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Small change for New Members

EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,354 EA Staff (retired)
Hello Simmers,

We just wanted to let you all know that we are reducing the requirements New Members need to meet before they become fully fledged forum Members with all the standard permissions!

As of today (01/29/2018) a New Member will need to meet the following criteria to become a Member:
  • Get 25 Points
  • Make 15 posts
  • Must be a New Member for 1 day - this one stays the same.
I am also including a list of restrictions New Members have in the Spoiler below:
  • Cannot create new discussions/threads
  • Cannot start new Private Message conversations
  • Can only post in plain text - no links, images, quotes etc.
  • Cannot have an avatar
  • Cannot have a signature
  • Cannot edit any posts (including your own)

Some advice for new members:
  • Search for discussions that you would like to participate in, but be careful not to resurrect a thread that is ancient! This is called necro posting and is against the Forum Rules (more detail on this here).
  • Off Topic section has some fun long running threads that can help with post count! But don't spam - be mindful of the ongoing discussion/game and respond appropriately.
  • Forum Feedback & Ideas section has some wonderful threads where experienced and kind members are helping newer folks find their way in the forums.

That's it for now! Have fun on the forums :smile:

(Tagging @lisasc360 @rosemow @06Bon06 for a quick heads up :smile: )
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