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Would anyone else buy a new game based on the Sims Medieval?



  • WugriWugri Posts: 23 Member
    I love medieval-esque games, but I really disliked how 'flat' the world and gameplay was in The Sims Medieval. It was like they forgot why The Sims 2 was such a huge improvement on The Sims, and made a new game regardless. If they ever make a new medieval sims game, I still want there to be decent build-features, better CAS-features, etc. Basically, I'd prefer it if they gave The Sims 4 a new expansion: Fantasy Fair. Which would be a medieval-esque festival complete with a suitable world and quests, but still part of the Sims 4 and all the features it already has.

    But that's just my 2 cents.
  • TayStormyTayStormy Posts: 3 New Member
    At this point, I just want them to update The Sims Medieval so we can play it on Macs again😒🥺
  • KatNipKatNip Posts: 1,065 Member
    edited July 2020
    I’d love it! It’s an old favourite and criminally underrated game and it’d make a great game played as the actual sims!
  • PingliPingli Posts: 8 New Member
    Yes! But if they ever do something similar I'd love for it to be a bit more fantasy medieval, like, imagine having family of orcs and your neighbors are elves. Could be interesting.
  • Cassieb95Cassieb95 Posts: 327 Member
    I would run to buy it!
  • PotsaePotsae Posts: 73 Member
    I would <3
  • cherrysim_cherrysim_ Posts: 25 Member
    I would love this!! :heart: I wish they made a new medieval game but since I don't think that will happen I would be happy with a medieval game pack for sims 4
  • LizzyBeeLizzyBee Posts: 13 New Member
    I really love the sims medieval and I would love to see more! Or I want the objects and clothing in The Sims 3.
  • wolfkomoki1wolfkomoki1 Posts: 5,053 Member
    If they made a Sims Medieval that was an actual sims game and not a stories series spin off, I would buy it in a heart beat. I was very disappointed when I opened up Sims Medieval and it wasn't a sims game, but a sims stories game.
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