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Would anyone else buy a new game based on the Sims Medieval?


  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 5,816 Member
    edited June 2019
    personally I would love if they made new sims medieval for more ts4 graphic like separated from ts4
    (just like how they separated sims medieval from ts3)

    so they don't need to keep the teen rating like with ts 4
    since I feel like medieval times include things they'd never put in ts4 because ''the rating''

    maybe they could also add in cas color wheels for hair,eyes and skintones
    (I don't want color wheel for anything else tbh and create a style is laggy mess)
    make open waters and seasons for it from start

    maybe they'd also be able to open up couple worlds for it if there was few enough too

    gameplay id like to keep similiar to normal sims game but I think it be really cool if there was like storyline but you are not forced to participate in it as form of quest and you could yourself decide what you want to do despite the events that are going on example: other kingdom is attacking but you just want to read books you could just do that unless they find you and kill you but hey u tried and like u could be traitor and then later if your side failed youd become criminal and they'd try to hunt you down or if your side won the new king would treat you well (or just be meanie if it is tyrant but...)
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 5,816 Member
    edited June 2019
    also would love if you could sort of have that political socializing aspect to it climbin social ladders be funny but just... do not make it quest that is my biggest problem with medieval games i just wanna chill out and watch world burn instead
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  • FreygeaFreygea Posts: 867 Member
    edited June 2019
    I would love a new game. I would love it to be a bit more like the Sims with multiple worlds and then add story packs as they did with Strangerville (different medieval themes and maybe throw a few fantasy themes in so we can change things up when we want to.
  • WaitWhatYTWaitWhatYT Posts: 512 Member
    Sims Medieval was super fun, but too restrictive and quest-based for me to truly "love" it like I hoped. A new medieval sims game with a more relaxed playstyle (perhaps with an option for quest-based play) would be EVERYTHING
  • DragonAge_300905DragonAge_300905 Posts: 1,626 Member
    I'd buy it.
  • _000key_000key Posts: 168 Member
    Yes I would love a sims 4 medieval expansion
  • AmandaBeuryAmandaBeury Posts: 12 New Member
    I'd just love a new Sims Medieval game. lol More open world than the last, but also with quests and goals like the original. An expansion would just feel like a Medieval festival. Because phones, cars, etc.
  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 512 Member
    I think this would make a neat, and out-of-the-box expansion pack for TS4. That would likely be the only way it would be produced, instead of as a spin-off.
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 5,622 Member
    edited February 2020
    Well, TSM actually began as an EP for TS3. But as they got more involved in the process, it became a spin-off. I am not sure how it could work with TS4 as an expansion, as a lot of things are currently tied to phone or computer. Re-configuring all of those to the dovecote or scribe's bench would be - I imagine - challenging. Not to mention the number of wishes tied to modern basegame amenities. It would need a lot of finicky work.

    I love TSM, and do want to see something similar reprised in the future. But I am not sure a TS4 expansion is the way to achieve that.
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  • PurrrmeowPurrrmeow Posts: 30 Member
    I was actually thinking about this the other day!! I've never actually played the first one but I've seen videos and wanted to play it, but the last time I checked, it was still $20 and I can't justify buying it when I could get an expansion (when they're on sale of course) for TS4.
  • ButteredToastButteredToast Posts: 47 Member
    I would love this. Sims Medieval is my favourite Sims spin-off.

    Also, how about say Star Trek inspired Sims spin-off? Or paranormal themed spin-off? Or Charmed inspired?

    I love Strangerville game pack for Sims 4 and I think there is a huge potential for mission/campaign based Sims games to complement the sandbox main games.
  • slamondaslamonda Posts: 1,357 Member
    for sure
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,635 Member
    I for sure would.I wish sims medieval was more like sims 3 with being able to control the story...and such I hated how the families operated, etc.
    For now I run sims 3 as a medieval game



  • CarlottleCarlottle Posts: 17 Member
    > @WaitWhatYT said:
    > Sims Medieval was super fun, but too restrictive and quest-based for me to truly "love" it like I hoped. A new medieval sims game with a more relaxed playstyle (perhaps with an option for quest-based play) would be EVERYTHING

