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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,080 Member
    edited April 7

    Thank you for the comments, I try to follow the plot of the movie
    as much as I'm able to within the sims, that scene happens I just altered it a bit to fit
    The sims. I could not set the entire scene as it goes in the film


    he finds it odd as to why she has removed all the chairs.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,407 Member
    @emorrill and @Brandontaylor Yes the condition is getting worse :(

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,407 Member
    I thought that I would try to get Amy and Katie to blow a kiss to see how they looked. They are with their future boyfriends but I have hidden them for now! :D





  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,140 Member
    Episode 29 of Perfect Genetics Challenge is now on YouTube.

    In this episode 3 more imaginary friends are made real. Alien baby Mary ages up to toddler and plays with her brother, Martin. Then Martin ages up and the little boys go fishing at the big waterfall. We see some spectacular alien abductions. More recipes are read. Pets play together.

    I hope you enjoy it and are able to watch.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,140 Member
    @bekkasan thanks for the info on GoHere. I don't think I've noticed issues with the things you mentioned. That's probably why I've never noticed any changes to my game when I have it in my game or out of my game. Then only thing I notice is if my plant sims have flower trails or not.

    The next video is now up to be watched. It took me all week. It was a bit of a battle for me to do. I'm going to try to spend some time outdoors today and I haven't done any painting or drawing for a few weeks now - maybe I should do a bit of that today too. But first I'm going to open up my game and do some work on the next video. Couldn't fit it all into this one so I have some left over activities already recorded and lots more to record today.

    Happy Simming
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 910 Member
    edited April 7
    Hello to all of you :smile: ! I hope everyone is doing well. I was playing some Cities: Skylines and then trying to do some troubleshooting that involved lots and lots of loading screens :unamused: . Comments will have to wait for the time being, although I have to answer this:

    @emorrill Oh, I'm sorry, I really didn't intend to skip over you. I thought I had written something, but I can't see anything, either, so I guess I must have imagined that :/ .
    That was a wonderfully written update again. The plot thickens. I guess they realize they are in a sim game after all. Let's hope we aren't either :wink: . :lol: about Elliot being the oldest.

    @bekkasan Only short: Your fairy king is such a wonderful great granddaddy. Those are all very beautiful pictures. Love them :smile: .

    Lucas dancing with his mom who showed up as tourist at the base camp in Shang Simla.

    I guess the point that the dancers never look at each other makes these scenes look so chill.
    His mom as explorer
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,370 Member
    edited April 7
    Today has not been my day.
    Work sent me home early because I was coughing and
    sneezing...and I tried telling them I'm not sick, but because
    I work with food...:/ I wish this virus would go away.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,436 Member
    @king_of_simcity7 Gosh I'm so sorry to hear that. :cry: I prayed for him yesterday and will add him again in my prayers tonight. 🙏
    I heard Prince Charles recovered, is that right? That's a good thing. 👍 I hope the Queen doesn't catch it...
    But yeah a lot of it depends on the person's age and health. This virus su'cks! :pensive:

    @Turjan You're okay. :blush: I've totally imagined I wrote comments out to someone and it turns out I didn't (right @Silverofdreams30 and @bekkasan :p I feel SO bad when that happens! :cry: )
    I'm glad you enjoyed the recent update. :)
    :lol: about Elliot being the oldest.
    ^Hey you caught that! :smiley: Good job! :star:


  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 910 Member
    edited April 8
    @emorrill Heh, I actually read the posts, even if I often don't comment much :wink: . I hope I get my main game fixed up soon.

    One thing I should probably mention what happened: the first time since I've started playing this game and outside of the scripted event in OL's dystopian version, I had some big meteor come down. I was that excited and trying hard to save the household (can't you go any faster?) that I forgot to take an image of the impact. Anyway, only Hesper didn't make it far enough and got singed, which meant she had the task to collect the debris. Then I remembered to take at least one not so exciting pic.
    Looks like the vegetation is fire-proof - unlike the cinder blocks used for splitting boards.

    Post edited by Turjan on
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,370 Member
    Kimberly: Oh hi! I hope I didn't miss any pages, busy cleaning.
    Ray: You're okay, I actually wanted your advice on something.
    Kimberly: Oh really? What?

    Ray pulled out his phone and let kimberly read a text message:

    Dear Ray, I think you're swell, and we should get together.Meet me at the Olive
    Tree Cafe tonight.

    Kimberly: Aww, you have a secrete admirer! That's so cute.
    Ray: I suppose so...
    Kimberly: You don't sound too thrilled? Wouldn't you like to meet
    someone special?
    Ray: Of course, but I don't need a text message to meet her.
    Kimberly: Aww, I think you should go meet her?
    Ray: You approve of this?
    Kimberly: Absolutely! I think its adorable! Who knows? You two might
    hit it off.
    Ray: I guess, I could give it a try.

