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SIMS 4 CHALLENGE LIST (Updated May 24, 2021)



  • MocaJavaMocaJava Posts: 1,387 Member
    GLM wrote: »
    A new legacy challenge! This is a variation on an Alphabet Legacy where on every birthday in the household, you spin the roulette wheel to see what happens! The roulette wheel has over 300 option on it, everything from silly items (like change your hair color), to gaining/losing money (did you make a bad bet or get a bonus?), to dire consequences (oops, dead)! This challenge can be play with as few or as many packs as you wish.

    Definitely going to try it!
  • randomS1mmerrandomS1mmer Posts: 4 New Member
    I made a sims challenge I wanted to post but im a newbie and not very popular on here so no one will likely see it anyways. I don't care if someone claims they made my challenge. I just want it to be posted on popular accounts so people will know it and have fun doing it if they like. It's called the mass effect challenge and combines features of both great EA games. Here is the challenge can you please post about it and add it to the list. I would be very greatful <3
  • randomS1mmerrandomS1mmer Posts: 4 New Member
    If you haven't completed the mass effect triology. I suggest not to read this contains some (Spoliers.)
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Challenge description: I created a challenge for those who love mass effect and the sims for and want to experience features in the sims 4 you may never have known you could do and a good opportunity to check out the awesome mass effect CC out there. Seriously it's really good.

    -Required packs/expansions: Strangerville and get together
    -Suggested packs: Journey to batuu and realm of magic
    -Required mods: extreme violence and MCC command

    Character creation/Backstory. Create your Shepard like how you made them in the mass effect game preferably or however you want them to look. Add the traits you think suit your Shepard on your playthrough.
    (Optional) Backstory: This is great for prolonging the challenge and adding detail to it. But you can just move on to part 1 if preferred. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Spacer: Both of your parents were in the Alliance military. Your childhood was spent on ships and stations as they transferred from posting to posting, never staying in one location for more than a few years. Following in your parents' footsteps, you enlisted at the age of eighteen. Spacer characters can have a short conversation with Hannah Shepard, the PC's mother, through an assignment that is only available with this background. (In both of the other backgrounds, Shepard's parents are deceased or otherwise absent.) - Create your mom and original home. Then move out and join the military

    Earthborn: You were an orphan raised on the streets of the great megatropolises covering Earth. You escaped the life of petty crime and underworld gangs by enlisting with the Alliance military when you turned eighteen. Earthborn characters also have a unique assignment. A member of a gang Shepard belonged to in youth will approach Shepard outside Chora's Den in the Citadel Wards. Shepard is asked to help free a member of the gang from a turian in the bar. - Start off with no money and join the criminal career. Get a mod to allow teens to have jobs then when you become a young adult join the military. Survive rags to riches style till you become a young adult. Best lifetime aspiration for this story is renaissance sim because you will have three or four jobs throughout this challenge. Criminal or space smuggler branch or even one before the other, military then space ranger. However if you want a longer challenge you can start off with the chief of mischief aspiration and complete it first. The dastardly reward boosts renegade interactions.
    Colonist: You were born and raised on Mindoir, a small border colony in the Attican Traverse. When you were sixteen slavers raided Mindoir, slaughtering your family and friends. You were saved by a passing Alliance patrol, and you enlisted with the military a few years later. Colonist characters also have a unique mission. When exiting the docking bay elevator, you will receive a request to help a fellow survivor of Mindoir, who was taken by slavers during the raid on Mindoir when you were sixteen. - Play as a teen at first then before you become a young adult your parents get killed. Then as a young adult you join the military. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Sims mass effect 1
    Be enrolled in the military career

    Live in a normandy build from the gallery and start off with yourself, Kaiden, Dr.Chakwas and Joker.

    Each military career level complete add 1 squad member by befriending them and asking them to join your household. Enroll them in the military as well.

    In part 1 there are 5 addable squad members in total.
    You can bring 2 squad members every “mission” You can create your own club called the alliance and add your squad members there as well.

    Stuff that can be included in the club is career requirement military, age requirement young adult/adult, activity rocket science, programming, research and debate, use telescope, hack, use alien powers if any of your sims are aliens, cast spells if any of your sims are spell casters(biotics). You can also create enemy clubs like the geth, mercenaries etc. And add activity to kill them but make sure you and your squad mates don't die.

