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We could change it all- Sims 4 Apocalypse challenge

TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
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Hello and welcome to my sims 4 Apocalypse challenge story: We could change it all. I will be breaking a few rules for the sake of the story.
I have also added a few rules myself for the GTW careers.
Official Rules link:
I hope you enjoy my story!
Additional GTW and CL rules
  • Doctor: There is very little healthcare in the area. You may not intentionally cure illness, take medicine, take pregnancy test or change sim.
  • Scientist: Aliens may not join your household. When they are born into the household, you may only give then the evil, mean and hot-headed traits. If anyone outside of the household discovers who they really are, they are executed as aliens are not accepted.
  • Detective: Because of safety reasons, School is unavailable

Entry one: running down memory lane

Greetings Mrs.Coleson. No doubt you have heard of the devastation. Much of the media reports coming out of the City of Glassbolt has been white washed to gloss over what happened there. We know that approximately 5 minutes after half time of the super bowl, the nuclear power plant of Glassbolt melted down, devastating the entire region. The army core of engineers cites that a simultaneous flush of every toilet in the city caused a massive drop in water pressure, thus causing the plant to lose cool and and melt down. This isn’t your ordinary meltdown. That plant was experimental! The fallout is causing strange and odd problems in the region and we have very little detail about what is going on in there.

What we DO know is that we need a leader, a hero to willingly go in there, establish themselves in the region and help restore the region back to normal. We have one other bit of declassified information. This actually happened 20 years ago. We’ve lost contact with the region. You, Mika Coleson, have graduated from our wonder child project. You were specially created to be able to solve these issues. So get in there and show us what you are made of! The lost city of Glassbolt is depending on you! Your first assignment is getting rid of the local mob. Your methods are not our concern.

This is the letter i recieved yesterday. I could barely believe it. only 3 kinds of people get send to Glassbolt. Wonderchildren with high chances of survival, volenteers and chanceless orphans.
I may be a wonderchild, but that whole high chance of survival thing isn't really fitting. Especially if i have to roll up a mob. Since i can't really decline, I'm going to keep this journal and write in it to keep myself sane.
I guess i will have to introduce myself then. My name is Mika Coleson. I'm 18 years old, a goofball, I Love the outdoors and i'm kind of a genius of i do say so myself.
My family consists of my mother, my brother Matthew and my sister Naomi. Our father died the day before my 12th birthday and just before mom discoverd she was pregnant with Naomi. Kind of weird, almost like an evil overlord wants a traumatic backstory to tell. I picked a few pictured out of family albums to put in this, for old times sake.

Look, It's little me trying to set the house on fire in my underwear!

Mom and Dad when they were young..ger.

This is me and my childhood friend James Rowley. We're still very close.

My mom took this one with er cell phone when she got home from work. She gave poor James even more trouble then dad would've.

This is Naomi. She looks alot like dad, aside from those big blue eyes.
She's a bit of a loner.
This is Matthew. He has mom's face structure with dad's eyes and hair.
He's also a goofball, but more of a geek. He spends all night playing videogames.

Now the biggest problem i have with going to Glassbolt is that i wont see these people again and my mother is very sick. Matthew is only 15 and naomi is 12. I'm going to miss them so much. If only i could change it all.
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  • ThatVocaloidGirlThatVocaloidGirl Posts: 105 Member
    I like it a lot with the pictures and everything! hope you can do a lot more!
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  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
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    Entry 2: Lonelyness

    I have been stuck in this hellish desert for almost a week now. The beds seem like they’re made of concrete, the food is disgusting and often spoiled, my job plum and I basicly live in a bomb shelter. I know that this is the apocalypse and all, they could have made it easyer for me my giving me, I don’t know; running water?!
    My shelter is a two story brick box with 4 bedrooms, 2 living area’s and one toilet. In the downstairs living area were a woodworking bench, an old couch, my improv grill made of a barrel and a bookshelf. Upstairs was a dresser, two storage chests for food and an old computer that doesn’t seem to work properly.
    Two of the bedrooms had double beds, one upstairs and one downstairs. The other two had two single beds each. Are they trying to hint me on expanding?
    I would never, not with someone other then James. He is my soulmate.
    Without him or my family around I feel lonely almost all the time. Of course I talked to the townspeople every now and then, but they dislike me. My boss wants me to have a certain reputation with the locals, so I have to be mean to them. I cannot tell them that this is for their own good and that I regret every mean word spoken about them.
    Maby that’s my biggest problem with this place. The eternal loneliness of having to insult and irritate people even though I would love to be friends.
    I wish my family was here. I know that this is selfish, I don’t want them to go through this, but someone or something needs to help me. In my career I’m actually a minor crimelord already! Halfway there, I guess that’s sort of exiting. At least more exiting then my diet of spoiled franks and beans. Its an art eating enough to get full, but not enough to get sick.
    That’s it for today, if something exiting happens ever again I will inform you! -Mika

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  • anaitapevaanaitapeva Posts: 917 Member
  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    Mika is used to getting everything she wants with a snap of her fingers. Its going to take her a while to adapt.

