. Im going to do something neat with the urns; going to use the gift flowers to have a bunch of flowers from all the Monty family and a certain butler closely linked to the Monty family

    Currently the house is just Patrizio, Isabella and Claudio. Antonio and Bianca already live out in other lots. Mercutio and Romeo are absent, as I need to create Olivia Monty and her 6 ancestors first, and its a daunting task.

    Since im building these lots in Sunset Valley, the Capps and Montys share the rich area. The Monty home from Sims 2 PS2 is also up here. Speaking of which..

    The Sims 2 PS2 Monty household! Patrizio and Isabella's 'Everyday 2' outfit are their looks from Sims 2 PS2! Don Treadwell, their butler, is also present. I will be uploading him with the Cliffside Retreat lot. Using Master Controller, he can be made into a real butler then hired over the phone, but his career outfit will need to be replaced with a copy of his Everyday wear. I have even set his alma mater to the 'Cate School of Waitering' just like his bio always stated :p

    This may bring back some memories for those who played Sims 2 on the PS2.
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    Ah the Sims 2 basegame neighborhood had some of the best storylines in the entire series. You've done a great job at recreating some of them in the Sims 3 so far! Kudos to you. Can't wait to see the finalized versions!
    I am just a simple Sims 2 lore addict
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    Ougonmusou wrote: »
    Ah the Sims 2 basegame neighborhood had some of the best storylines in the entire series. You've done a great job at recreating some of them in the Sims 3 so far! Kudos to you. Can't wait to see the finalized versions!

    I will be making proper threads for these neighbourhoods once im done with the main content for each, like I did for Four Corners. I need to find my Sims 2 Tutorial neighbourhood remake thread and fix it up too. Im kinda using this thread as a spot to share my progress on things, as I tend to jump between projects a lot once I get motivated.

    I haven't even touched any content from the three expansion neighbourhoods, the subhoods, or from Pet Stories yet, and I hope I dont. gotta stay focused on the main three for now :p

    Currently making one of the empty homes on the Italian side. I always move the side-families from the Montys into these, its a bit odd otherwise, having the Montys live on the other side, given the mysterious deaths of Hero, Olivia and Claudio.

    On that note, I have given Patrizio and Consort the mean-spirited trait as a bonus trait; 'earned' through the traumas of the bloodfeud they have going on. The many deaths on both sides have twisted them both; they were both a lot different in their youth in Monte Vista and Roaring Heights respectively.

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    There are three of these homes in Veronaville, all with the exact same terrain paint; its clear the developers made one, then placed copies, then slightly edited them. One of them was used to create one of the four family bin families, as it has no bathroom fixtures, lights, anything.

    The Stratford Street home, which I believe to have been Claudio's old home before he and his wife died.

    The Avon Avenue home, which was likely Antonio's former home.

    Yes, I even made the Old Silo Farm. Its probably better off being made into a community lot after various plants are planted on the grounds, a sort of community garden. Ideal for the Monty family, which has a long history of culinary mastery.

    All these lots have been uploaded to my studio, along with Don Treadwell, and the Cliffside Retreat remake.

    Now its time to catch up with the Capp family.

    This is Consort Capp from EA's Roaring Heights world. Unlike earlier worlds, the later worlds had more care put into the TS2 cameos; he looks like he does in TS2 as an elder, with just a slightly more realistic appearance.

    This is Cordelia with a natural face, born ingame in Roaring Heights. A natural blend of Consort and Contessa's features, looks very 'Capp'. But, this isnt how she looked in TS2, so a makeover was required.

    Cordelia and Caliban Capp, both are actual properly functioning sims this time. In the original game, Caliban was a glitchy mess, and Cordelia had a broken face and didn't properly register as a ghost. Caliban's parents are also present on the lot, and will either be in the Capp graveyard if space allows it, or in what I call 'the Ancestor Chest'; a treasure chest on the lot with ancestor's tombstones inside for players to put in the graveyard or on the lot as they desire.

