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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,008 Member
    There's finally a child in the Briggs family!!


    She's wearing a child conversion of that plait with bow hairstyle that got added to the base game a while ago. Here's a link for clarification:

    Just like her parents, she's creative.
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    AlleyKat213AlleyKat213 Posts: 58 Member
    Got werewolves last night and made a family with one vampire and one werewolf young adult.... Had them be fiancees, and had my werewolf get pregnant with twins (1 boy who turned out to be a werewolf, and 1 girl who turned out to be a vampire)... Shortly after getting pregnant, my werewolf's vampire mate went outside in the middle of the day and died due to sun exposure.... Unfortunately, my werewolf was unable to save her SO from grim... She's been trying so hard to be a good single mother, even with her frisky nature as she randomly rages because shes feeling flirty...
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,008 Member
    And just as well that Scarlet is now a child, cuz Sapphire and Violet are here! One child, two toddlers, one infant and two babies... who'll soon become infants too. *sweats and laughs nervously* Shame there aren't any purple outfits you can put your babies in.


    Scarlet was happy to meet the latest additions!
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,008 Member
    Sapphire "Saffie"...


    ... and Violet "Vivi".


    Saffie working on tummy time, whilst Vivi has fun looking at toys.


    Clemmie is due to become a child soon, and it's not too long until Emerald becomes a toddler. So there's a lot of chaos in the family, but lots of fun too!
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    BonkmasterBonkmaster Posts: 2 New Member
    In my game, I drowned a kid because she had the evil trait.
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    BonkmasterBonkmaster Posts: 2 New Member
    > @Bonkmaster said:
    > In my game, I drowned a kid because she had the evil trait.

    What are you gonna do about it?! She was... EVIL!!!
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,131 Member
    Who's evil now, @Bonkmaster ? :D

    (PS Hello and welcome to the forum!)
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    _Gina_Gina Posts: 253 Member
    Another week, another entry. Hello, everyone, Aimee writing!

    And I'll admit it right now, I have been bad this week. :p
    Summer is here so it all started with seriousness and work. I had to take out all the plants that would get burned by the sun now and plant what seeds I have that will thrive in this season.

    But then I thought, what the heck, summer's here, let's party. So I called up my friends and wasted my money on guess what? Yup, a juice keg.
    We had a blast and were up all night! Good thing my only neighbor is Johnny and he's included so he doesn't complain. ;D

    Then I remembered I haven't been to the Rattlesnake in a while, so I went to fix that and it was only Tuesday. Do you know what night is Tuesday night? That's right!
    It' alien night. And they do exist, just in case you haven't known. So there were aliens. But there were "normal" folks too and you know how it is. Some of the ones who like to think themselves "normal" are meanies. So there was this guy who was making stupid faces at one of the alien boys. And the alien was pretty... cute, but in like, the insulting way, you know? All round and soft and... not exactly my type is all I'm sayin', but he was just chillin' and not letting stupid humans get to him at all. And that, that's cool if you ask me. So I got up and decided to show the human what was what.
    And then we sort of got a groove going...
    ...and I guess I just cheated on my boyfriend? Would you even say Aurelio still counts as my boyfriend? He'd still be upset if he found out, though, so I guess I did cheat. Wellp. Told ya, Aimee's been bad this week. ;D

    And I'm not even done. This next one's been sort of a revelation for me.
    It was Neighborhood Brawl and I have honestly completely forgotten about it. Had I not, I'd stay home, I never liked the idea of me actually hitting somebody else... but I'd forgotten and wanted to see if some new flowers were starting to show at the park so I went out. And there was this girl who just wouldn't leave me alone. She actually started the fight, but once she hit me... I went a bit crazy.
    I do like to move and I love running, so a preppy girl like that ain't gonna make me run outta breath. So I showed her what a bad idea it was to start one with me. But then there were folks gathering around watching, and I just knew they'd start thinking. You know? Either I'm a bad person, fighting someone younger than me, or I'm actually not as old myself. Maybe I'm being paranoid about being caught out, but come on. I'm not going back to my mother, alright? No way. So anyway, I felt some sorta way about the whole thing and I actually picked my own fight.
    Ha. That one, I definitely thought I was gonna loose, but the guy had exactly zero idea what to do with the advantage being so much bigger gave him. You kiddin'? If I'm being completely honest with you - I had half hoped to loose that one. Get my drift? But no, he was a big looser. And then there was the brother of the first fool, and he was actually an even bigger looser.