    You can add a citadel built as a park lot or retail lot and visit from time to time. And buy stuff if you want and if it's a retail lot.
    You can also add places like choras den to your world for example.

    Depending on your alignment either join the renegades or paragons club.

    Build your own rocket ship and you can even ask your squad members to join you in building it. Explore space and do the space missions but don’t build/use a wormhole generator yet but you can upgrade your ship if you want but not recommended.

    During the in-game space missions you can choose the paragon option such as talk to the space pirates or the renegade option blast through them for example.
    If you play renegade you can optionally edit your Shepards face to get scars and red eyes.

    By the time you have 5 squad members when you are level 5 of the military career by level 7 in the military career either Ashley or Kaiden has to be killed off.
    Note: anytime in this challenge you can romance a character of your choice. Regardless of your gender.
    Reach level 10 of the military career and join the astronaut career when you're ready to move on to part 2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Part 2
    Your Shepherd dies in a rocket crash you can either explore in a not upgraded rocket ship till you get that death or cheat it.
    Get Liara to take your grave and give it to Miranda from cerberus.

    Use a cerberus lab build temporarily. Add Miranda, Jacob and the Illusive man.
    Get the Illusive man to create a club called Cerberus. He will be your temporary boss.

    Move your alliance squad members out but leave Joker and if you want Dr.Chakwas.

    Make sure you choose a resurrection method of your choice and get Miranda to work on “the lazarus project”(bring Shepard back). You can cheat skills and stuff if you have to.

    Once revived move back to the Normandy with Miranda and Jacob. Disband your alliance club and join the Cerberus club.
    You can add builds to your world now like omega, illum etc. As retail or park.

    And like part 1 for each career level complete in the astronaut career branch befriend squad members.
    The max number of squad members to add is 12 but you don’t have to add them all as by default the max number of sims is 8 which it’s best to keep that way.

    You can choose whatever squad member you want to add and create the others in a separate household and just befriend them and add them to your new Cerberus club.

    Upgrade your rocket ship to the max so your squadmates survive and go on space missions but don’t create the wormhole generator yet.

    You can leave your partner from part 1 and pursue a new squad member if you want or continue a relationship with your partner from part 1.
    When you're ready to finish part 2 build the wormhole generator and go to sixam to explore and do whatever. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Part 3
    Description: The mother plant has taken over and it’s your job to save the world from her indoctrination.

    Leave the Cerberus club along with Miranda and Jacob if you choose that they survive and move them out.
    Re-create the alliance club and add your squadmates.
    Create the me3 squadmates to add to your household but move out the me2 squadmates that are not in me3.
    Complete do tasks to complete the strangerville quest.

    Optional side quest: Create the CAT6 group and find a way to clone Shepard.
    Create an evil clone via those ways.

    Kill the CAT6 group as they are trying to kill you and kill Maya Brooks or keep her alive and sent to jail.

    Continue the strangerville quests.

    During the gameplay you can do stuff like go on dates with your love interest, hang out with squadmates etc
    When you're ready, defeat the mother plant. Once you defeat her you have two options: keep her dead or revive her.

    If you want to end the challenge you can choose to control her to not harm anyone anymore but at the cost of your life as you will become one with the mother plant as "god" looking out for everyone.

    If you want to continue the playthrough keep her dead so she can’t harm anyone. Which means you live and you can do stuff like retire if you want, get married etc. Whatever you want and envision your Shepard do after the war.
  • randomS1mmerrandomS1mmer Posts: 4 New Member
    Sorry about the bad formatting I wrote this in the youtube comment section on a video and was to lazy to edit it
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,518 Member
    Hi there :)

    I made a family orientated baby challenge, for simmers like me who prefer family game play and still want to achieve the 100 baby challenge <3
    It can be found here

    In short this is the challenge ;)

    You need a freshly made couple, one must be able to fall pregnant and one must be able to make another sim pregnant.
    They need to have a married relationship from the start.

    No money cheats, only make money with crafts at home for eg painting. No one is allowed to get a job.
    No lot traits that will let you have twins or the use of any of the lifetime point traits and rewards.
    If you have spa day, no fertility massages, if you get twins it must be the game giving you them.
    No tv or radio to enhance chances of twins.
    No cheats except for resetsim when required due to sim crashing or stuck.