    Ray: Any idea who it might be?
    He looked Kimberly over.
    Kimberly: Its not me, so you can stop thinking that.I
    don't do secrete admirers.
    Ray: You just said you thought it was cute?
    Kimberly: I do! When its other people...Me, I don't send texts like that.
    If I like someone I just grab them and say "Hey you, I like you."
    Ray: I think you're great to.
    Kimberly:No., I mean...I didn't mean it like that.Just got meet your
    dream girl.
    Ray: I don't think I need to go anywhere to meet her.
    Kimberly: Yes, you the cafe.Now off you go, I got cleaning to do.
    Ray: Ugh, fine.You're so bossy.

    Morgan: Ray Manchester...long time no see.
    Ray: Morgan? Is that you? You're my secrete admirer.
    Morgan: Always have been.I miss working along side you.
    Ray: That ended a long time ago Morgan.
    Morgan: I heard, got yourself a new favorite.But that's not
    why I'm here, I was hoping to reconcile.Can we at least have
    Ray: Well, I suppose dessert won't hurt...

    Part 2 later.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,370 Member
    Morgan: So this new partner of yours..what's she like.
    Ray: Oh're not getting any information from me about her.
    Morgan: pity, just curious if she was a good sidekick.
    Ray: She's great.That's all I'm saying.

    Hmm, how to get him to blab about that girl.Lure him home first.

    Ray: You live all the way out here?
    Morgan: I like my solitude.
    Ray: I can see that.

    Ray: This doesn't seem normal.
    Morgan: Neither is firing me...just to hire a new sidekick, Captain Man.
    Ray: You were not a good partner, and you know it! And our alliance is done.
    Morgan: Not until you tell me where that new partner of yours is.

    Ray: I won't tell you anything, Morgan.
    Morgan: Oh, yes you will, Dear Captain Man.I have my ways.

    Morgan: Now, what was her name again?
    Ray: Kimberly...ugh, Morgan stop it.
    Morgan: Perfect...And she lives..???
    Ray: Outskirts of Fairview....

    Morgan: Thank you.That's all I needed....Now, to make sure you
    don't run to warn her....

    Morgan pushed him into a small room, binding him so he couldn't move.
    Morgan: I'm off to meet this young lady.
    Ray: Leave her alone, Morgan.Its between you and I.
    Morgan: She took my job...Its between her and I.

    Ray: Morgan!!!!....

    Kimberly: Text from ray "Meet me at the Carousel...I have something
    to say." Um, okay...guess I could go out for a bit.
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,832 Member

    Dewey seemed to be gaining weight and Lillie kept teaseing him and said that he needed to do more exercise.
    img[img]https:/ But one night Lillie was taken up, the aliens explained what had happen to Dewey and needed to know if she would keep the baby, Ellie said how could that happen. They explained it all. Lillie thought about the baby that was coming and said yes we will keep the baby and raise it like my own. Lillie did not tell Dewey that she knew.[/img]bq7D2Cw.jpg
    It was not long after that Asha was born
    Lillie accepted her like she was her own
    They loved her dearly and she seemed to take it all in
    You didn't tell me How could you.
    I didn't know what to tell you, it was all so strange. forgive me.
    The Aliens took me one night and told me because they wanted to know If we would keep the baby, How could I say no.
    I'm sorry honey, I got you into all this. Maybe someday we will be back on Earth. But for now we have a beautiful little daughter Asha
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,099 Member
    edited April 8
    Since my computer is no longer worth repairing I’m spending time on mobile games. ~sigh~

    So I’m still playing SimCity BuildIt instead of what I want to play (Sims 3) and these Sims never stop whining.

    “Mr. Mayor, the roads stink - upgrade those roads; why are there no schools, police, fire departments, or entertainmemt? Why aren’t you building on the beach? Blah blah blah blah blah!!!”



    It was time to teach these miserable sims a lesson they wouldn’t forget.


    That exciting enough for ya?!! Teach you little miserable complainers to whine at me all the time. How you likethat, huh?!!!

    That’ll teach y’all to complain. Take that, you miserable Sims!
    Any of you digging out from rubble might think twice about complaining now, huh?

    And it’s no different in Sims 3 too.

    Yeah. University got pummeled.

    To the newcomers; this is how you recognize a Nikkei_Simmer Sims 3 game. Plenty of stuff blowing up intentionally. 🤣🤪

    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,140 Member
    I've been playing with Donna today. She's got her LTW. She's mastered Science and Sculpting. I've got her making ice sculptures at the moment.

    She had a wish to do a gene splicing experiment. She got a forbidden fruit. She made it bloom. She picked a baby girl. Now she will have two plant sims with her when she meets Gary. Lucky she's going to be rich. She has a fair bit of stuff plus over 500,000 simoleans so I think I'll build her a nice house all set up beautifully and move Gary into it with her and the plant sims and see what happens. Gary's not ready for that yet though. I better go play Gary's game for a while to help get him ready.