    So... that happened. I don't really know what to think about that now. Just hope I don't get in trouble. Oh! But a good thing came out of that, too. All that fighting made me thirsty and when I went to grab some water, there was a girl hiding out in there. Not from me, though, from the pink menace I just beat up.
    Look. Her name is Boneita Skeleton, she doesn't exactly look like a skeleton and she wears fake kitty ears. It would take less than that to make somebody like Luna hate her. She was super sad about it and I figured what the what, girl needs to get outta here. So I came up with a crazy plan and she was all in and we went camping for a day.
    The only downer is Bonnie is squeamish so we didn't go fishing or anything, but we chatted a lot. She told me a lot about herself, and I'm not gonna tell you because those aren't my secrets to tell. But we had a really good time after all.
    And- AND I stopped by the ranger's and get this. They. Had. A Growfruit! Can you believe that? A growfruit!
    Ha! I guess there's my reward for being nice to Bonnie, eh? Oh, my garden will be sooo happy with this. :D

    And then the end of the week was... just calm, really. I went to Tartosa, because why not? The sea is starting to get nice even there.
    I loved just... being a droplet in the ocean if that makes any sense to you.
    And then I got a craving and a case of the sillies and just bought a cake.
    Because like, the Tartosans are masters of anything that includes flour and sugar and why should only people who are getting married get to enjoy that, huh? Well, it was a bit too big for just me, though. Luckily, Aurelio was waiting for me just as I got home. But he was already leaving, had to run somewhere. Oh, well. At least I got to share it with the pizza boy.
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    GoddessBylineGoddessByline Posts: 281 Member
    edited April 2023
    First time this happened to me in my game.
    Roe Teagardens mom, Danielle is visiting Roe, while Roe's dad, Gino calls, and asks his daughter if he may come over to stay for a while as things are a bit dicey at home. He turns up with a suitcase, while his wife make a pot of soothing herbal tea. :D
    Hey guys, you two have a nice house of your own. Parents!!

    Edit: After a while Gino, her father wanted to move in with her, "since we're family". Right, she said "no", a bit creeped out. She also got TWO negative sentiments about it. :#

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    TillyTilly Posts: 16 Member
    I got back to playing after almost 11 months, and started a new legacy! Since I can't post pictures here just yet, here is a link to a picture of my founder, Tekla, who will be the matriarch of Hopea family. :)

    Her career in the medical field has started out great, but during the first two in-game weeks, Tekla's love life has been a roller coaster! Within a few days she developed a crush and started dating Gavin Richards, but after they had been a couple for 36 in-game hours, Gavin called to tell he had adopted not only one but two babies... Had to terminate the relationship and stay just friends, as Tekla (and me, a toddler-hater) don't want to enter the stepmummy path just yet.

    After a few days, Tekla visited the library and started talking to the very handsome librarian, Simon, only to end up rejected as Simon turns out to be gay. The next day, a young man named Dan passes by Tekla's house and they talk for a while. Dan seems like an interesting person. The next day Simon calls to tell he has a crush on Dan and asks if he should ask him out and Tekla encourages him to do so.

    Tl;dr; Tekla tries to find love and flirts with 3 men. One suddenly decides to become a single father and the two others end up dating each other.

    Still need to find a suitor to countinue the legacy to the next generation! :D Better luck tomorrow...
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,259 Member
    The new chapter of Schemes & Dreams is getting close to done. I need to get screenshots and then proofread and make any small edits. Rayvn and Judith are still stuck in Forgotten Hollow. Elle and Lilith's grip on them is slowly tightening, but have they found their means of escape?
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,008 Member
    Some other screenshots...

    The GeekCon festival was on, and I sent Barbara there to travel in space, to see if I could find that UFO fruit to complete the gardening collection... no dice. Oh well. She ended up getting level 3 Rocket Science skill.
    Oh, and the Sim in the Grim Reaper costume is Clement Frost. :D


    On the same day as GeekCon was "Summer Festival", which I usually set up for my Sims. They threw a house party and enjoyed a barbecue.