    Here is the aging up rules (easy to make this fun)
    Babies can age up after 3 days (duration of pregnancy) (one baby at a time unless game gives you twins)
    Toddlers age up when they have three skill points in each skill.
    Children age up when they are top student with A
    Teens age up when they are top student with A
    Once a young adult your kids can stay for a while and help out if they want too, or move out immediately.

    Main rule to make this work. Play with Aging off. Toddlers, kids, and teens get aged up with cake only.
    Most important rule. Please have fun, if the above rules are too hard, then adjust it for yourself if you want too.
  • Yokokurama4565Yokokurama4565 Posts: 1 New Member
    Thank you so much for this list, it's very helpful!
  • ironladelironladel Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey everyone, just wanted to say I have 3 legacy challenges made based on Monster High, Monster Energy, and recently My Little Pony. -My Little Pony -Monster Energy - Monster High
  • dbrh79dbrh79 Posts: 9 New Member
    Try this one I created and am playing atm

    **The Start from Nothing Challenge**

    You start with a basic cheap house, with an end goal of having completed the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration AND have $100,000 AND have a 100 tile house.

    The rules:
    No cheats EXCEPT the money cheat to set money to zero once you've built your micro house.

    To start:
    Create a sim, any gender, any traits, but aspiration MUST be the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration
    Create a 20 tile home on an empty lot.

    Buy the CHEAPEST items below and only these 8 items:
    Single bed,
    Fire alarm,
    Counter and sink,

    Then use the cheat to set money to zero.

    Now your sim is out in the world and needs to make their money any way they can, working their way up to a better life. You can start improving the house and buying better furniture once you can afford it.

    Win criteria:
    1) Complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration
    2) AND have $100,000
    3) AND have a 100 tile house.

    #Sims4challenge #Sims4startfromnothingchallenge
  • ShanaSPutnamShanaSPutnam Posts: 13 New Member
    > @dbrh79 said:
    > Try this one I created and am playing atm
    > **The Start from Nothing Challenge**
    > You start with a basic cheap house, with an end goal of having completed the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration AND have $100,000 AND have a 100 tile house.
    > The rules:
    > No cheats EXCEPT the money cheat to set money to zero once you've built your micro house.
    > To start:
    > Create a sim, any gender, any traits, but aspiration MUST be the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration
    > Create a 20 tile home on an empty lot.
    > Buy the CHEAPEST items below and only these 8 items:
    > Single bed,
    > Shower,
    > Toilet,
    > Fridge,
    > Stove,
    > Fire alarm,
    > Counter and sink,
    > Armchair
    > Then use the cheat to set money to zero.
    > Now your sim is out in the world and needs to make their money any way they can, working their way up to a better life. You can start improving the house and buying better furniture once you can afford it.
    > Win criteria:
    > 1) Complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration
    > 2) AND have $100,000
    > 3) AND have a 100 tile house.
    > #Sims4challenge #Sims4startfromnothingchallenge

    I may try this as my first challenge @dbrh79
  • AquaGamer1212AquaGamer1212 Posts: 5,404 Member
    I created a new challenge for the new High School Years pack!

  • joydovejoydove Posts: 48 Member
    edited July 29
    Long Life Challenge

    The long life challenge is for your one sim to defy all odds and stay alive through all ways possible in the Sims 4. It will help to have two packs: Realm of Magic game pack and Romantic Garden stuff pack. But they’re not required. At the end there are ways to live on with cheats, but they are not required either to win the challenge. Ambrosia is the goal to get to for your sim to eat as the final action to win! However there is a cheat to seal the deal. This challenge is not short, it’s meant to take some time. So ready for a different challenge? Yay!

    Start by creating a couple romantically involved. It will help if they are married to start the game. You can use existing sims. No other active sims, besides the couple, to begin with.

    Then move them into an empty lot or one that has been designed for this challenge with lots of ways for your sim to die and come back to life. This is not a death challenge, you can use the same method of dying for your sim over and over, there’s no need to use all methods to kill your sim.

