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What does the Gallery do for you?



  • TruthspeakerTruthspeaker Posts: 1 New Member
    [quote="Zvitatzki;c-13302530"]but it still make no sense to present our sim in beatiful clothes skin and body when other can do nothing not even use it via the community since the galery does not transfer our used CC

    this must change if we can share our creation the downloader shall receive the used CC too[/quote]

    As much as I wish this was possible, I think it hurts CC creators and doesn't make sense with how CC works. To get CC, you must download and then place into your mods folder for sims, give or take a few steps. So your game cant use it, process it, or make sense of the file/code because you don't have it on your computer. Thats why you cant see stuff from other packs if you don't own them and have them downloaded into your game. So if they made it possible for CC to be put in the game without download, it could allow people access to packs they don't own, causing trouble for the sims team and EA (not that I support their capitalistic cash grabs).

    However, more important that EA, or ourselves for that matter, is CC creators. They would not get the recognition they deserve, the possibility for them to receive any donations or ”cups of coffee” as they sometimes put. This would not only be just rude to do to them, but it would push CC creators to privatize their CC and charge for it, which would suck because I am sure most people in this thread know the importance of CC. You literally cant stop using it once you start because of how much it improves your game. So lets try to be fair to them. I think if people post CC to they gallery, they should be required to place links so that others may download the content. It would help CC creators, CC users, and gallery users.
  • xtwiliightxtwiliight Posts: 3 New Member
    > @Emily_Comry010308 said:
    > I can’t use a gallery I am I console player and I wish sims would allow console players to use live mode on their consoles to use the gallery. I am very limited in library things and I am forced to confine to just the library of presets sims 4 please fix this

    I think it would be hard to do that because the gallery uses origin.
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