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No CC clothes??

I downloaded the game 2 days ago, it worked great. downloaded a bunch of mods, played a bit on a family and all the mods seems to work fine, I want to do a medieval challenge too, so I got recolor for baby bottles, plates and things you can boy like potty and toys and such. Everything seems to work perfect. Until I was going to create my medieval sims. NO CC clothes in there. NOT ONE.Between the ages, different wears/formal, undies etc) and the 2 genders, I must have downloaded hundreds. Some are just recolors and some are new meshes. I did this before too and some failed, but the majority worked fine. Why is NOONE showing up? I checked the Cc list in game and it doesn't show up there either, not sure if clothes ar supposed too.

The clothes are in my mods folder along with everything else. And all other stuff, whether it's recolor, new items or game overrider, it works perfectly. So why isn't my clothes show up. I can't to a medival story with my peeps in modern clothing. If anyone know what I have done wrong and how to fix it, I would be super greatfull.


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