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Best sims 3 Stuff pack?



  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,059 Member
    Fast Lane stuff
    I would jokingly say KPT is my favourite, but it's so hideous to see badly made "cherry" chair and absurd clothing it would be a dishonour to me.

    Fast Lane however, just perfect with good suit, good F1 vehicles and a rather good radio addition.
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  • Arose_08Arose_08 Posts: 23 Member
    Master Suite stuff
    Master Suite Stuff is my favourite!
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 5,459 Member
    edited September 2018
    High End Loft stuff
    @phoebebebe13 I love it but same as you the hair thing turns me off :# Sims team had a chance to really hit a homerun and give players great hairstyles even ones constantly asked for but blew it.The 80s had so many iconic hairstyles like would have loved Duckies hair from pretty in pink *basically the store can't stop the cool hair but for males.Actually used the female one to make a Molly Ringwald.All those decades had hairs that everyone would have loved and again they FAILED!!!!!!!!!!



    Store version for females only :rage:

    Insert any Madonna hair


    Debbie Gibson hair etc etc AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    They blew it with the headband hair in that pack it looks awful

    As far as 70s I mean come on the Farrah Fawcet is one of the top all time even curly hair girls had their version of it


    But noooo!!! if you want it you gotta get CC

    Perfect time to give players who asked for years for proper afro styles NOPE instead we got hideous things

    Am stopping cause that set gets me angry

    @CravenLestat Yeah, Remember the 80's guys styles. Wiry Asian hair...could never get my hair to part down the middle in high-school.
    kevin-bacon-haircut-80s.jpg this popular style.
    I plan to get the 70s,80s,90s stuff pack, just for the nostalgia and maybe make a few 80s "big hair" sims. :D Those of us who grew up in the 80s. :D Oh, man, almost 40 years ago.
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  • Satanu_ReevesSatanu_Reeves Posts: 126 Member
    Diesel stuff
    I just bought these recently when they were on sale so I haven't had much experience with any of the SPs yet. I have liked some of the clothing items Diesel stuff added for men so that's what I chose since Movie Stuff wasn't an option. I love the western themed items and I that all in one outhouse it comes with.
  • HejixHejix Posts: 991 Member
    I'm against stuff packs but got the town one for free and fast lane as a gift... I like the principle of the town, but I always forget to use it, fast lane was okay for its garage clutter stuff... When I thought of installing it.

    I feel sims 3 stuff packs were quite... Random.

    At least, with game packs, it's not only chairs as would say lgr. ;)
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  • TS1299TS1299 Posts: 807 Member
    Katys Perrys sweet treats
    SimplyJen wrote: »
    This game seriously lacks undergarments without the Master Suite SP.

    I remember when it first came out, I went to Gamestop to pick up a copy of Late Night. The girl working there tried to sell me the Master Suite SP and I told her I wasn't interested. I ended up grabbing it on sale soon after. LGR really sold me on his review. I'm not sure why I thought I would never use it at the time. The female pieces are really cute enabled for maternity. I seriously wish this SP also got the male garter outfit from the Movie Stuff SP in this pack.

    I also love the I mask :smiley: Use it when I am bored or something
  • KeiomestreKeiomestre Posts: 99 Member
    Outdoor living stuff
    Outdoor Living Stuff. I bought it for the hot tubs, because at the time I didn't plan to buy Late Night, but I end up using a lot of the stuff from the pack. I like the lamps and even the useless lemonade jar.

    70's, 80's & 90's is the second best. It's a bit lacking for CAS, but has great furniture that looks like Sims 1 furniture from House Party and Living Large. And there is the Disco Station!
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  • NausNaus Posts: 238 Member
    High End Loft stuff
    High-End Loft Stuff. I think I've used those objects too many times to count. But I like all of them, including KPST, except Movie Stuff. I just haven't used any of that stuff ever in my game. I wish some Store sets had been released as stuff packs instead of the actual stuff packs, mainly UltraLounge, Animals Abound, FutureShock and Mid-Century.
  • BeccabbsBeccabbs Posts: 25 Member
    High End Loft stuff
    i enjoy the highend loft stuff :wink:
  • peterlouis999peterlouis999 Posts: 22 Member
    High End Loft stuff
    I love high end loft
  • WollybuttWollybutt Posts: 11 New Member
    Master Suite. I think it's some of the best clothing EA has ever done, particularly when you look at some of the detail.
  • dfxblockdfxblock Posts: 31 Member
    Diesel stuff
    Diesel the best
  • MyrrhawaMyrrhawa Posts: 1,266 Member
    Outdoor living stuff
    It would really depend on your play style. My sims do not run around in pjs all the time so i never use Master Suite. The only one i really use is Outdoor living. I own all but Diesel but only use 1.
  • dfxblockdfxblock Posts: 31 Member
    Diesel stuff
    Myrrhawa wrote: »
    It would really depend on your play style. My sims do not run around in pjs all the time so i never use Master Suite. The only one i really use is Outdoor living. I own all but Diesel but only use 1.

    Yes, you are right
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