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Windows 10 and Sims 2?



  • AssimuloAssimulo Posts: 1,321 Member
    This is just a wild idea, don't take it for granted, but if it doesn't work on your windows 10 machine, would it be viable to play it on a virtual machine of an earlier version of windows? I wouldn't know, I haven't tried, but it's an idea.
  • CandydCandyd Posts: 1,261 Member
    I find that TS2 runs great on Windows 10. Applications causing a beep before they crash, that sounds more like a hardware problem than a software issue IMHO... Every time I had that kind of noise, there was a problem with hardware.
  • momboqueenmomboqueen Posts: 1,721 Member
    When I switched to Windows 10 I had to use the graphics rule maker and put it in compatability mode for Windows 7. Different people have had different experiences.
  • basslinewildbasslinewild Posts: 268 Member
    I play Sims 2 on Windows 10 just fine. I just had to download a graphics mod to make it look halfway decent.
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  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    I can't get cc to show up in sims2. I'm playing sims2 ultimate collection. other than that is runs good on my pc with windows 10 :)

    Go over to modthesims and get Cep and Simpe- otherwise CC will not work in Sims 2.

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  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    windweaver wrote: »
    mtwtfss71 wrote: »
    I don't know where else to post this question (will move it if someone knows another spot).
    Will Sims 2 play on Windows 10?

    Yes, it works on my computer with windows 10. Your graphics card may be another story. But someone clever came up with an app called Graphics Rule Maker. You'll know if you need it. Your Sim's shadow will be a black box.

    You can also just run lighting on medium and the black box will go away.

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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  • canitbemancanitbeman Posts: 392 Member
    The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition works fine for me on Windows 10 (with the graphicsrule tweak). Also, You probably should of posted this in the Sims 2 General Discussion board.
  • LadyTachunkaLadyTachunka Posts: 1,451 Member
    mine works like a charm better then on my old computer
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  • ChristianSimFanChristianSimFan Posts: 546 Member
    I play all 4 on win10
  • pookysimsloverpookysimslover Posts: 337 Member
    edited October 2017
    I just had my original disk's, from when the games came out, and they don't even work on my Windows 8 computer! I can install the base game only, it won't install any of the others! So I can only play it!

    I actually came on here to ask if anyone else would like it if EA would put out a The Sims 2 complete collection for download on Origin! Then I found this!

    I think if they did, and I downloaded straight from them, it would work then, so I wish they would! I know it would be pricey, but I would get it one way or another,lol! I love The Sims 2, and miss playing it!

    I only play Sims games, I'm not big into any other types, so the only games I really play is Sims 3 and Sims 4, mostly Sims 4 now though! So it would be nice to be able to play The Sims 2 or for that matter the Sims one even!

    I am thinking of buying a used laptop with Windows XP on it, so I can play The Sims and The Sims 2 on it! Win XP was what I had on my desktop pc, but then the motherboard blew on me, and I got a new motherboard, and windows 8 for it!

    But I would love it if EA would just put the others on Origin as a download for us, so we can play them on our newer PC's!

    Okay just realized it's called The Sims 2 ultimate edition, not collection! And it's the one they gave away on Origin a few years ago, but I missed! And now can't get!
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  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,410 Member
    edited October 2017
    I play my CDs (no UC) in windows 10 creative fall update.
    If you need some help I asked stuff here in the forum that really helped me out .
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  • kirby0511kirby0511 Posts: 3 New Member
    > @winterloc said:
    > Rukola_Schaaf,
    > Yes I have. I also gave it the admin permission but nothing is working. Still a total black screen with a big mouse pointer. When I think of this It tells me video problem. For some reason I do not think my video driver is compatible with my sims games Plus when looking in to the programs it is all stated unknown or not available. That is just checking on the start all apps button. The whole list. Including the registration icons.
    > Thanks for posting everyone.
    > ErnesaT what problem are you having same as mine? No picture but plenty of music and the big old mouse pointer?
    > Thanks for posting
    > Your Simmy friend,
    > Winterloc
    > Just to Edit this I am having the same problem with both play by disk and the Ultimate collection. Same black screen and music playing and big old mouse pointer.

    I'm actually getting this same exact problem when I try to play The Sims Life Stories (just found my disc last week and it installed on Windows 10 fine.) Have you found anything about it? It shows "The Sims Life Stories" for a second when booting, then it just goes to a blank screen with all of the music playing and a stylized mouse cursor. If I hit control, alt, delete, the music changes like if I skipped the opening cutscene. It's so strange!
  • abenaki1972abenaki1972 Posts: 46 Member
    Yes The Sims 2 work in Windows 10
  • theFellatheFella Posts: 297 Member
    I use a disk copy of The Sims 2 Deluxe on Windows 10 and it works fine.
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