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Tutorial: How to share apartments in the gallery for the upcoming City Life

SpecterCodySpecterCody Posts: 602 Member
edited October 2016 in The Sims 4 Lots
Thanks to @catloverplayer for finding out that we CAN NOT share apartments as lots on the gallery. Here is the tweet:

I put together a short tutorial on how to share an entire apartment as a single room so you builders out there can still share them. There are a couple caveats but it does work.

First, here is the empty apartment, a single room.


First, you want to start dividing the apartment into rooms. We do not want the rooms to become separated because then we can only share each individual room to the gallery. Start by drawing the wall all the way up until 1 square away from forming a complete room as so:


Now this part is important, you have to click on the newly drawn wall, click the arrow and drag it to complete the room. The game wont recognize the newly formed room this way.


Good, now the wall is complete but the apartment is still considered one room!


Lets follow the same steps as above and make a new room.


Drag the final segment by using the arrow, don't forget!


I went and decorated the apartment, you can do the same now!


Now that its finished, select the apartment by clicking a free spot on the floor or wall and you will see arrows appear at the wall edges. You can see the entire apartment is one room.


Now we can click the save to my library button then save as room to save the apartment and share it! As you can see in the image the whole apartment is present in the room including the walls and doors.


A couple things to be aware of:

Since the apartment counts as a single room, you can't have different moodlet decor items active at once. They also share the same decor bonuses. You can manually rebuild the final segment of walls once the apartment is placed so the game forms it into a room.

You will have to let players know which specific apartment this is meant to fit in since they are all unique shapes.

The gallery image isn't great, its hard to tell exactly how it looks.

I hope this helps you all look forward to City Life apartment building!


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 154,583 Member
    Thankyou very much for your very helpful guide to sharing apartments on the gallery! It will be very helpful for when City Living is released! Thankyou for your kindness and thoughtfulness in posting pictures and writing about the method :)
  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 6,500 Member
    edited October 2016
    Also, there are probably privacy issues when using the bathroom if others are in the same room. Might need to test for that.

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  • SpecterCodySpecterCody Posts: 602 Member
    @EmmaVane That's another issue I didn't think of. We will have to re-wall each room for sure, not the kind of thing I'd like to expect everyone to do for my downloads :neutral:
  • lovlyblovlyb Posts: 964 Member
    Nice Tutorial on this, but would we have the options in this rooms share as for TYPE like we do now kitchen, bathroom etc. ? Will it have the options like apartment.
  • SpecterCodySpecterCody Posts: 602 Member
    @lovlyb Since its being shared as a room, you would have to pick a category for it. We don't have an apartment option so you would have to choose miscellaneous.
  • StSciurusStSciurus Posts: 1,580 Member
    Great tutorial! Once the EP is out, it would be great to have a catalog of apartments and their dimensions. :smiley:
  • cherparcherpar Posts: 2,056 Member
    this is great thank you. I wonder whether it would be easier for the downloader if they had to complete the last tile of the bathroom so its clear that had to be dealt with. I don't know.
  • SpecterCodySpecterCody Posts: 602 Member
    @cherpar I like that idea, it would be more clear for the downloader on what I mean by rebuilding the walls. They would have to actually read the description though, gasp!

    @StSciurus I know we can find the dimensions of some judging by videos, but a full list will be good to have when its possible.
  • lovlyblovlyb Posts: 964 Member
    @lovlyb Since its being shared as a room, you would have to pick a category for it. We don't have an apartment option so you would have to choose miscellaneous.

    Oh, okay. I just thought they would gave us the option so doing it like in tutorial is a major help. Thanks!
  • MiliksimMiliksim Posts: 142 Member
    Oh Cody, thanks for the tutorial :) I did not know that about the room's behavior :) I am really excited to see how the whole uploading/downloading will work with CL.
  • sueladysuelady Posts: 123 Member
    edited October 2016
    Hey Cody, thanks for this awesome tutorial - guess we have to work our way somehow again around the bush as usual...

    This is what I don't like at all if EA provides new lots - regardless if it's only one world related, or a hidden lot or any other exuses regardless we should have matching categories. Why? Guess, yeah it's easier to find, right! I don't like it at all that we don't have a matching category...Now you have to search your way all through hastags between million of rooms to find what suits you for San Myshuno?

    Neep, I invest rather the time to create it and leave it without sharing so I guess I will create but won't upload it doesn't make any sense to me, searching adding an appartment as a room & yet you still have to adjust the "apartment" afterwards so that it fits. It's sad I wish we would have an appartment venue. Those restrictions just limit our maniac creativity.... ;) am not a fan of this strategy at all, seriously...

    For a better organisation & easier to find there should be for every new venue type matching categories, even the ones we don't have like "thebluffs, hospital, sciencelab, policestation, gardenchalet,theanciantruins, glades etc. I simply don't understand the logic - if it's provided it will be used doesn't matter if locked or not we want to make the game our own therefore there will be always creators like us who will create something and in my opinion EA should provide matching categories for all provided venue types as I said hidden, specific or not - I don't care I want categories for all existing venues, period! Simple as that shouldn't be a big deal actually for the programmer of EA to do so...

