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One Bachelor.

Seven single women.

All living in the same house and vying for the Bachelor's attention.

A Bachelor's quest to find his one true love from among the seven.

Such drama.

Such excitement.

Such romance.

Could it get any better than this?


You betcha. Because, now, YOU, too, can submit an application for your sim to compete for the hand of this great guy. Unbelievable, you say? What's in it for your sim, you ask? Well, wait, there's more.


If your sim is chosen, they get to live in the lap of luxury. Yes, they get to live in a mansion for a day, two days, or until they get booted out....or um...married. Of course, the house is gorgeous, and there's even a maid and butler, so they don't have to do any cooking or cleaning. How often would your sim be able to live in a house like this? Okay, well they could if you used "motherlode", but we're not cheating here, right? This is just a sample house, but, heck, it would be just as gorgeous. [Featured House: The Billionaire's House by findjoo]

Oh, wait....this news is just in. Oh my word! Hold on to your shorts! Did we hear this right? Yes! Yes! We did! Your sim will be living in PARADISE! They will be Island Living in Sulani. It's so fantastic we can hardly believe it ourselves.

Warm tropical breezes, pristine white sand beaches, and carefree swimming in the ocean. A perfect setting for romance.


But wait! There's more! Did we mention the parties? Oh, yes, LOTS of parties. And free food, too!


And of course, there will be competitions to see who goes on the first date or a group date...or who ... um ... gets eliminated... (Oh boo hoo on that last one)


Make friends and form alliances...


Eliminate the competition, or become frenemies...

But it's all about the Bachelor, right?


Will your sim be the lucky one? Will the Bachelor want YOUR sim to stay and give them a rose? Yes! Yes! Yes! Anything can happen.

You say we forgot something? Oh, right...who is our mystery Bachelor?

Well, we're glad you asked. A sim universe competition was held to find a Bachelor who would give his all to marry the sim gal of his dreams, and we...ahem...the producers of the show...have chosen one truly remarkable male sim to be the heartthrob of these young women.


Meet the Bachelor, Rick Goengeter. Ahh....yes...he could be anysim. The only thing we know for sure is that he is romantic.

Yes, we know...these thoughts may be running through your head... Who is this guy? Who took this picture? Turn around dude. We can't see your face. And is this some type of costume you're wearing? Why are you dancing in front of a fire on a hilltop? Is this your idea of fun on a Saturday night? Well, all will soon be revealed.

Now back to you. Could your sim be his one true love? All you have to do is have your sim come forward, so she, too, can have a chance at love and romance, and a BIG, I mean really BIG wedding. So, share in the excitement. Take a chance and find "Somebody to Love".

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Casting Call:

Looking for seven female sims (aliens & mermaids are welcome) to take part in The Bachelor Challenge. [Mermaids are available to create in the new Island Living pack coming June 21st.]

What is the challenge?

The Bachelor Challenge is based on the reality tv show, The Bachelor. Adopted for The Sims 4 by XUrbanSimsX, the challenge is about a Bachelor who is trying to find his one true love from a selection of seven sims. Through solo dates, group dates, and elimination rounds, the Bachelor then chooses his one and only and finally finds somebody to love. The catch, only the Bachelor can be controlled. Your sims will be left to run amok. Hopefully, some of them will actually want to talk to the Bachelor.

Read more about it HERE.

How to submit a sim:

- Create a new unskilled sim in CAS
- Can be young adult or adult
- Female, alien or mermaid sim (sorry, no vampires, as I don’t own the vampire pack)
- Traits and Aspirations can be anything you like.
- Dress them in whatever you like, in however many outfits you like.
- One outfit should be a costume, as there will be a costume party.
- No cc, please

I don't have the Vampire or Strangerville packs, so if you choose an outfit and I don't have the pack, the game normally assigns something, but sometimes not. In any case, we'll make sure your sim has all their bits and pieces on before they meet the Bachelor.
Create a post in this thread with the following:

Name of sim:

Background story:

Your Origin ID:

Be creative! For now, limit of 1 sim creation each.