    Required long life items:
    -Wishing Well (with Romantic Garden Stuff Pack) not required but fun to use.
    -With the Realm of Magic Game Pack, (spell caster books) the Immortality Tomes, Prompt Resurrection Tomes, Rejuvenation Tomes, Necrocall Tomes, and Dedeathify Tomes. You can purchase them in the magic realm, or get them off the gallery. I have them on my sims profile “Joydove” in my gallery under “Long Life Tomes.” Again not required.
    -Potions: Immortality, Prompt Resurrection, Rejuvenation that are already created will also be on my gallery profile under the name “Potion of Youth.”
    -A computer that your sim can learn to write on.
    -I will have “ambrosia ingredients” available in the gallery too, but you can grow the death flower, earn the potion of life, and fish for the Angel fish. Those ways take a while though. Here’s a website to show how to do those things:
    If you want to cheat and give your sim more satisfaction points to claim the “Potion of Youth” you may do so.

    No Cheats allowed besides money cheats and giving your sims satisfaction points for claiming the potion of youth. No adding traits from satisfaction points that your sim didn’t earn.
    Cheats included in the challenge as a part of the challenge are allowed as well, will list later.
    Also it is allowed to change the length of aging option form short/normal/long at any time and as often as you like. You may use the gallery for anything you may need though that’s allowed. Mods are not allowed, no mods.

    How to Play
    Step One: Have a baby. No siblings in the same household during the challenge.
    Step Two: Aging up. All natural. It is allowed to have a cake and celebrate on their birthday. This only applies to the main sim.
    Step Three: During toddler years your main sim should have at least level 3 in all skills before aging up to child. Children and Teens need to be A students before aging up. Give your teen the cooking aspiration and have them start building their cooking and gourmet cooking skills as soon as possible. Once they become a teenager play every age level twice through. The “Rejuvenation potion” really helps with this or the “Potion of Youth” in the rewards list using satisfaction points. You must use each at least once during the challenge.
    Step Four: Once your main sim is a teen kill or move out parents. Move in another teen/young adult sim with the writing aspiration, that also likes writing. They will become the main sim’s spouse.
    Step Five: Age up to young adult. Get married to housemate. You may have children, but they must move out once reaching young adulthood. Also having more than one spouse is allowed too. Spouses are not allowed to rejuvenate, but they may age up early if you like. You need at least one spouse to be lvl 10 in the writing career for step Twelve.
    Step Six: First Life Saved. (Make sure to save before killing your sim each time.) Kill your sim and have spouse Plead with Grim. If it doesn’t work go back to save before death and try again. Your sim’s spouse might need to be closer in relationship to your main sim. Do as many times as you can until it works.
    Step Seven: Spouse gives the Death Flower to the Grim Reaper on your behalf. Will persuade Grim to save your sims life. Works like pleading but use the flower in their inventory.
    Step Eight: (Realm of Magic) I suggest buying potions from the gallery, but for more of a challenge you can become a spell caster. Use the Prompt Resurrection potion at least once.
    Step Nine: (Realm of Magic) The spouse must be a spell caster and use Necrocall on the tombstone or urn and then cast Dedeathify!
    Step Ten: Take Immortality potion at any time. It will cause a silvery glowing action on your sim that comes and goes, so if you want to wait until your sim is an elder that’s fine.
    Step Eleven: (Romantic Garden Stuff) Use the wishing well to come back. Remember to save before dying. Wishing for life is tricky and if your sim doesn’t get brought back it takes 24 sim hours from trial to be revived with any method. To keep in mind. Also the main sim’s ghost must be a part of the household.
    Step Twelve: Book of Life your sim’s spouse must write it and use it on your main sim. How? First they become a best selling author, level 10. Next they write the Book of Life. After that they need to “Capture Epic Saga” of your Main Sim while their alive. After that, when your sim dies, use the Book of Life to bring them back.
    Step Thirteen: Feed Ghost Ambrosia. You can buy ingredients on the gallery, or gather as described above. Your main sim’s ghost must be a part of the family to be able to have them select to eat the dish.
    Step Fourteen: If you haven’t exited without saving and gone back to a previous save at this point, make sure to get one in. I suggest saving at a point you like, play two sim days, and then go back. You will lose everything you’ve played during that time, but that’s the point.
    Step Fifteen: (Cheat) End with a nice cheat on Death.toggle true/false using false to turn off death indefinitely for the entire household!

    Bonus: Cow Plants can rejuvenate so if you want to play with a cow plant during the challenge that’s an extra method of enhancing your sim’s life. Not required, but might be fun to add.