    Will hang out and live in San Myshuno just as a builder beside the Penthouse, Gallery & probably a bar for Karaoke" I guess I will be unemployed and sell my "junk" eeehm stuff on the flea market ;) may I should be a politican & write a petition for "We want Categories for every VENUE you provide us" ^-^

    Yeah this could be might a great idea or I retire as Simarchitect & move to an apartment with cockroaches & let me live my life, jeez if I cannot be creative why should I work? LOL Neep, will continue but I just daydreamed how life will be in San Myshuno without being a true builder :'(:D
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  • SpecterCodySpecterCody Posts: 602 Member
    edited October 2016
    @suelady Yeah definitely a bummer for builders. Looks like their focus was on players this time. I'm happy to have lots of new decor but we haven't really gotten good build mode items in too long. I mean look, we never got new roof colors, roof trims, friezes or wall trims. Its like they forgot to add new ones. I'm also peeved when they add a new fence without matching railings. Build mode is usually great and way easier than TS3 so I really do enjoy it, but please don't neglect the good things you added Maxis!
  • sueladysuelady Posts: 123 Member
    edited October 2016
    @SpecterCody Well spoken Cody ;) Indeed you are right, fences without matching railings is absolutly also a bummer... I am truly happy that we will get some modern stuff like the new windows (even I wish would have them al for each hight), beds (finally) and a new cool modern shaped PC - even I still don't understand why they can't do a notebook, too but hey am happy there are some new finally "modern" things - so will create for sure now some new homes ;) Just the little aftertaste of: Awww how beautiful vs. yeah here I am and I cannot create some of those buildings in my way" If that would have been possible I would have freaked out... I would love to create a world of my own as I see it used to be possible. but hey it is what it is... sadly...

    I have read in an another thread "by BryonRae" that build mode is something which should be provided to all (including basegame) but I wonder when this upgrade will happen & which suggested changes will be considered, no clue. Thats what one of the Simgurus said, so we will see how they will improve the buildmode it's for sure time for a build upgrade ;)

    With all that new content we also need as you said modern new roof colors, roof trims, friezes and wall trims, you are right, totally agree.
    Passionate Simscreator. If u can imagine u can make it happen B)
    Industrial, Steampunk & modern lots. Yup Simmies, too!
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  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    Thanks @SpecterCody ! Very useful tutorial! How are you doing? Excited for city living? :)
  • SpecterCodySpecterCody Posts: 602 Member
    @yanti68 I'm excited to see how it turns out, might actually try playing for once! A couple things are disappointing but I hope there are a few surprises. How about you?
  • SilvakristiinaSilvakristiina Posts: 444 Member
    Oh if I had noticed this a few days back... I spent waaaay too much time making my remake rooms, uploading them and creating a showcase to my blog. (And that's why I have to advertise it a little: check it out) While building it, I noticed that one room was divided to two by an invisible wall. I tried to delete it but nothing happened, so the room is now split to two. The real walls I deleted and the rooms worked just fine.

    Thank you for the tutorial! I'll try this later. If I understood correctly, the walls have to be built again after downloading to prevent those privacy problems etc.?
  • SpecterCodySpecterCody Posts: 602 Member
    @Silvakristiina If you have what appears to be a single room that's somehow broken into two pieces, that means one of the pieces is missing the ceiling so it considers it separate. You have to click one of them, go up a floor and click the yellow border at the top of the walls ad hit build ceiling. If that one only says remove ceiling, it has one already so try the other one.

    And yes, You will have to rebuild one tile of each wall after placing to form them into proper rooms.
  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 4,749 Member

    A great tutorial @SpecterCody ! :)
    Thanks for sharing, dear! Hugs xxx
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 2,988 Member
    Very handy too know @SpecterCody Thanks for sharing :)

  • KojiKKojiK Posts: 721 Member
    I tried this on my new apartment but the windows dont attached

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  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 14,317 Member
    Hi just to tell you how I add doors to apartments.
    I just take/delete 1 piece of the room where I want the door, then I put 1 piece of wall either outside or in the middle of the room, wall cover each side to match then put in the door, lift the piece of wall with door into where you deleted the piece. I do this with all rooms and it works fine. :) You can of course use double doors and arches, just do as above with 1/2 wall pieces needed.
  • ReitannaReitanna Posts: 285 Member
    I tried this, and it worked for all pieces of the apartment except this little rectangle that's 3x6. it insists on being its own room, even when I take down the ENTIRE wall.
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  • bad1788bad1788 Posts: 42 Member
    This might a bit of slacker work around, but on a similar note you an take your fully finished apartment and simply use the sledge hammer tool to temporarily knock out each door between rooms and it will also upload as one room to the gallery. Then when someone downloads your apartment they simply have to add walls and a door of their choice to finish the build and it should still maintain individual rooms for the purpose of moodlet items.
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