    Fun in the paddling pool!


    Fireworks didn't go so well for Barbara... thankfully she's OK!


    Funnily enough, they haven't been painting much lately. Currently, Barbara is still Unknown fame-wise, and William is a Notable Newcomer. At one point, both were Rising Stars. I've since reduced the size of the art studio and built a third bathroom.


    Cute little sisterly chat!


    I've never used Patchy before, so decided to put him in the garden... Barbara was a little freaked out by him.


    Scarlet set up a little kids' club. Two of the members are going to become teens soon, so she'll have to choose new members. Obviously her sisters will want to join later.

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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    edited April 2023
    All At Once, a NEW Erik Cantrell Save has been removed. t this moment in my gameplay, it just doesn't fit. It will be replaced soon, I hope. Not quite to this point in the newer timeline. Thank you for your indulgence. A newly revised Whoopsie! can be found on page 1152 on this thread. :)
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    DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,774 Member
    edited April 2023
    I had my first infant this week, Claudia Caliente. She's a bit controversial.

    See, she's supposedly the daughter of Katrina Caliente, who has green eyes, and Charlotte Munch-Andreas, who has blue eyes.

    Who has brown eyes? That would be Charlotte's brother, Cornelius.

    Cornelius is an evil vampire who used his powers to seduce his sister-in-law last rotation. I'm trying for the Enemies with Benefits relationship status, but so far it's just a small red bar and a full pink one. Cornelius also took over Straud Manor, and killed Victor Feng by causing him to die of embarrassment. Charlotte didn't know about the seduction, but she was bothered by the violence and took her family to Henford-on-Bagley in case he came for them next.

    Charlotte is a good vampire and has the garlic immunity power, so she put up some defenses.
    And they worked! He left soon after I took this shot.

    More about the household under the spoiler:
    In this save I aged down Katrina and her girls. When she and Charlotte married, Nina and Dina were toddlers. They started this rotation in the child stage.
    Dina's not super happy about the move to Henford.

    With a mother who hates to cook, and a stepmother who's a vampire, Dina took on the responsibility of ordering a pizza after school every day to keep the mortal family members alive.

    Nina, their younger sister Carmilla, and Katrina seem to have no complaints.

    Charlotte is a dedicated mother and stepmother.

    She even helps out when she's not feeling well.

    Katrina helps out with the kids, but it doesn't come as naturally to her. She and Dina developed a difficult relationship over a school project.

    They celebrated Harvestfest with a bunch of non-evil vampires. Hopefully they liked turkey.

    Katrina hates to cook, but it was the holiday. Dina is a vegetarian, so she just ate the breadsticks.

    The girls made good progress in their aspirations and got straight As. They also enjoyed some club outings. In this shot Nina and Carmilla are eating at the bar in the bowling alley, looking very confident.
    They're eating mushroom steaks that Katrina grilled because she's not entirely unable to remember that one of her daughters is a vegetarian.

    They all settled in ok, but Katrina couldn't get Cornelius and coffin woohoo out of her mind. And after a couple of clandestine visits, she developed a visible bump.

    Maybe she could convince Charlotte it was hers...

    Charlotte had used the mysterious vampire powers known as CAS settings to enable them to have Carmilla. She didn't remember doing that again recently. How?

    Ah, let's not question it. She loves kids anyway.

    Claudia was born.
    Nina and Dina were a bit upset, but Carmilla was actually happy to meet her new sister.

    And then she aged up.

    Charlotte shows no sign of noticing the eye color thing yet.

    Because the disappearing milestones bug still exists, I just played around with the infant stage for a while, but then aged Claudia up to toddler before I finished with the household for this rotation. Kind of like a little appetizer before I get into the real meat of the new gameplay with households I'll be playing in a few weeks. I hope we have a patch before I get there.
    Nina and Dina also aged up at the end, but I forgot to take pictures.
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    _Gina_Gina Posts: 253 Member
    Oh, that is one interesting family dynamic! Can it be that little Claudia's eyes are not suspicious because of a grandparent? I mean, maybe she has Grandma's eyes or something? :)
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    Bonkmaster wrote: »
    In my game, I drowned a kid because she had the evil trait.