    Note: A little hint for killing your sim quick and easily, turn on “testingcheats on/off” and hold down your shift key then right click your main sim. There will be a menu of choices that come up, choose kill, killer bunny. Kind of fun, but simple to do and quick too.

    So that’s it! The End. If you enjoyed playing this challenge please share your experience.

    If you have any suggestions or comments about the challenge, feel free to do so. I will try and update the challenge until I’m happy with the result.

    Please mention my user name, “Joydove” in any references to this challenge for credit. Thanks for playing!
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  • Glimmer50Glimmer50 Posts: 2,363 Member
    GLM wrote: »
    This is a new challenge that I've created called the Alphabetto Legacy Challenge. It's an alphabet legacy with a twist - you have to randomize a romantic fate, number of pregnancies, ambition level, quirk, hobby, career, aspiration, traits, and housewarming gift for each heir. With so many variables to influence your heirs, each heir will be unique. Every generation starts out rags to riches style. If you have the romantic garden pack, the wishing well really helps keep things chaotic but the challenge can be modified by leaving out any of the options you don't have access to and be played with as many or as few packs as you want.

    This looks really fun. I think I will try it. Thanks for sharing.
  • Glimmer50Glimmer50 Posts: 2,363 Member
    GLM wrote: »
    This is another challenge that I've created called the Starving Artist Legacy Challenge. This is a 10 generation challenge based on the creative careers in the Sims 4. The packs needed to play this challenge are: parenthood, seasons, moschino, get famous and spa day. City living and movie hangouts can make the gameplay more immersive but are not required.

    Okay so I am sucker for a wheel LOL. I might try this one after I finish one of my challenges I am currently working on. Thanks for sharing.
  • OzambersandOzambersand Posts: 12 New Member
    The Lonesome Sim Challenge


    See how many Aspiration points your Loner Sim can accumulate in their lifetime (normal length setting) while having ZERO social relationships.


    1. your Sim is an extreme loner with an aversion to going to work and people in general.
    2. They live entirely off-the-grid, so much so THEY NEVER BUILD on their block or live in a pre-made house.
    3. They sleep in public buildings (see more on that later).
    4. Any interactions they have are anonymously on the computer. No pets, no animals, in fact clicking on their relationships tab has a COMPLETE BLANK list. They’ve never interacted with any animal or person in such a way that they appear in their relationships list. Should a Sim/animal appear in the relationships tab from an inadvertent contact, that Sim must be deleted from the game.
    5. The only items they can purchase must be able to be carried in their inventory, eg easel, guitar, picnic table. The one exception is buying and immediately selling two pieces of exercise equipment if doing the Bodybuilder aspiration.
    6. Their only job can be ones done from “home”, eg Freelancer.
    7. In the course of doing these jobs they still have to avoid contact with other Sims, so their locations and times of being asleep/awake have to be taken into account.
    8. Your Sim’s social needs should ideally stay green all the time. (Check hints how to achieve this)
    9. Wants and fears should be turned off, so that all satisfaction points stem from completing as many aspirations as possible.
    10. No potions!


    In testing, I restricted my player to items and interactions only used in Base Game. Plus only travelled to Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. I have other packs however, so these affected my play somewhat, eg Seasons affected botany options, weather, Eco Lifestyle introduced neighbourhood plans, but if I’ve included aspects of other downloads, I apologise. Incidentally, I don’t use mods or cheats.

    You do have to be ruthless to your Sim, who will at times try to talk to random strangers, and vice versa, so keep an eye on their actions list.


