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How Much CC Do You Have in Your Sims 4 Mods Folder?


  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,169 Member
    300-800 pieces
    I only use mods, no other CC.
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  • HeyitssmileHeyitssmile Posts: 45 Member
    1600-2000 pieces
    Have some separate folders and didn't feel like doing the math. Outside of the folders I have around 1400+, but I know those folders add a decent amount.
  • bluzkat65bluzkat65 Posts: 430 Member
    edited February 2019
    Too many for me to count. I have to be using at least 4 thousand-give or take a few hundred. I use no mods.
  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,353 Member
    Don’t use cc/my game is completely vanilla
    I was having so many issues and so much lag. I have a computer that's less than 5 years old too. Too many issues.
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  • kittykat97kittykat97 Posts: 59 Member
    900-1400 pieces
    Including mods, exactly 1028 files. CAS and Build/Buy CC only, 814 files.
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  • FinnadoraFinnadora Posts: 87 Member
    Wow, starting that at 300...I love CAS CC but I started only recently so I'm still at like 152.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,888 Member
    Don’t use cc/my game is completely vanilla
    So, I don't use custom content, but I am a MOD FANATIC. I have tons of mods, from making Cowplants more dangerous to MC Command Center.
  • KaeChan2089KaeChan2089 Posts: 4,944 Member
    300-800 pieces
    820...I only check that only AFTER I voted smh lol
  • peachy_simspeachy_sims Posts: 8 New Member
    2300-3000 pieces
    I have over 10 gb of cc, I spend hours it’s insane. CAS is what i spend most of my time on, even more than gameplay. I crate my sims and then exit the game.
  • BobtheMinion01BobtheMinion01 Posts: 8 New Member
    300-800 pieces
    I have only just started using cc but am in love with it!!!
  • ionasanionasan Posts: 3 New Member
    1600-2000 pieces
    I've only been downloading/playing with cc and mods for the past couple weeks.. yeah I've become a little obsessed :D
  • BradyGalaxyBradyGalaxy Posts: 306 Member
    300-800 pieces
    I'm not a huge cc user. The only mods I do have are MCCC and Cheat Shortcuts.
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  • MadisonSimmersMadisonSimmers Posts: 7 New Member
    300-800 pieces
    I use to have 2600 but recently scratched everything so I could transition into maxis match. Now I have so little, around 350.
  • SimpkinSimpkin Posts: 7,425 Member
    3300-4000 pieces
    3395 files as of now, 9,47GB. I plan on deleting a whole bunch though. I do constantly anyway.
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  • here4snackshere4snacks Posts: 54 Member
    edited April 2019
    3300-4000 pieces
    I've only just started believe it or not, for years I was happy with no cc but I've really formed an addiction to downloading cc now. As I type it's hit 9GB and it does grow daily (just discovered SimDoughnut cc for example.)

    Thanks to some online advice my game loads within 2-3mins (at the start it took so long, well over 15mins) and for the most part it's because I run batch fixes through Sims4Studio (I only have this program because of these batch fixes) so 9GB is normally a lot for my old laptop to run but now it loads almost the same time as my noncc game did, so... yeah not stopping lol.

    EDIT: I've changed brackets...
    ... I blame the talent and my lack of control with this however I do plan to move some out of my folder. I'll build my new game and when I'm happy with the lots and households I'll run everything through sims 4 tray importer and the cc I haven't touched (as long as it's not a mesh) I'll cull. I'm building a fantasy world so all those unnatural recolors for both hair and builds, spooky fog effects and simblreen packs are chunking things up somewhat lol.
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 17,922 Member
    300-800 pieces
    I have to agree with @lutienrising. I have one cc and two mods, only.
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  • WintergirlsGirlWintergirlsGirl Posts: 4 New Member
    1600-2000 pieces
    i have 1995pc
  • smashersaurussmashersaurus Posts: 28 Member
    I was just backing up my updated/pruned mods folder the other night. There were 5900 items (though some are from bundles like MCCC and the likes)
  • SiliconebunnySiliconebunny Posts: 51 Member
    I've cut mine down to 6888 from 14k
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  • FurAndYarnFurAndYarn Posts: 199 Member
    2300-3000 pieces
    There's 2200+ files in my mods folder... though some of that is probably not specifically CC. My option wasn't on the poll, so I just did the next option up... I'm more likely to add to it than remove. :p
  • HeyItsKoffeeHeyItsKoffee Posts: 99 Member
    900-1400 pieces
    I have like 900 Maxis Match CC and 5/6 mods in my game :) before i restarted my mods folder i actually had 10gb worth of CC/MODS
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  • NAem_NAemNAem_NAem Posts: 2 New Member
    900-1400 pieces
    [quote="simwolf;c-16898399"]Hard to say really. I have separate folders for each of my saves, so they have varying amounts of mod/cc content from zero to the whole lot... then I have a master folder for all my mods/CC. I can't say I've ever counted the number of items as many of my 'collections' are merged packages to cut down loading time a little so its anyone's guess as to how many individual things are in there. The master folder itself is about 40GB, but some of that is duplicates organised into sets and collections that I can put into any save I need them in and also includes backups of my tray files for transferring between saves. [/quote]

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  • Misa_wants_PepsiMisa_wants_Pepsi Posts: 229 Member
    I have 36 Gb of cc... I have more than 4000 lol.
  • toxikittentoxikitten Posts: 26 New Member
    3300-4000 pieces
    I have way too much like 11.0 GB :s
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