    Wouldn't it have been easier to simply take the family into cas.fulleditmode and change the Trait? Yikes.
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    AlleyKat213AlleyKat213 Posts: 58 Member
    On my werewolves save, I wanted to see what would happen if my sim met Greg, because I didn't get to play with Greg in the entire time I was playing it... Needless to say, Greg fought my sim and I lost....

    On my testrun of my legacy challenge, I'm currently on the second generation... Sam (who eventually turns into grandpa munster) became a young adult, got married, and had a daughter, lily... unfortunately, when lily turned into a child, she lost her mother because she glitched and wasnt able to grab something to eat... idk why im having such a hard time with mothers, but im hoping that lily doesnt die...
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    _Gina wrote: »
    Oh, that is one interesting family dynamic! Can it be that little Claudia's eyes are not suspicious because of a grandparent? I mean, maybe she has Grandma's eyes or something? :)

    It can happen that way. It's called a Throwback. But I do like the dynamics going. Could lead to one heck of a lot of DRAMA.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 3,008 Member
    Cas full edit mode is glitchy right now if your Sims have any extra “self discovery” traits. William and Barbara both have CC freckles that cover their whole bodies rather than just the face, and I’d love to go into full edit mode to give their daughters the freckles. But both William and Barbara have extra traits, so using the full edit mode cheat could well cause issues and that’s not something I want to risk.
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    _Gina_Gina Posts: 253 Member
    Shhh. I know it can happen in real life (though I didn't know the English word for it, thanks for that bit of info! :D). But, you know. Headcanons. Maybe it can't happen in their world?

    Anyway, yep, drama. I wonder if the evil vamp is stronger... perhaps he has the fighting advantage instead of a garlic immunity. >:) ...ooops, there I go again being a little meanie. XD *poofs*
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    DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,774 Member
    @_Gina and @GalacticGal It is true that Cornelius got the brown eyes from their mother so maybe Charlotte will believe that for a while.

    Also here's the link to my previous post on this household, from last June! I took a long break when we couldn't turn wants and fears off, but I was surprised it was that long ago. This has the story of Cornelius's rise to power and his relationship with Katrina.

    Cornelius is naturally stronger than Charlotte because he drinks from other sims, which increases vampire powers. Plasma packs and fruit don't give that boost. But also, he focused on becoming a master vampire and getting the emotional manipulation power as quickly as possible because he wanted to kill people, while Charlotte focused on protective things like garlic immunity. She was also too busy raising toddlers to do much training for a while there. She is training more vigorously now, in case he comes back to threaten her family.
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    LonelyWolfTalesLonelyWolfTales Posts: 44 Member
    edited April 2023
    Ahh, thank you so much! I'm glad you like the backstory :) I love when characters are a mixed bag because it really feels like that's what most humans are like! Glad you liked the plot twist, hehe. I had to play around with the infants!

    Ohh, what a majestic pose on the vampire on the throne. Really makes me want to play around with those but nope, nope, that's not for me so I'll just awe in silence at your wonderful screenshots.

    Eeeek, you made it! I'm so happy, yayayayay. My favourite boy is back! Lets hope this reality goes easy on him, right? :D

    Thank you for commenting on my story! And oh yeah, Owen is very blind. He is having a hard time admitting he cares even about Jack and Ianto, admitting that he cares for Mikkel is impossible even just to himself.

    Ah, got it about Justine! Just another regular day for her where she's being... watched. Creepy :open_mouth: Just an admirer of her art or perhaps something else?

    Saffie and Vivie are pure adorableness <3

    Thank you for the lovely comment <3 Hah, well, perhaps not evil. Even when Ianto does questionable things (like keeping a vampire in the basement, yes), it's always strangely out of being the opposite of evil. But I'm pretty sure he can be rather menacing when someone messes with his loved ones ;) the Venandi's are quite brutal, yeah :heartbreak: And thank you! Mikkel definitely holds the crown for cuteness... for now!

    Wow, what an eventful week for your sim. Partying, cheating, meeting a fake skeleton which really is just a... Cat lover, I suppose? Wonder how that happened, haha. I feel like that's just begging for a backstory about how the cats turned a skeleton human so it would owe them and care for them till the end of their days. A visit to Tartosa, what a wonderful way to end the week! <3

    Congrats on your first infant! <3 Such a shame we can't really enjoy them because of all of the glitches :( Hopefully those get figured out soon. Nevertheless, Claudia is a cutie. And ohh, that eye color moment. Wonder when they all notice—this is definitely asking for some drama!

