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  • hopeymiahcappahopeymiahcappa Posts: 180 Member
    Hi guys I am looking for some help. I am wanting to make a gazebo using the old style pillars. I want to add a lattice roof is that possible? Please help. I know how to do it on a deck but I am not sure if it is possible if I just want to make it in the middle of the yard.

  • leashahamptonleashahampton Posts: 240 Member
    @hopeymiahcappa yip! Just place the short fencing inbetween pillars (on 2nd level) then use the sledgehammer tool to remove the flooring that is created when u place it. You can also use the building trims around the edge to finish it off. I hope that all makes sense (i cant remember all the correct terms) and hopefully ive understood your questiln :)
  • CaramelLibra29CaramelLibra29 Posts: 280 Member
    @coolsim9999999 -Camping and Donuts seems like a GREAT combination :smile: I love the vibrant colors and shape of your campground. Your staff names are awesome too.
  • FaithofKaelaFaithofKaela Posts: 1,738 Member
    Oh wow!! I just checked the results!! Congrats on your wins @Oliana, @Ainsleyf and @coolsim9999999!! And thank you so much for the judges award, that has tickled me pink!! Great new challenge, I wonder if I will get the time to enter??
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    Yay! Finally got mine done. My dream destination is African safari lodge where you can stay and take day trips to photograph and view wildlife. In my imagination, Mopane Lodge was build in the late 19th century as the home of a colonial official. It now stands in a national park/game preserve. It has springs around it so wildlife often comes to drink. It's done as a 5 bedroom residence and can be played as a single family home. As a home over 100 years old and being in Africa, hopefully it has a rustic vibe with many hand woven rugs, handmade furniture and plenty of wildlife pictures and photos to give visitors a glimpse of what they can see. It's comfortable but not ultra modern (it does have washing machines and dryers thanks to laundry day since I don't know anyone who wants to wash clothes with a wash tub anymore. :)) There's a fishing hole, pool, outdoor dining pavilion and plenty of easels and recreational items to keep visitors entertained during the heat of the day when the wildlife is generally resting. There are verandas on all sides of the lodge so there's always a place to relax and watch a sunrise, sunset or African vistas.

    And if anyone is wondering why I got the African Safari bug, there's this video:

    QC Challenge no. 57
    Origin ID: lsnishi
    Novice Builder: No
    Original Lot used: Rippling Flats in Newcrest
    Gallery Name: Where the Wild Things Are
    Gallery Link:https://www.ea.com/en-au/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/83753CB1FC7A11E7843F4C4F02C5D395

    Notes: ALL the wildlife photos and paintings in the build were downloaded from the gallery. Credit goes to nat052970 for the photos and to nat052970, NatJoPau, doertespieler, Charantea, surfchiccreation and blake27nov for the wildlife paintings. I have hashtagged them and credited them on my gallery lot notes.
    First floor:
    Second floor:
    Visitors waiting to check in at the reception desk:
    One of the rooms:
    Backyard fishing hole and campfire area:

    Edited to provide new link to new lot with washer placement error corrected. :)
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 138,207 Member
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    Where the Wild Things Are is a very creatively designed African Lodge ! @lsnishi :) Very nice design of the exterior of the Lodge, and the outdoors areas look very great! The curtained gazebo type outdoors dining and bar area looks so very nice! The lilypades water around the edges of the gazebo patio and the flowers on the edges of the water looks very pretty! Very nice rock waterfall pond! The flowers look very pretty on the edges of the water there also. Sims will enjoy sitting resting beside the pond on the camping seats in the sunshine. The wraparound porch looks very nice. Very nice layout of the interior of the Lodge! The Reception desk area is great! The African pictures are a nice touch on the walls in the lodge. Very nice games nook for visitors to enjoy playing the llama table top game, darts or foosball. The zebra pictures on the bedroom walls look great! Very nice backyard areas! The rock water feature looks great! The giraffes look great there! Sims will enjoy sitting on the camping seats around the firepit toasting food and keeping warm. They will enjoy fishing in the pond.
    It is a very special African Lodge build! :)
  • lsnishilsnishi Posts: 1,580 Member
    Thank you for your wonderful comments @rosemow. I hate roughing it, so if I get to go on an African safari, it'll be to a lodge or glamping (glamour camping). I hope to go someday....
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    Oops --- wrong thread....lol :o!

  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 2,398 Member
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    @CaramelLibra29 --- I really like your vacation destination, as well as the screenshot of the Sims meditating and the collage :D! Thank you for your nice comment regarding my camping vacation build :)!

    Everyone's dream vacation builds look amazing B)!