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  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    edited July 2016
    Entry 3: James Rowley

    I lied to you when i wrote exiting things don’t happen here in Glassbolt ; I’ve had more of an emotional roller-coaster today then ever before. Someone special showed up on my doorstep this morning. James Rowley, my boyfriend. I Embraced him before he had spoken even one word. Finally, someone to talk to.
    The news he brought with him though, was a lot less exiting. He had come here as volunteer to be with me and help save glassbolt. His assignment was the improve the local working conditions for everyone.
    He also informed me that my mother, Lauren Coleson passed away from illness one week ago. He said the government gave Matthew and Naomi, who are now both teenagers one month to wrap up their business in Windenburg and that they too, would be dropped in Glassbolt soon. My heart broke over this. How could they drop two Teenagers who just lost their Mother into a devastated war zone!? My goodness, im crying on this paper now.
    I know I wished for this, but now I would much rather go back to loneliness then to know my boyfriend gave up his life to be with me and that my underage sibings would be forced into this warzone. I have never regretted something more then wishing that they would be here.
    However, as soon as James arrived I also asked him to stay here with me. Unofficially, of cource. Only those who share a last name are allowed to share a shelter.
    Maby someday we’ll get marriage papers, but not now. He is too busy with his very time consuming job. I guess I will write again when my siblings arrive. Goodbye for now. -Mika

    I just want to say that this will be the last chapter for the next two weeks, as i will leave for vacation on saturday.

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  • EvieSunshineEvieSunshine Posts: 130 Member
    I like your story. Very good view from a journal and all.
  • AllyTod13AllyTod13 Posts: 114 Member
    Two chapters and already I'm hooked! You are an awesome writer ;)
  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    edited July 2016
    Thank you both! Made my day :smiley:

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  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    I returned from vacation today and wanted to tell you that tomorrow or the day after I will probably update the story. Thank you for being patient with me!

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  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    Entry 4: Family reunion

    While writing this, I feel like crying and laughing at the same time. One one hand, my underage siblings just entered a life endangering war nuclear zone. On the other, I won’t be lonely anymore. The first thing I did when I saw them was giving them both a very large hug.
    All 3 of us were crying on the sidewalk while James was busy catching dinner.
    With four mouths to feed we need way more then before. Naomi has grown gorgeous and a little clumsy while I was gone, she grew up way too fast in my opinion.
    When they got here they brought some stuff from the old house, mainly family photo’s. I put all of them on the wall, ‘to remember the good days’in Naomi’s words.
    They’re both adjusting to their new lives fairly well. Matthew is having a hard time with the food, I hope he will learn fast because there is not a lot of food to offer. both of them already got tasks assigned you know. Naomi has to improve the youth’s situation here while Matthew was assigned with reconnecting this hellhole with the outside world. For a 17 year old, his programming skills are insane! He has yet to start working on his task because of his age. The school fees of Glassbolt are ridiculous! 4000 simdollars per teen per week! Because Naomi is already working, I only sent Matthew to school for the short while he still has to. I feel bad for taking away her education but Matthew has a harder task and will need education more then Naomi. when all of us finally fell asleep after this crazy day i realized With all these people around me I have finally gotten a little hope.
    Maybe , just maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.- Mika

    Thank you all for being so patient with me! while posting this it is 4 AM where i live. I guess i have to read the comments tomorrow, or, uh, later today :) /i]

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  • AllyTod13AllyTod13 Posts: 114 Member
    This sounds difficult, but the story is really picking up. I can't wait for the next update it's so exciting :D
  • I just found this story, and I cannot wait to see what happens next! I really like your protagonist and your writing style :)
  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 594 Member
    Good story so far! I hope you keep it going!
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  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    Thank you all! the new chapter will be up on either saturday or sunday. i really want to keep posting weekly and you guys are making me more determined to do so!

