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Book club - Skaga6's We Own Tonight

Hi everyone and welcome to Bookclub. This is a continuation from the original BOOK CLUB by @CathyTea and @schwepes which you can view here.

So what happens in BOOK CLUB is that for the first two weeks, we will focus on a featured work, having informal conversation in the first week and more focussed "coffee hour conversations" in the second. Details on what "coffee hour" is will come later. Then in the third week we will focus on an extract from another featured work.

At some point in the cycle, we will have a week or two where we will focus on a piece of simLit that has either been abandoned or is complete.

Below is the schedule:

Week One: Featured reading (October 8 - 21) - Fangs for the Memories by @LadyLobster
Week Two: Coffee Hour with your host, @Munterbacon
Week Three: Tasty Read (October 22 - 28) - Quantum Leap: A Sam Beckett Story by @emorrill (Nominated by @Acarb96)

Week Four: Featured reading (October 29 - November 11) - Entangled Amongh the Branches by @Ashubii
Week Five: Coffee Hour with your host, @emorrill
Week Six: Tasty Read (November 12 - 18) - A Race Against Time by @piazzagirl1015 (nominated by @friendsfan367)

Week Seven: Featured reading (November 19 - December 2) - Daughters of the Warioress by @MrsRacooney
Week Eight: Coffee Hour with your host, @Bugsie2016
Week Nine: Tasty Read (December 3 - 9) - Light the Way to Heaven by @BLAMSART (Nominated by @Skcaga6)

Week Ten: Featured reading (December 10 - 23) - Metro: A San Myshuno Drama by @Acarb90
Week Eleven: Coffee Hour with your hosts, @emorrill and @candycottonchu
Week Twelve: Loved and Remembered (December 24 -30) - Belle Legacy by @iheartdinosx3 (nominated by @Maladi777)

Week Thirteen: Featured reading (December 31 - January 13) - Neighborhood Talk by @candycottonchu
Week Fourteen: Coffee Hour with your host, @Maladi777
Week Fifteen: Tasty Read (January 14-20) - Life's Lessons by @Bugsie2016 (nominated by @friendsfan367)

Week Sixteen: Featured reading (January 21 - February 3) - The Alvarez Chronicles by @Chrinnie
Week Seventeen: Coffee Hour with your host, @LegacySims2017
Week Eighteen: Tasty Read (February 4 - 10) - Something by @Jes2G (nominated by @CathyTea )

Week Nineteen: Featured reading (Febuary 11 - 24) Epiphanies by @CathyTea
Week Twenty: Coffee Hour with your host, @AdamsEve1231
Week Twenty-one: Tasty Read (February 25 - March 3) - Monte Vista Stories by @gnasling (Nominated by @Maladi777 )

Week Twenty-two: Featured reading (March 4 - 17) - Line of the Last by @WagonFruit
Week Twenty-three: Coffee Hour with your hosts, @Munterbacon and @InfraGreen
Week Twenty-four: Loved and Remembered (March 18 - 24) - Thoreau Legacy by @joiewilder (nominated by @friendsfan367)

Week Twenty-five: Featured reading (March 25 - April 7) - [url=" http://legacysims.net/?page_id=835 "]Build Newcrest [/url]by @LegacySims2017
Week Twenty-six: Coffee Hour with your host, @friendsfan367
Week Twenty-seven: Tasty Read (April 8 - 14) - Strike by @Munterbacon (nominated by @LegacySims2017 )

Week Twenty-eight: Featured reading (April 15 - 28) - We Own Tonight by @Skaga6 - (Nomimanted by @poptarts_ )
Week Twenty-nine: Coffee Hour with your host, @Bugsie2016
Week Thirty: Loved and Remembered (April 29 - May 5) - Season One of Jungle Ruin by @LegacySims2017 (nominated by @Munterbacon ).

Week Thirty-one: Featured reading (May 6 - 12) -New Beginnings by @AudreyFld
Week Thirty-two: Coffee hour with your host, @Bugsie2016
Week Thirty-three: Loved and Remembered (May 13 - 19) - Dust to Dust by @CitizenErased14 (nominated by @Skcaga6)

Week Thirty-four: Featured reading - (May 20 - June 2) How to Live With Grace by @Karilan
Week Thirty-five: Coffee hour with your host, @BlackUndecimber
Week Thirty-six: Loved and Remembered (June 3 - 9) - Open session: Come talk about all the stories you've read and loved!
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