    On another note, I moved a lot of my art supplies into my tent. It was a perfect solution. I haven't been into it for a few months. Just got into it. We had weeks of rain here earlier this year. Some water got in from the floor up - some of my expensive art paper got ruined. Not happy. But a lot of what I've looked at so far is still good. At least I've now got some large solid plastic crates to move things into now and have started doing that but need to let the tent stay open to get fresh air into it. Don't want to be breathing in all that mould. Problem it's not really stopped raining yet so can't leave it open without supervision.

    Back onto Perfect Genetics.

    Happy Simming all.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,407 Member
    @emorrill Thanks Charles has recovered and I have heard that Johnson’s temperature has dropped so might be a good sign I hope. It felt very weird the other night after that announcement :(
  • CororonCororon Posts: 3,029 Member
    @Evalen Seeing the pic of him holding the green baby made me almost choke on my own saliva. I coughed for a good minute. (I saw one of those "that's not my baby" sketches on Youtube not long ago). :lol: Sorry, I know it wasn't meant to be funny!
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,080 Member

    Im sorry to hear about your computer, that
    is no fun at all.


    Heh, happens to everyone.


    Great udpate


    Great updates
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,832 Member
    Cororon wrote: »
    @Evalen Seeing the pic of him holding the green baby made me almost choke on my own saliva. I coughed for a good minute. (I saw one of those "that's not my baby" sketches on Youtube not long ago). :lol: Sorry, I know it wasn't meant to be funny!

    @Cororon You gave me a good laugh, but they still love her.
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,832 Member

    Life went on an Asha was now a toddler, she loved playing with her doll a neightbor game her
    Time went by so fast that is seems like Asha was a little girl before they knew it. Dewey decied to all goto the park
    But while they were at the park a terriable thing happen, their house was on fire
    their whole hose went up in smoke, there was nothing left
    They did not know what to do. There was only one vacant house left for them. They said it was owned by the Traveler, But he disappeared and never returned. So the Dexters moved it to the odd house that the Traveler had owned. It was not what they expected.
    But a strange thing happen after they got ready for bed There in the corner of the strange house was
    Dewery and Lillie talked about going back in the Portal, they were not sure if they would make it back to Earth but they had to try.
    They all went to the Portal, and one by one they got in First Dewey, then Asha, then Lillie
    And then they were gone

  • MKSizzleMKSizzle Posts: 552 Member
    Hey you guys!! It was a long time coming, and I know I hinted a while back, that I was going to be getting anew computer and was going to finally be able to play the Sims 3! After months of trials and tribulations, that moment had finally come. Not only did I want to get back to my game, but I was just aching to get back to my legacy family. I am willing to admit that I was -obsessed- just a smidgen attached. Ha! Anyway, I couldn't be more excited to make this post.

    Now I know I usually go through and comment on everyone else's posts, and I promise to get back into that. For now, I want to just reintroduce my family. I gotta say, though, it was strange going back into it after all this time. I got out of the habit of gameplay and was hesitant to even go into Live mode. Lol. It took me a little while to get the hang of it. That being said, it was a semi-short session. Not much happened and I decided to give some of them all makeovers.

    So just to refresh, this is the Palmer family. 3rd generation.(Well the kids are 4th? I think? How does that work exactly? The founder of a legacy family is Gen 1 right? So I guess if that is the case, then the kids here are Gen 4) Anyway, sorry... The parents are Ben and Ashley, and their children are Ian, Sebastian, Colin, and Adelyn.


    The last thing that happened in my game before I had to stop playing was Adelyn aging up to teenager. Well, lots more was going on, I'm sure lol. I took a handful of pictures, but I missed Ian because he had his after school activity and then went to his grocery store job so he wasn't really around. Adelyn and Colin came home from school and got straight to their homework.



    Ashley wanted to be more muscular, so she was pumping some iron.


    Before she went to work, she saw Adelyn and Ben playing video games, and she joined in. Ashley was never really a gamer like the rest of her family, so she was a little rusty.


    When Sebastian got home, Ashley was just leaving for work, so he took her place in the game.


    So that's pretty much it. As you can see, I gave Sebastian and makeover. I mean, he is getting older and he has been rocking the same look since....he was a child. Literally lol has had the same haircut. I am pretty excited about his new look. Like I mentioned before, Ian wasn't really home, but I did make him over as well. I will get a picture of him next time. He is also rocking some facial hair. =) I got the notification that Ian is going to be having his Reward Ceremony soon which means sniff he is going to be aging up very very soon.

    Thanks for reading and I'll be back!
    The Palmer Legacy -- Generation 1

    It all started with Zack & Blair....