    Cordelia's kids are all done; I even got Tybalt's ridiculous facemask sort-of present. I made it only appear on his Everyday 1 outfit; unlike the original, he wont have the mask on when sleeping or in the shower, and has an Everyday 2 without it. I wasnt able to give him his faint facial stubble, due to Sims 3's VERY limited options for teen facial hair. Tybalt's short IS in the game, but not available to teens, so I made do with something similar. Juliette's jean-skirt wasnt a thing, but shes recognisable at a glance. Hermia has the biggest changes, but should still be largely recognisable. She even has blond hair roots to reflect her natural hair colour; she was the only one to inherit Cordelia's blonde hair. Caliban and his parents all had red hair, so its no wonder Juliette and Tybalt have it too.

    Any teen I remake that is close to adulthood, I make them learn how to drive and give them a car. Tybalt, Johnny Smith, Ophelia Nigmos, etc, are all old enough to have a car, so I might as well make it official and give them a driving certificate. Inactive teen sims tend to drive cars regardless, but maybe the bikes I assign to Hermia and Juliette will curb that. Probably not :p Regardless the two have cheap cars to grow into once they earn them. I give every sim their own car or vehicle; otherwise the game will generate random cars for them that will be hilariously unfitting.

    Contessa Capp declined a photograph, and was determined to hide in and levitate Consort's couch.
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    Tinkering away again at things. Most of Veronaville is done, but im bored out of my mind with editing the throwaway ancestors of the Capps and Montys, so I went back to Strangetown and finished up the Curious, Specter and Smith families, or so I thought. Test runs have shown that family trees of ghosts tend to get severed if they are stored in boxes or in family inventory, so I'll have to leave the tombstones in a sim's pocket afterall. Also noticed that placing the Curious family down in a new town, then placing the Specter and Smith families down in different town edits, the game automatically assigned Jenny as the sister to her brothers, and Ophelia as Johnny's girlfriend, it even remembered how many days the relationship had lasted. Seems there are hooks left in these uploads that look for a certain Sim ID, then re-attach if they are found. Rather neat! Less steps for a user to take to establish the neighbourhood as it was in Sims 2 :p

    I took a lot of extra steps with Johnny Smith too; since hes the ingame tutorial on aging up for Sims 2, hes all set for that ingame; hes graduated from all his school clubs, has a prom photo of Ophelia and him together (forgot to check if this photo was saved, oops.) and has his driving skill maxed out with his own car, all ready for adult life. I should do the same for Ophelia, whos only a day younger than him.

    Creating the full graveyard for Olive's garden was an arduous task, especially since several sims in there have corrupt outfit data and no personality or aspiration to adapt to traits. Had to wing it for all of them.
    Rebuilding Sims 2 inside Sims 3 one lot and sim at a time.

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    edited June 19
    @Devalaous these are absolutely incredible, well done!
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,124 Member
    oliv3 wrote: »
    @Devalaous these are absolutely incredible, well done!

    its all done in official EA content too, no CC, just stuff from expansions and store content. Although I try to avoid store content if I can, as that means people downloaded the uploaded finished work have ti have that content too for things to look right.

    I hope that one day people will use my work to create their own little versions of Strangetown and other Sims 2 towns
    Rebuilding Sims 2 inside Sims 3 one lot and sim at a time.

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    So, sims 2's raised hot hubs arent present in sims 3 in any way, and trying to use one on a higher level makes interesting problems for people downstairs. You can ignore the people's feet and the bottom of the tub poking through the ceiling sometimes, and its no issue if on the ground floor. Some homes have the hot tub as an integral part of it though, like the Pleasantview condos. The other person that rebuilt Pleasantview in Sims 3 before me used friezes to alter the layouts to make the hottubs work, and ive been dreading trying my hand at it, as too many layout changes makes me antsy; given how closely I try to match original content.

    I think this kind of worked out. On that note, Bitville is almost 100% done on the 'playable sim and lot' side.
    Rebuilding Sims 2 inside Sims 3 one lot and sim at a time.

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