    Not sure if these should go into spoilers. Happy to edit them so they are

    1. Choose traits wisely. Obviously Loner has to be one. I used Creative and Freegan for mine. However the latter was more because I find dumpster diving fun, plus it seems to fit my character.
    2. Get to know how the AI of public venues operates. For example staff and patrons leave the Willow Creek library at night and don’t return until around 8am in the morning. However they may hang around if your Sim is there before they’re due to leave.
    3. When I’m a full member, I’ll link to a couple of edited public venues I created that make this challenge viable. They’re in my Gallery. Unfortunately napping on benches and ottomans is only a short term option and no public venues have beds. Feel welcome to make challenge harder by using different furniture to decrease the reliability and comfort specs. Think on-site caretakers/night watchman with minimal facilities.
    4. Don’t include any aspects in these new public building rooms that will attract Sims, eg bookshelves, mirrors. They’ll still access the bed in some venues if embarrassed or sad, but not while your Sim is sleeping. They may use the kitchen.
    5. Be prepared to fast travel away if Sims look like they’re wanting to talk to your Sim.
    6. Make your home lot off-the-grid and introduce aspects to save/make money if your packs allow it, eg geothermal ditto the public spaces that your Sim uses. Gather water at appropriate places.
    7. Social needs are best handled through after hours use of Library computer doing Chat, Trolling the Forums and Social Media networking.
    8. Sylvan Grove is ideal for avoiding people in all kinds of weather.
    9. Any plants (in season) are harvestable if player Sim is on the lot in the time leading up to and just past 5am.
    10. Avoid visiting your home lot during daylight hours to avoid the dreaded welcome wagon.

    I’d be interested in hearing back from other players on how they addressed this challenge. Mine opted for the Freelance writer job which they quit as soon as they got their portable computer. Then I pursued the Best Selling author aspiration. Other aspirations being followed to date are Freelance Botanist, Angling Ace, The Curator and Bodybuilder. I switch from one to other depending on location and circumstances.
  • ibrattydonibrattydon Posts: 9 New Member
    Can someone recommend me challenges where in each life span you have to do an objective (like as a toddler, child & so on) & not just when our sim is a YA or just really detailed challenges?
  • OzambersandOzambersand Posts: 12 New Member
    Dumpster Diving Challenge

    This requires at least one public lot to be edited to have a bed.

    Obviously you need Eco Lifestyle and Sim should be a Freegan and/or Recycle Disciple.


    Teen Sim has been left stranded on an unbuilt lot with ZERO money.

    To achieve this, have two Sims on an unbuilt lot. One Sim splits and takes all the money with them, leaving the penniless teen behind. Ideally this Sim should be deleted from the game. They deserve it!

    This abandoned Teen Sim has to sleep out in public places to start with, selling collectibles and dumpster diving. To make it tougher, they have to keep attending school, however they can age up when they reach A level. (Hint: if they achieve this, they can start any professions at Level 3 hence avoiding the Freegan distaste for the Corporate world.

    There are a few ways you can challenge yourself from here.

    1. Limit the number of venues with a bed. I have a few builds of public spaces in my gallery to choose from or get ideas from. For example, put a dumpster bin outside a gym and a bunk bed inside. Add a refrigerator and bar (logical for establishment.
    2. Only furnish house with found or made items or things bought at the Trash & Treasure (if you have that pack)
    3. “Burnt” items from the dumpster can only be fixed by Smog vacuum. (A much easier alternative is to have another playable Sim visit lot while affected items are on the lot - even in an inaccessible underground area! They don’t even have to knock on door!)
    4. No seeds/plants can be purchased. Only plants are from collecting or dumpster diving.
    5. You can make it harder by making your Sim a loner.
    6. A limited list of items can be purchased because I’ve never got them from dumpster diving or transforming things with SimRay. Let me know if you have different luck. Hence you can buy the following when your Sim can afford them. Gym equipment. Mixology Bars. Garden pots/planters, easels, musical instruments, dumpster. Although hardcore players might insist that all those can be accessed in public venues…

    This is a fun challenge because it’s a lucky dip. Every play through is different. Sometimes certain necessary items just refuse to be found. Four toilets and no sinks for example. Next time it might be the reverse.

    Ultimate Fun Scenario:

    If you have Go to Work, try starting your Freegan Sim (once your A grade student ages up) in the Scientist career. Quit as soon as they get the Transform upgrade on their Simray. If your teen gained skills in Handiness, Logic and Fabrication it helps)
    Then join the Civil Designer career, later choosing the Green Technician branch.
    Quit that as soon as they have the ability to build the Smog vacuum. Warning you need a high Fabrication level for that, so start as soon as you can. Another source of cash.
    Furnishings can only be found burnt items fixed using smog vacuum or transformed using SimRay. (No lot visits)
    Warning: fires are common using the SimRay, so either play hardcore and deal with the aftermath or save before and reload.
    And all those glasses of water they insist on drinking? Stop them cleaning them up, move them to a patch of ground and transform them with the Simray. That gets hilarious and is a huge money spinner. I’ve ultimately transformed a glass of water into a chess table for example.
    The best thing about this challenge is the fun of trying to decorate house with mismatched furniture, and the frustration when some “must have” items refuse to be found. (Counters, refrigerators, toilets for example)
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 8,196 Member
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    @Meeshelby all my competitions are now here Jen's Competitions

    They include, "At Witts End" "Community Spirit" "Livin' Life to the Max!" "Shipwrecked!" I am gradually adding others I've done also, but that link should get anyone there that wants to play them.