  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 2,345 Member
    edited April 8
    Feedback coming later. I was going to do it yesterday but it was 80F and it was too hot to do much. I didn’t even play due to the heat. Now a cold front is coming through so that should be some relief at least, although the heat and cold fronts going to cause severe weather today.

    For game news, the day I did play, a lot of drama played out. Still waiting on my internet kit to come but I’ll share the drama once I do get it hooked up. Let’s just say Melanie is the star of that drama.
    Ava Sinclair Prequel in progress
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,370 Member
    edited April 8
    I will do feedback when I get off from work.

    Ray: "I have to get to her.." Ray struggled trying to find way to
    break free.

    Morgan: Hello, Kimberly.
    Kimberly: Do I know you?
    Morgan: No, but I know you, you're Captain Man's pretty little
    Kimberly: Wait...How did?
    Morgan: Don't trust him, Kimberly.He's using you.He'll train you well
    enough, the fire you like he did to me.
    Kimberly; You're lying.

    Morgan: I was suppose to be with him, not you!
    Kimberly: If this is some weird scheme, because you want a relationship
    with him, you don't have to worry about me...There's no relationship between
    he and I.I'm strictly working for him, that is all.
    Morgan: That may be true, but I have a sense he doesn't see it that way.And
    I can't take my chances.

    Kimberly: I can sense we can't settle this like adults,so I guess
    its the hard way.
    Morgan: So be it, I can easily dispose of you.

    Kimberly: What was that about being able to easily dispose of me?
    Morgan: Ugh...I thought you were a sidekick?
    Kimberly: I am a sidekick!

    Meanwhile, back at Morgan's lair, Ray managed to use his strength
    to break free.Now he just had to find Morgan.

    Ray: Morgan, don't hurt her.I told you, its not between you and her,
    its you and me.
    Morgan: She's in my way...
    Kimberly: I told you, I have nothing to do with it.There's nothing between
    he and I...what he does or doesn't do with you, is his choice...not mine..
    Ray: Uh...awkward, but okay.Morgan, you will not threaten me or my friends
    Morgan: I will go for now...but I know you Ray, and I know what you're capable
    of.She doesn't.

    Ray: I'm sorry, you got mixed up in that mess.Are you okay?
    Kimberly: Its alright, and yes I'm fine.How about you?
    Ray: I'm fine...just glad you're okay...And worried that it might
    not be the end of her...
    Kimberly: I'll help if I can.
    Ray: I know you will.
    Kimberly: Well, now that part of my day is over...I should go home..
    I kind of up and left my sister in the middle of dinner.

    Ray smiled back at Kimberly, thankful to have her as his partner

    Kimberly: Good night.
    Ray: Right...good night.

  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,832 Member
    I am enjoying everyones post. this game is awesome, so many ways to play, It amazes me, what the sims can do. How everyone can play the way they like, Have fun with your sims.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,407 Member
    Some good news from the Johnson according to some sources :smile:

    This might be a bit cheeky to ask but is everyone enjoying lockdown? I actually am at the moment as my stress levels are none existent even though I have not seen anyone for nearly two weeks now. I speak to my parents on the phone and they are talking to other family members and it is refreshing to hear that everyone is ok but I don't mind being by myself :smile:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,436 Member
    Hey friends. :smiley: I'm in a happy mood!

    Why? Because I finally finished up writing Chapter 5 of my Stardew Valley Story and can't WAIT to share it with y'all this evening! :mrgreen: I also feel so blessed to have the mental ability to write again. 🙏 The events I've been looking forward to writing are about to come to pass. :blush: It's gonna get intense from here on out folks. :grin:

    In the meantime, while I prepare this update (I am hoping I won't have to split it into two posts, but it's possible...) I wanted to share a few random pictures with you. :)

    Let's start this off by showing off the eye candy that is Alex, shirtless. :love:@bekkasan @Silverofdreams30


    And to those of you who also consider Harvey eye candy (like myself, though I'd prefer him without the mustache :smirk: ) here's one of him relaxing in the hot tub (wearing a shirt. :lol: ) when it's not bubbling and you can catch a glimpse of his lovely chest. :love:


    Here's a cute pic of him and Penny flirting that I couldn't find a way to incorporate into the story. (You'll see why in this next update. That's not something to worry about I assure you. ;) )


    When I was gathering more pictures for this chapter I was trying to pause in a certain spot and when I did, I turned the camera onto the guys and THIS is what I saw. :lol:


    I busted out laughing! :joy:
    They're giving me the death stare and probably thinking, "we're tired of your constant pausing...let us DRIVE!" :angry:

    Lastly, the beautiful hills of Appaloosa Plains. <3


    That's it for now my friends. :) I hope y'all are staying safe and Happy Simming!
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