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[OPEN] Sims Singles Marriage Quest



  • BelLamelasBelLamelas Posts: 35 New Member
    > @Ellie_McConnell70 said:
    > I have a SIM I've married to a SIM that's owned. Sent message to their owner and heard nothing. So can my SIM start a relationship with someone else and marry them at all? Or is she stuck with the guy she married, but as of yet, can't move in?

    You can divorce them and marry another sim!

    Can someone tell me how I change the profile photo? Thanks
  • BelLamelasBelLamelas Posts: 35 New Member
    I need a boy to marry my girl and to experiment the move in option. I never use that option... 😘
  • BelLamelasBelLamelas Posts: 35 New Member
    Lolol these arranged marriages are so funny lolol OMG!
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