    Agreed. I still like playing it on and off but if you get the same quests you're just doing literally the same thing over and over.
  • LuxuryLuxury Posts: 124 Member
    I would love for there to be a new SM game that's more like the mainline games like I wanna play a medieval legacy I wanna have a peasant family and through the generations rise through the classes, I wanna play as a princess about to ascend the throne!!! gimme!! less quest-based gameplay and more sandbox, but i dunno how much i trust the sims team to develop a game like that since TS4 is still lacking basic things- which is why I don't want a medieval expansion
  • BrokenWheelsBrokenWheels Posts: 579 Member
    The Sims Medival was the first sims game I ever bought so I would like to see a new game with better graphics based on it and I would definitely buy it.
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  • ebbalytleebbalytle Posts: 2 New Member
    I still enjoy playing Sims Medieval. Back when there was only Sims 1 I built a whole neighbourhood that was Medieval. I even Photoshopped the neighbourhood screen to be Medieval (dirt roads, wooden bridges) so I could have it on my Sims 1 website. It was great, but the gameplay was the same as always.
    Sims Medieval was really a lot of fun, but it became very repetitive because every new person brought into the game had to do exactly the same quests and no new quests were available for them. If there was a more quest-based new game, then I'd want that changed so that every new person had new quests to go with him'/her.
    Having said that, I'd love a Medieval based Sims game that wasn't quest based. It would need to be more than just a "stuff pack" though. I'd like to see proper actions and activities and jobs that made it real. Sims 4 has a few things that would work, like the washtub and clothesline, but even they'd need revamping. So yes, if there was a new Sims Medieval-themed game, I'd have a look and probably would buy it.
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,673 Member
    edited March 2020
    I would love to play a "proper" medieval game too. The Sims Medieval has the sandbox gameplay after you complete the main game but it's not great because there are so many restrictions. I knew when I bought it that it the game had a strong RPG element but I don't think I realised just how limited the build/buy mode would be. I would love true sandbox gameplay in a sims game. I did adore CAS though, definitely one of my favourites in the franchise - I loved the clothes and the more realistic skintones and the fact that you had to pick both positive and negative traits.

    To be honest, I'd also play a historical sims game set in a few different eras - Ancient Rome or the Georgian (especially Regency) period would be my top choices.
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  • Aristarchus310Aristarchus310 Posts: 16 Member
    Imagine a Sims game in which every few generations you entered a new era, however, the game was more story-based and less restrictive.

    For example, you could be the descendent of a medieval king that grew old surrounded by the ones he cherished and adored. A king whose heir was still a child when crowned upon the throne, despite being one of ten children who weren't sent to an orphanage after the third was born! Children that not only experienced all of the life stages but children that aged with the world around them! Children who were perhaps adopted from the local orphanage! Perhaps the king even owned a kitten or a puppy...

    All of these simple features that could have made The Sims Medieval so much better than it already is, combined with the pre-existing quests and key features of the game (such as dueling, sending/being sent to the stocks, fighting the pit beast, etc.) would make for a pretty incredible game.

    It's safe to say that if EA decided to drop another historical type, I would most certainly be in line to purchase it regardless of the actual content. Would I prefer the game to be more traditional? Of course. Would I still purchase it if it wasn't? Uh, yeah. It's The Sims!
  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,489 Member
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  • ceyricceyric Posts: 1,584 Member
    Yes yes yes! I can't believe they haven't done this yet. I really like TSM, but one problem it had was simply replayability, and it lacked the sandbox features that TS3 had at the time. The sims themselves didn't even age, it was just all way too linear. A sandbox game set in medieval times would do pretty well honestly.
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  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 828 Member
    I just bought TSM the other day, and haven't started it yet. I hope I'll like it. I've read about the repetition and replayability aspect of it. Hopefully it is still entertaining nevertheless.

    I would definitely love a new TS4 version that is more sandbox based because I'm really over the modernity aesthetic of TS4 these days.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,224 Member
    yes please
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • ChaChaRealSmoothChaChaRealSmooth Posts: 2 New Member
    OMG, I'm glad I'm not the only one who misses Sims Medieval. It should really be its own game with sequels and everything. EA please!
  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 754 Member
    Yes, yes a thousand times yes!
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