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  • OzambersandOzambersand Posts: 12 New Member
    The Sixam Living Quarters Challenge.

    Rating: Hilarious.

    Live/vacation on the Alien Planet of Sixam

    Aim: Build an area on Sixam capable of being lived in indefinitely.

    NO Mods or Cheats!

    It is possible.

    Minimum Requirements to pass:

    Ability to stay on lot without having issues with any long term need: sleep, hunger, etc

    Ideally... bed, toilet, sink

    The main trigger for this will be reaching Max level in Scientist career and be invited to the Alien party.
    Obviously, you'll need the Wormhole generator to get there.

    SAVE as soon as you get there unless you want to play hardcore....

    Use your SimRay on everything you want to.


    1. Transformations are totally random. That's the fun...
    2. Unless object is moveable, things are stuck where they are
    3. Not all things are transformable. eg you might end up with a fair judging stand or a shop sign


    1. It's worth bringing some items in personal inventory, eg Boombox, easel, toddler's bed. If you have City living, you can bring Art stands to set up as "privacy" screens. The picnic basket helps keep food fresh. Some pet care items are transportable. Through a number of steps, I transformed the toddler's bed into a Mission Double.
    2. The cloner and synthetic food serum is handy.
    3. Garden pots are sometimes created using transform. Earth plants grow with a weird blue glow. And you don't seem to be able to talk to them.
    4. Like all transform scenarios, some things occur often and others don't.
    5. Passing aliens can be "invited to hang out" They will chat, read books, play instruments etc.
    6. Family members, friends and pets can be invited along

    Fun Facts:

    1. If you place the Wormhole generator on a Community Space, anyone can use it any time.
    2. No mobile reception means no annoying checking phone every few minutes.

    Finally: Mister John can quickly become your best friend. It can cater to four basic needs! Bladder, social, hygiene, fun

    Because transform object is so random, I'd be interested on what others come up with. The setup on Sixam, once done, seems to last indefinitely. Not sure what happens if another scientist in that play through gets a party invite. (If I can work out how to add a screenshot to the post, I will!)
  • OzambersandOzambersand Posts: 12 New Member
    A quick note...
    Once the Alien Party is over, the lot reverts EXCEPT for what you've transformed during party. (Could be a bug that gets "fixed") but until then, you now have some great base items to use/transform. The huge fountain that was there in the party build became the big Karaoke set up. Obviously, that was because I had City Living. Yours will be different. Some lights on the ground are transformable, some aren't...
  • ApostolosJenApostolosJen Posts: 34 Member
    Hey Everyone! Please try out my Aura Sims Challenge. It is challenging but fun (if you make it fun). Please give me feedback on it. Thank you!
  • EleriEleri Posts: 73 Member
    I started a legacy challenge called "Years of Sim" where each generation is a different year of Sims 4 content. The first generation represents 2014, so it focuses mostly on base game assets and game play. The eight generation represents 2021, so it mainly revolves around Cottage Living, but you can incorporate Dream Home Decorator, Bust the Dust and Paranormal if you own them. At the end of this year I plan on updating the challenge with a Gen 9 based on 2022. So far, the 2022 generation is shaping up to be a story about a runaway teen wolf looking for love (true love . . . and marriage).
    -No, my almost-elderly mother, I don't think it's a good time for you to try for a baby.
    -Yes, person I barely know, you have my blessing to hang out with Johnny Zest.
    -No person with the mean, hot-headed and self-absorbed traits, I don't think you should get married.
  • SynnamintwistSynnamintwist Posts: 9 New Member
    > @TerryKasper said:
    > In case this thread is ever updated... Please consider adding my "Winterfest Spirit Legacy Challenge" to the list. It is a generational legacy challenge but could also be considered a holiday challenge.
    > Thank you!

    This is an awesome challenge and perfect for this time of year. I will give it a go!
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