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Color Wheel



  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,845 Member
    I don't want it.. Didn't like it before and don't now lol
  • VGN34DVGN34D Posts: 9 New Member
    > @SimAlexandria said:
    > I don't want it.. Didn't like it before and don't now lol

    Honestly, I do want it especially for variety. The limited color options for hair, eyes, even facial hairs, is just ludicrous. And I really don't wanna hear about the game's engine. Its obviously from a lazy dev choice by Maxis and EA for not including the option, unlike TS3 where you CAN indeed change whatever colors you want for your Sims. Not TS4, though.
  • Andyzhang2896Andyzhang2896 Posts: 58 Member
    Yes, we badly need this. Whether it is a color wheel in Create a Sims, or color wheel for the furniture.
    If you own Get Famous, you will understand how we need this color wheel so much. The color swatches they provided isn't consistent. I wanted to post a picture here but I can't/don't know how to do it.
    The armchair and love seat is supposed to have same color and pattern, but in fact, it is different. Very frustrating for me.
    I know someone said the color wheel caused a lag in The Sims 3, but that was almost 11 years ago!
  • TigerpillTigerpill Posts: 10 New Member
    Bring back our color wheel!!!!🤗🤗🤗 I attempted to get back into playing 3 and it just was so frustrating. I would absolutely love to have my house match with the specific furnature I want along with the clothes all being the right color😭😭
  • OmaroofShadyOmaroofShady Posts: 17 New Member
    Yes! I don't know why the didn't put it in TS4, but I really want it back
  • ManakoHimeManakoHime Posts: 285 Member
    I want my lovely color wheel back (or better matching stuff!!!)
  • TrimothTrimoth Posts: 418 Member
    Please make it for sims hairs I am so sick of the base game hair colours being so

    Origin id: trimoth

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