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The Illusion of Light (Updated 2/14)

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Hello there, and thank you for clicking on this discussion! Before I get into the table of contents and all those sweet links, allow me to inform you about the story you're about to read. It's a story about vampires, for one. It's main genre is drama with a bit of comedy in there because who doesn't like to laugh? At times it might get a bit sad or a bit spicy (I'd say a rating for it would probably fall somewhere between PG and PG-13 depending on the chapter). This isn't my first time writing this story. Those of you who've been around since around this time last year might remember a story called Where Light Doesn't Reach, but by no means is it required of you to read to understand The Illusion of Light. Long story short, I ended up being diagnosed with a chronic illness and let my activity here fall to the wayside, but now I'm back and have decided to rewrite that story. It's been a year so hopefully I've improved in both the visual and writing aspects of creating SimLit. I hope to update this story somewhere around once a week, although that may change depending on my level of inspiration. Now, enough talking, let's get into the TOC.

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