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There seems to be a lot of items added to the Sims 4 game from the Beginning when it was released, But there is one problem I have with it, and that is the fact that not all those items will be used in My game play, so it may have been added in, But I do not use all those items, and That is what people should go by instead of saying yes they added all that stuff in , but if you do not use it in your game style, what good is it?
So for Me I can not really say I got a lot of stuff, when I can not use a lot of it in My Gothic game, I basically use the items from the Spooky pack and Vampire pack, the rest of the items are from other packs I bought, but not everything gets used so I have to keep waiting for items I can use for My type of Game play, which from day 1 is getting tiresome, that is why I went back to My other Sims games as well as other games I play.


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    Yep. I look at the Stuff Packs on offer and I see only 4 that I really feel are worth it as SP's and 4 that I will get, but really should have been base game patches or part of an EP instead. In fact, a lot of the Stuff Packs for TS4 really should have been part of an Expansion Pack or the base game. Very few seem to have themes that warrant their own separate DLC...especially not for $10. Meanwhile, the $40 EP's only have about $20 worth of gameplay content in them, with the main thing separating them from GP's being that they come with larger worlds and more cosmetic add-ons.

    Meanwhile, we had to wait two years between aliens and vampires, and us supernatural/sci-fi oriented players are still starving for content of that sort. Then you turn around and find that laundry--a household chore, and quite arguably the dullest of them all--gets its own whole SP. $10 for laundry. It's kind of a slap in the face to every player, whether they want more housework or not.

    It could be worse. I mean, it could have been loot boxes. Still, this game's content just feels too chopped-up and the exciting stuff is far too spread out, chronologically speaking.
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    Exactly, Glad to know I am not the only one feeling that way, thanks, :)
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    I am just waiting for the "builder pack to come out. You know, the pack that will add spiral staircases, fold out stairs, etc.? Will it ever be released??? (never)
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    For me, it would be all things that deepen and add meaning to relationships. Likes/Dislikes, meaningful traits, whims that reflect the personality of the Sim, etc. Then there's proper weddings and receptions to follow -- the series hasn't gotten that part right since way back in The Sims 2.

    I'm still waiting on all of that.
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    ... :p ...
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    I'm still waiting for some must have packs because I can't really get into the game without them and I don't feel like playing with the existing content beyond exploring what it is and does. I cam currently playing toddlers and children with the Parenthood pack, but I plan to stop playing all together once they become teens.

    I need University and I need Seasons.
    I would also like to have witches. It would also be nice if they added more depth to personalities and add some drama and danger.

    I have not had my sims form groups, live in San Myshuno, no one is a doctor or scientist yet, but I do have some more families to add to the game, so I might use Get To Work soon. I haven't sent anyone camping, to the spa, or out to dinner in a long time. I might as well save all this content for when I feel like I can really get into the game. Seasons and University.
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    DJrax wrote: »
    I am just waiting for the "builder pack to come out. You know, the pack that will add spiral staircases, fold out stairs, etc.? Will it ever be released??? (never)

    I am waiting for those and Bunk Beds to finally get here, :)
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