  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    Thanks for all the congrats guys!! So many kind and lovely people on this thread! Congrats to @oliana on the fav and thanks so much @cbear13 for the wonderful pics and borders!

    @coolsim9999999 - Camping and donuts..OMG how awesome is that??? Love it! Love the pink donuts with chocolate sprinkles look to the builds! So much fun!! Fun staff as well!!
    @caramellibra29 - It's stunning! You did an amazing job! And, your staff is like, perfect! Love it!
    @lsnishi - It's fantastic! What a lovely lodge - the water features are just wonderful as is everything else about it!
  • lsnishilsnishi Posts: 1,580 Member
    Thanks @Ainsleyf; your build made me want to book a trip to Ireland! (I have wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland for a loooong time). Very cool and scenic looking buildings and street. :smiley:
  • OlianaOliana Posts: 129 Member
    Thank You for all the Maxis fav grats :)
    I so wish I had had the time to build a vacation place because the entries so far have been so good, and inspirational, I've got all these ideas and no time to build ugh!
  • StangMix2StangMix2 Posts: 232 Member
    Entry Form
    QC challenge no: 57
    Origin ID: StangMix (New account! I lost the account that was stangmix2 :( EAHelp deleted the wrong one (by mistake I'm sure) when merging two origin accounts, so I no longer have access to it..)
    Are you a novice builder: No
    Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced or Unofficial level: not required this challenge
    Original Lot used: Pier Palace, Windenburg
    Gallery Name: Island Vacation Spot
    Gallery Link: https://goo.gl/LY5gfD
    Notes about entry: Just made it before the deadline, phew! I have a lot of 'Rockin' Coffee Table' and 'The Impenetrable End Table' sticking into each other to try to get a "natural" looking rock for my waterfall pools. I also have some trees, bushes and flowers sticking into the rock, it's my experience that green things will crack even the hardest rock to live. I also have some of the deco items and lights sticking into shelves and the trim on the half wall because the other choice was to have them float above them.
    Come find me on Twitter: stangmix2 - Origin ID: StangMix
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 138,207 Member
    Island Vacation Spot is very creatively designed! @StangMix2 :) Very nice layout of the build! The large rocks, water river and ppol, anchor and the rock waterfalls looks great! The stepping stones pathways are a nice touch. Very nice outdoors sitting area for sims to enjoy relaxing on the loungers under the umbrella . Very nice hot tub nook under the upper patio! Sims will enjoy relaxing in the tub. The wall of candles is calming for sims to see when there. It is nice that that there is a meditation stool and yoga mat for sims to restfully do yoga and meditate, Very nice design of the exterior of the building! The roofing looks great! Sims will enjoy painting on the easel in the sunshine. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the building! The colour scheme is very calming. Nice sitting nook area for sims to enjoy resting in the wicker chairs, watching tv., listening to music and reading a book.The candles are pretty on the half wall dividing off the kitchen. The kitchen themed items and plants are a nice touch on the wall shelves.
    It is a very nice Islland vacation build! :)
  • StangMix2StangMix2 Posts: 232 Member
    Thank you so much @rosemow :)
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  • emereemere Posts: 905 Member

    Hi @Cbear13 I'm happy to enter at the last minute, this week was crazy: a water pipe broke and ruined my bedroom :/ the wall plaster fell from one side and all is chaos. But it was not that bad, I empty the room really fast so I saved the books from that room and there was no damage to furniture or electrical installation. I had planned to renovate my room this year, now the water has literally pushed me :D

    For this challenge I choose Alberobello, Italy where you can find the "trulli" really whimsical houses <3 I wanted a place to relax and read and work in peace (lol I like to work at holidays). I love pools, flowers and terraces. I always find it hard to build something real. I wanted to work more in this house, but I only found time to tested today. I have many issues with those roofs :| Feedback is welcome: how would you have made the roof? The exterior walls? But I love the indoors decor as I did it according to my taste :# My fav is the study, I want that view in RL Here is a picture of Alberobello:


    QC challenge no: 57
    Origin ID: osiazul
    Are you a novice builder: no
    Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced or Unofficial level: not required this challenge
    Original Lot used (lot name and town): Dashshund's Creek at Bridleton Bay
    Gallery Name: "Trulli" Retreat
    Gallery Link: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/8616A9C2FD5211E7873833263BC3CA0F
    Notes about entry: as this was a fun challenge I used many flowers at the walls that are sticking at the windows :s I love green walls and vines in the windows <3 but it is not easy to do them at sims4 (for this challenges) ;)
    Images (3-6 max): (please post 1 street view photo)
  • leashahamptonleashahampton Posts: 240 Member
    Such awesome entries guys! Inspiration struck me too late with this challenge, So i couldn't get it finished in time! but i wanted to share what i did get done. My inspiration was a Bali holiday

