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Would anyone else buy a new game based on the Sims Medieval?



  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 264 Member
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    personally I would love if they made new sims medieval for more ts4 graphic like separated from ts4
    (just like how they separated sims medieval from ts3)

    so they don't need to keep the teen rating like with ts 4
    since I feel like medieval times include things they'd never put in ts4 because ''the rating''

    maybe they could also add in cas color wheels for hair,eyes and skintones
    (I don't want color wheel for anything else tbh and create a style is laggy mess)
    make open waters and seasons for it from start

    maybe they'd also be able to open up couple worlds for it if there was few enough too

    gameplay id like to keep similiar to normal sims game but I think it be really cool if there was like storyline but you are not forced to participate in it as form of quest and you could yourself decide what you want to do despite the events that are going on example: other kingdom is attacking but you just want to read books you could just do that unless they find you and kill you but hey u tried and like u could be traitor and then later if your side failed youd become criminal and they'd try to hunt you down or if your side won the new king would treat you well (or just be meanie if it is tyrant but...)
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 264 Member
    edited June 12
    also would love if you could sort of have that political socializing aspect to it like if your female sim seduced the king they could beg him to release their brother or whatever like not just fighting but also climbin social ladders as consort or something be funny but just... do not make it quest that is my biggest problem with medieval games i just wanna chill out and watch world burn instead
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  • FreygeaFreygea Posts: 763 Member
    edited June 17
    I would love a new game. I would love it to be a bit more like the Sims with multiple worlds and then add story packs as they did with Strangerville (different medieval themes and maybe throw a few fantasy themes in so we can change things up when we want to.
  • GGgkkgGGgkkg Posts: 137 Member
    Sims Medieval was super fun, but too restrictive and quest-based for me to truly "love" it like I hoped. A new medieval sims game with a more relaxed playstyle (perhaps with an option for quest-based play) would be EVERYTHING
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