If more than 7 sims are submitted, a random drawing will be done and 7 will be chosen by a vote.

Deadline is July 14th, so lots of time for creative fun!

Submit your sim on thesims.com forums HERE.


"Somebody To Love" by Queen (1976)

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  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 1,823 Member
    I have a bachelorette that I hope makes it.

    Name of sim: Raven Xang

    Background story: Raven Xang is a very strange goth girl. Her mother died during child birth & her father went into Aokigahara on a trip to Japan only to return in a body bag when Raven was a kid. Raven was then subjected to living in an old orphanage straight out of a Dickens Novel with nasty children that were mean to her & refused to bathe regularly. Raven retreated towards the the dark and macabre when growing up reading books about Lizzy Borden instead of fairy tales, listening to goth rock instead of pop music, watching horror films instead of cartoons, going to cemeteries to attempt to summon the dead instead of going to the mall. This caused her to be nightmare fuel to everyone in the town she lived in & when she decided to apply to The Bachelor, the town rejoiced in that she would leave & praying she would never return since she creeps the whole town out due to being strange. Raven knows this and will troll the whole town by pretending to walk like a zombie near old people shouting brains like a zombie just to get a reaction.

    Your Origin ID: vanpelt81
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 10,497 Member
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 1,999 Member
    Name of Sim: Naomi Mahina

    Background Story: Naomi Mahina has ancient roots in Sulani, despite being born and raised in Del Sol Valley. She has never left her hometown, and is looking for a way out of the star-filled place she was born in, and love, because she knows she would never find it on her own.

    Origin ID: nerdfashion

    If you need help finding her I gave her the hashtag #SomebodyToLove

    I hope she wins!
    Are you looking for a new challenge to try?
    Well, have I got the challenges for you.
    Three challenges by @nerdfashion.

    The Survival Challenge.

    The Life Challenge

    The Heir Challenge
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 10,497 Member
    Oh, I just noticed the lengthy due date so I'll wait until I see what the new EP brings!! <3
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,470 Member
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,470 Member
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,470 Member
    @VanPelt81 - Oh thanks for submitting a sim already! Woot! Raven has a very dark and interesting back story! Maybe she'll perk up in the sun in Sulani. So happy you submitted a sim!

    @nerdfashion - will head in-game to have a look at your sim! Just did and Naomi is wonderful!

    @pammiechick - for sure. No problem to wait to make your sim when the new pack is released next Friday.

    And a note to everyone, if you submit a sim and wish to change your sim when the new pack comes out, by all means go ahead and just let me know you've changed them.
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,470 Member
    Notes to self: Other simmers who have expressed an interest in submitting a sim once the new pack comes out:
    lisabee2, Tirananiel, Karababy52 - also someone on Facebook

    The more the merrier everyone!
  • TirananielTirananiel Posts: 2 New Member
    Thanks! Just saw my name there <3
  • aussiekarimaaussiekarima Posts: 989 Member
    ~ I have a Sim all ready just waiting on the curly hair coming in the new pack, I would make her a Mermaid but I thing everyone else will as well!LOL!
    ~ BTW I keep bumping your post on #SAA I hope you do not mind, as it is easy to lose a feed in there, as a Moderator I watch all the threads wiz by! ;)
    ~ Origin I.D.: aussiekarima ~
  • arae9arae9 Posts: 8 New Member
    I love this idea, I'm going to get working on a sim
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,470 Member
    ~ I have a Sim all ready just waiting on the curly hair coming in the new pack, I would make her a Mermaid but I thing everyone else will as well!LOL!
    ~ BTW I keep bumping your post on #SAA I hope you do not mind, as it is easy to lose a feed in there, as a Moderator I watch all the threads wiz by! ;)

    @aussiekarima - oh that would be great! And thank you so much for bumping that post. I really appreciate it :)

    @arae9 - looking forward to seeing your creation! :)
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,076 Member
    I will submit, I'm kinda just waiting in the more islandy clothes to come out in the new pack. I'm excited!
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,470 Member
    @irishsong - oh, yes, please do! Yes, I am excited about the new pack too.
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