    Alrighty now, where have we left off!

    Ah yes. Anders.
    Mikkel felt an absolute sensation of feelings running through him as Owen put the child in bed. Owen's feelings—something so incredibly gentle that Owen has never felt for him. Puppy-like excitement—seemed like it belonged to Anders. Confusion, mixed with some strange gloomyness of the inevitable—those feelings were his own.

    Mikkel always got the message that Owen doesn't like children. Or aliens. Apparently there are some children and some aliens he does like.
    "What will Owen do with Anders?"

    "No idea."
    "Come home?"
    "Jack and Ianto are occupied enough with you, don't you think?"

    "Leave Anders here..."

    "Exactly. Leave Anders here and leave Owen here. And you go off home, you're clearly capable of doing that. I have told you my entire life story for no reason whatsoever and now you can do with that information whatever you want. Bye!"

    A sudden knock was heard. Owen frowned.
    "Oh for god's sake, don't tell me—"

    Oh yes.

    "Promise not to kill him? I know what you Torchwood lot is like!"

    "We'll try."

    With a bit of help from Andy, Ianto and Jack are here!

    "Ianto! Jack!"

    "I swear, I didn't steal your little monster, he came here on him own free will..."

    Mikkel was the first thing Jack occupied himself with.

    "Don't you dare ever do that again, son, don't you dare, I don't care how intelligent you are..."
    "Mikkel promises not to, Jack."

    Ianto was occupied with Owen.
    "Lovely place. Very mid-century."

    And this made Jack finally notice Owen too.


    Oh, these two are angry with each other.

    Blood wasn't spilled though: a soft cry made everyone hush.

    "Hey, bud, it's alright, don't cry..."

    A very awkwardly cooing Owen. Not something you see every day.

    That spark of humanity, reminding that once, a long time ago, all he wanted to be was an ordinary person with a family and children.

    The four of them stood there, staring at the baby. No questions asked.

    Then Jack began apologising to Owen for being so bossy around them...

    Owen seemed to be a bit unforgiving at first...

    But Jack was being very convincing...

    So eventually he gave in.

    Mikkel wasn't there to see it: Ianto took him away so Jack and Owen could discuss their problems alone. Did Ianto need to join in? Of course not. He's Ianto. He's the secret genius and knows everything without them.

    "Ianto? Does Anders make Mikkel older sibling?"

    "Does that make Mikkel unhappy?" Ianto smiled a bit, feeling the uncertainty in Mikkel's tone. Mikkel sighed.

    "A bit."

    Happy simming, hehe!
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,259 Member
    The next chapter of Schemes & Dreams is ready. This one is all Rayvn, Judith, the evil monsters Elle and Lilith, and an unlikely ally. They haven't escaped yet, but the ending of this chapter sets up our happy ending in the next one and then I am done with occult storylines in S&D. Unfortunately to get to our happy ending it means a poor random sim doesn't get a happy ending. The poor guy fit the image I felt was perfect for the man who was responsible for bringing Rayvn and Judith to Forgotten Hollow instead of warning them not to go. In order to make an omelet you have to crack a few eggs....

    R.I.P Pat 'Ivan' Sands. I'm sure it was painless...who am I kidding. It probably hurt like heck...or a pain in the neck. (I'll see myself out)

    Schemes And Dreams: Chapter 5
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    _Gina wrote: »
    Shhh. I know it can happen in real life (though I didn't know the English word for it, thanks for that bit of info! :D). But, you know. Headcanons. Maybe it can't happen in their world?

    Anyway, yep, drama. I wonder if the evil vamp is stronger... perhaps he has the fighting advantage instead of a garlic immunity. >:) ...ooops, there I go again being a little meanie. XD *poofs*

    Oopsie. Sorry, wasn't meaning to trample on your story. :open_mouth:
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,082 Member
    @LonelyWolfTales this was a marvelous installment, but I must have missed the prior one. Anders is totally new to me. :open_mouth:
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