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  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    Entry 5: welcome to the real world

    It has been a while since I wrote in this notebook. A little over 9 moths actually. I guess I will have to catch up whoever reads this in the future, don’t I?
    Only a few days after the last entry I started feeling sick in the mornings.
    You guessed it, I was pregnant with a a little boy, Damien. I struggled with telling James at first, he was surprisingly happy with the task of raising a kid in the seventh circle of hell.
    Naomi conveniently has started to work as a nanny. Apocalyptic childcare: Yes please! I want Damien to be a good kid, so all help is welcome. He can’t really do anything besides drink and poop right now, but you get the idea!
    Matthew aged up a few days ago as well. He now works as a Code monkey at Rainy days entertainment.
    You see That’s funny because it never rains here? I need to work on my jokes.
    James got a few guy’s from work to dig out a basement for us. We have a cards/don’t wake the llama table, a Dining table and my writing desk with notebook there.
    I guess we’re all moving on up in this world in our own ways. I’m climbing the ranks in mob, James works himself to the bone at the office, Matthew is drowning himself in code and Naomi changes dipers all day. Exiting stuff! (that’s sarcastic, they say sarcasm doesn’t translate to paper but I tried!)
    I hear crying from upstairs. I have to go, Apocalypse mom to the rescue! -Mika
    I just really wanted to show that screenshot but i couldn't fit it in the chapter

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  • AllyTod13AllyTod13 Posts: 114 Member
    The pictures won't load for me :'( but good update I can't wait to see the next entry :D
  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    edited August 2016
    Entry 6: Pushing the limits

    They say diaries are for expressing your feelings. At this specific moment I feel like stabbing this glorified paper binder with my pencil and ripping it to shreds. This is the kind of fury you only experience once or twice in your awfully short lifespan. Since I can’t really destroy the one thing keeping me from screaming I will just write down what happened.
    Last night Naomi came home from work even more disgusting and exhausted then ususal. When I asked about her day she told me she couldn’t remember anything exept for heading to work. She went to bed immediately after our little conversation and fell asleep almost instantly.
    I have been a member of the mob long enough to know this is the effect of being drugged; an awful thing to happen when you are a pretty girl in living in an apocalyptic wasteland.
    Luckely for me, I know a guy that can help me out with this. Sadly for the Deader, this man isn’t about rainbows and sunshine. He is more the Gun and Kill type.
    08-13-16_7-04-03c2a0pm.png?w=680Thanks to James, I had a little bit of dirt on my dear boss. Time to go pay him a visit. -MikaI know it's a bit on the short side, but entry 7 will be going up a little earlyer the usual. this little adventure is going to have 3 parts, with this being number 1. have fun reading!

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  • AllyTod13AllyTod13 Posts: 114 Member
    *gasp* I wonder what happended? Poor Naomi, I hope she's going to be ok.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 4,344 Member
    good story
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 9,890 Member
    Just found this! Bookmarked!

    Oh, btw...what's the deal with Glassbolt? Is that from Dr. Who? I've seen several people set their Apocalypse Challenge in Glassbolt.
  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    Its the name of the city in the rules of the challenge. if you click the link in the first post you can see for yourself.

    Read my Apocalypse Challenge story here!
  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    edited August 2016
    Entry 7: Blackmail and Bloodloss

    So, i just got my butt handed to me on a sliver platter by mr. Corleonesi. As soon as I barged into his office I questioned my own sanity.
    Like I said, no rainbows and sunshine for this man. There might be a bit of blood on the paper too, I’m not sure how to stop a nosebleed.
    Anyway, when I asked him if he had anything to do with the situation he of course denied all of it.
    I then told him the tale of the young boy who grew up in an orphanage located in the outskirts of Windenburg. One day, an unconscious girl was brought in by a young man with a wound on his face. The girl’s face was cut up too. And to this day, Audrey Lynch doesn’t know why she has a huge scar on her face and that her true last name is Corleonesi. The end.
    The young boy had been James; My family lived in the same area as where Pines Orphanage stood, that’s how we know each other. Tony was furious because of me finding out about his dear sister, so he reluctantly gave me the information I needed.
    Naomi worked for a woman named Nimue Stone. Her husband Matthias is known in these parts of town for cheating on her with girls younger then himself, not always with consent.
    When I turned my back to him, Tony punched me and cut me in the cheek with a knife, more then once. I deserved it I guess, but right now he is the one laying on the carpet in his office with a chair thrown at his head and I am just beat up.
    08-09-16_1-35-05c2a0am.png?w=680If I wasn’t up for conveniently making this Matthias guy disappear, I am now. I’ve got a job to do, and it won’t be pretty. -Mika I am getting a bit sick, so if i don't reply alot don't worry, I'm asleep :)

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  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 692 Member
    Entry 8 will be up tomorrow or the day after that. afterward we will return to your regularly sceduled rainbows and sunshine without angry meatballs and murder :)
    btw i was thinking that because of the somewhat darker nature of this story and the apocalypse in general i should move it to another blog. not sure where, but i'll figure something out. please tell me if that is a good idea or not.

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  • Broncos4lifeBroncos4life Posts: 9,540 Member
    I just found this and I'm hooked!
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