  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    @stangmix - it's really lovely. Your waterfall and landscaping work is wonderful, as is the stilt house and the interior is just charming!! Love it!
    @emere - it's beautiful! What a great build. I think you did a great job with the rooves. Magical place!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 138,207 Member
    I am so sorry that the water pipe broke and damaged your bedroom! @emere :( That isn’t very good at all! It would have given you a shock when it occured, I hope that you can get the room fixed up as soon as possible. Sending hugs to you <3
    Trulli Retreat is very creatively designed and built! :) The exterior of the building looks so very nice! Very nice design of the roofing! You have reflected well your inspiration Alberobello in Italy! The greenery is a very nice touch on the exterior walls. Very nice back patio area! Sims will enjoy swimming in the pool, and cooking meals on the grill to eat at the table in the outdoors air. Very nice light filled study room! Sims will enjoy looking out at the outdoors views whilst sitting at the desk table using the computer, or enjoy reading a book in the armchair. The candles and rose on the table and desk are calming and pretty. Very nice furnishing of the bedroom! The blue colour scheme looks calming. The leadlighting lamps look pretty on the bedside tables. Very nice homely dining room! The alcove with the curtains, fruit bowl and wall shelves, the cattle placed in a vertical row on the wall, and the teapots cabinet, add a very nice look to the room. It looks great the way the dining table is angled, and the type of dining chairs used looks very nice. Very nice armchairs and sofa fireplace sitting area for the family to relax and watch tv together near the fire and have a chat.The lighthouse model is a nice touch in the room and the grandfather clock is homely.
    It is a very nice dream build! :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 138,207 Member
    Your Balinese themed WIP is looking very nice! @leashahampton :) Very nice layout of the build! The large pool is great, and the water fountains look very pretty on the edges of the pool patio fencing! The bathing room looks nice with the restful looking bamboo wall beside the tub.
    It is looking great! :)
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 2,398 Member
    edited January 20
    @emere --- I'm sorry to hear that your water pipe broke in your bedroom, as well. I hope the renovation goes well. I just went through that situation, too.
    Great vacation destination!

  • librashaylibrashay Posts: 47 Member
    QC challenge no: 57
    Origin ID: taylor0425
    Are you a novice builder: yes
    Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced or Unofficial level: not required this challenge
    Original Lot used (lot name and town): Arid Ridge, Oasis Springs
    Gallery Name: Hidden Garden Resort
    Gallery Link: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/565B8314FCD911E784912EE48FE21983?category=all&searchtype=hashtag&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=librashay&max=50&maxis=false
    Notes about entry: Sorry I missed the Deadline.This is my 2nd Challenge but 1st Build Challenge. I had a BLAST making my dream, romantic vacation :)
    Images (3-6 max): (please post 1 street view photo)
    Night View
    Front Entrance
    Garden View
    Romantic Suite
    The Woohoo and Meditation Garden
    Romantic Dinning Area with Piano Accompaniment
  • librashaylibrashay Posts: 47 Member
    QC challenge no: 57
    Origin ID: taylor0425
    Sims Gallery Name: Love and Away
    Gallery Link: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/61A8A2B9FCDA11E785C52EE48FE21983?category=all&searchtype=hashtag&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=librashay&max=50&maxis=false
    Staff Description: The Staff that works at the Hidden Garden Resort includes a chef, 2 masseuse, 2 wait staff and a loving couple on vacation.
    Images (1-2 images):
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 138,207 Member
    Hidden Garden Resort is a very special dream vacation build! @librashay :) Very nice design of the different areas of the resort The layout of the build looks great! The night time pictures of the Resort looks pretty! The lantern lights look very nice either sides in the front entrance area, and the archway entrance is a nice touch. The garden area is very pretty! The lilypads pond, water fountains, and the rocks and flowers on the edges of the water look very nice! Very nice red and white colour scheme of the master suite. The type of curtains used and the alternating colours look very nice! Very nice outdoors meditation nook. It looks nice that the walls of calming candles have been placed there to create the nook. The elephant water fountain is very nice for sims to look at as they are quietly meditating on the meditation stools. Very nice outdoors dining area! Sims will enjoy eating meals there in the outdoors air, as they are listening to the piano being played. Sims will like having a relaxing massage on the tables in the massage nook. They will have fun dancing to the dj booth music on the dance floor tiling!
    It is nice that your sims household that you created are staff members and a couple in vacation. The outfits that they are wearing look very nice.
    Sims will enjoy visiting the Resort! :)
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