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How Much CC Do You Have in Your Sims 4 Mods Folder?


How Much CC Do You Have in Your Sims 4 Mods Folder? 117 votes

300-800 pieces
SimmervilleCrazyboutTheSimsAlexaiTheLibrarySimAnmirlaWyrrenloubyloulouScarbo27CeyllynnJennyggjupkmnNonawesomebratzripentogetherCXonor13metalfenix_Raf83bienchenInternal_Chaossillyangel0906perabearjooxis 37 votes
900-1400 pieces
ZeritaydevEnkiSchmidtShanabananasGoldenBunnyForkySporky 6 votes
1600-2000 pieces
AngelEb95MakoSimsMadachan88DBClaytonmotyTheLAURAHeyitssmile 7 votes
2300-3000 pieces
MeteoraStormladybreidLiELFTheRedLionEvie0602PninaSimmer 6 votes
3300-4000 pieces
PapayaSkyBigCatlover26 2 votes
SimsILikeSimsDJQ1308horselover1Trashmagiccatitude5Emo-usagi2187nity01Shira3000simwolfeddycocainebirdonawireBubbz3388DreamySimsinsomniiart 14 votes
Don’t use cc/my game is completely vanilla
Kamb64King4510411IcewolfLaBlue0314PlayerSinger2010Writin_RegmcruddsennawalesBagoas77alejandro15039barracuda1574Vuloriduhboy2u2papertongueorangehippogriffFrancl27fiercephoenix91DoloresGreyTLM08Karababy52 45 votes


  • MDianaSandersMDianaSanders Posts: 3,206 Member
    Don’t use cc/my game is completely vanilla
    Well, completely vanilla wouldn't be entirely correct in my case, as I do use a few script/gameplay mods (varying from 5 to 20 - counting the MCCC suite as one) . But I don't use any CAS or build/buy CC.
  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 1,288 Member
    300-800 pieces
    I maybe have 100 to 150 maxis match pieces of cc. I also only have 3 mods.
  • Scarbo27Scarbo27 Posts: 86 Member
    300-800 pieces
    Same as Northdakota, I have about 150 items of cc in my Mods folder, although I don't use any game mods.
  • simwolfsimwolf Posts: 317 Member
    Hard to say really. I have separate folders for each of my saves, so they have varying amounts of mod/cc content from zero to the whole lot... then I have a master folder for all my mods/CC. I can't say I've ever counted the number of items as many of my 'collections' are merged packages to cut down loading time a little so its anyone's guess as to how many individual things are in there. The master folder itself is about 40GB, but some of that is duplicates organised into sets and collections that I can put into any save I need them in and also includes backups of my tray files for transferring between saves.
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  • DevilNDisguiseDevilNDisguise Posts: 1,691 Member
    Under 300. I’m not a huge CC user, but I do have a lot of mods.
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  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 2,274 Member
    900-1400 pieces
    560 regular files plus 701 seasonal ones (winter and christmas).
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  • ladybreidladybreid Posts: 3,255 Member
    2300-3000 pieces
    2787 pieces at 10.7 gigs and no issues. :D
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  • So_MoneySo_Money Posts: 1,459 Member
    Just like @DevilNDisguise I’m way under 300.
  • ZeriZeri Posts: 15,031 Member
    900-1400 pieces
    im not about to count it all so i just took a wild guess lol. but its a considerable amount. not nearly as much as i had for sims 3, but its getting there

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  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 812 Member
    Don’t use cc/my game is completely vanilla
    Only MCCC and the school mod. I don't use CC otherwise.
  • ShanabananasShanabananas Posts: 26 Member
    900-1400 pieces
    I use MCCC and have quite a bit of custom hair and make up but that's about it. I also have some mods to fix little things I find annoying like autonomous drinking and washing dishes in the bathroom.
  • ChelleJoChelleJo Posts: 6,453 Member
    edited January 2
    Mine is all merged, so I have no idea how many. I have 9.41GB of just CC.
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  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 6,218 Member
    300-800 pieces
    If I was asked to gove an exact number, without looking, I'd say 140. Bu I know there is probably more than i think, still might be less than 300. I use little CC in my game, but keep collecting items I might use as decor for specific settings for my movie making. They are installed in my game only when recording those scenes.
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  • jooxisjooxis Posts: 143 Member
    300-800 pieces
    Not much, no mods just some CC which is mostly all male body hair, painted nails in various lengths, and some female and toddler hairstyles :)
  • Emo-usagi2187Emo-usagi2187 Posts: 317 Member
    ..I rather not know most of it maxis match cc clothes to hairs and some poses..Haha bad enough ts3 mod folder is the same too. so am not going count probably then what i voted..
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  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 1,325 Member
    Don’t use cc/my game is completely vanilla
    Few script mods, two-three types of glasses, some elegant dresses for one snob sim.
  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 2,519 Member
    Don’t use cc/my game is completely vanilla
    People ought to clean out their CC folder if they're hitting 4000. It's unlikely they use it all. Their computer and game would probably run better with a quick narrow down.
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  • simwolfsimwolf Posts: 317 Member
    @loanet My mods master folder has tons of CC all super well organised into folders and sets that let me choose the specific content I want in each save. Since each save has a separate game folder, and only has the CC I want in it, I have no running issues. Careful organisation leaves me free to have as much CC as my drive will hold and still have a smoothly running game. Some of my saves have nothing but a couple of QoL mods and no CC too. I love the freedom :)
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  • DBClaytonDBClayton Posts: 74 Member
    1600-2000 pieces
    I like building themed worlds (GOT, HP, Star Wars, Jane Austen, etc.) each of which requires varying amounts of CC. I'm not sure how much I have total, but it's about 4GB in my game ATM. I usually leave most of them in because there's some crossover-- a Disney dress is also Myrcella Baratheon's, a GOT dress is also used in Lady Catherine de Bourgh's wardrobe, etc.
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 1,681 Member
    Bubbz3388 wrote: »

    I actually have waaaay less than what's listed in choices. Lol. About 106 pieces or so.
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  • catitude5catitude5 Posts: 2,118 Member
    Most of what I have is building materials and clothes, skins, makeup. I have MC Commander which does most of what I want to do and just a few other things like more sims in bars etc. I don't have much that changes the game because they break so much with patches.
  • sennawalessennawales Posts: 57 Member
    edited January 3
    Don’t use cc/my game is completely vanilla
    I have exactly 1 piece of CC: Luumia's vanilla skin, and about 80+ mod files which are mostly "no autonomous" mods from various creators, mainly coolspear, and same energy bed mods by cyclelegs. And MCCC of course.
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 30,671 Member
    The other option: Less than 300 items but a good bit more than vanilla.
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  • CatersCaters Posts: 83 Member
    Don’t use cc/my game is completely vanilla
    I have 0 mods. I try to do everything mod and cheat free.
  • metalfenix_Rafmetalfenix_Raf Posts: 507 Member
    300-800 pieces
    Kinda like +600 pieces, I thought I had more.
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