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    Dior: I’m a Straud, therefor mystery is my right hand man, and I revel with it proudly.
    To tell you the secrets of my past and current life, would be to betray that which makes me so appealing, and we can’t be having that.

    The truth is, mystery is seductive, and that’s what I’m all about. It makes you interesting and intoxicating. Do you ever wonder why the good girl gets with the bad boy? It’s because he is different then what she expects in her life of being a goody two shoes, and he offers excitement in the form of the unknown. He is mysterious. If you remove that, he looses his spark, because he is utterly guessable and basic, so the girl therefor looses interest.

    So my secrets will be my own, thank you very much.
    I know this doesn’t exactly answer the question, but that’s just how Dior is….somehow making the conversation about attraction per usual.

    Ever had a celebrity crush?
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    Danielle: It's more than a crush. She's my girlfriend, my best friend, and my soulmate. It's the pure love of two people who know each other like they know themselves and are absolutely sure fate has brought them together because they were meant for each other. Technically, Londyn isn't a celebrity yet, but she is so amazingly talented it's only a matter of time. She just finished her first acting gig and was totally electrifying. She did such a good job of pitching Salty Suds Detergent, the Director and half the film crew immediately ran out of the studio as soon as filming wrapped because they were compelled to buy some, that's how good she was!

    How are things going for you at work?
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    Hadley: Mom and Dad are both level-10 in their jobs, and my brother and I celebrated our birthday!
    Where would you take your family for a summer vacation. Dad's been talking about Sulani, but I don't know.

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