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What does the Gallery do for you?



  • TruthspeakerTruthspeaker Posts: 1 New Member
    [quote="Zvitatzki;c-13302530"]but it still make no sense to present our sim in beatiful clothes skin and body when other can do nothing not even use it via the community since the galery does not transfer our used CC

    this must change if we can share our creation the downloader shall receive the used CC too[/quote]

    As much as I wish this was possible, I think it hurts CC creators and doesn't make sense with how CC works. To get CC, you must download and then place into your mods folder for sims, give or take a few steps. So your game cant use it, process it, or make sense of the file/code because you don't have it on your computer. Thats why you cant see stuff from other packs if you don't own them and have them downloaded into your game. So if they made it possible for CC to be put in the game without download, it could allow people access to packs they don't own, causing trouble for the sims team and EA (not that I support their capitalistic cash grabs).

    However, more important that EA, or ourselves for that matter, is CC creators. They would not get the recognition they deserve, the possibility for them to receive any donations or ”cups of coffee” as they sometimes put. This would not only be just rude to do to them, but it would push CC creators to privatize their CC and charge for it, which would suck because I am sure most people in this thread know the importance of CC. You literally cant stop using it once you start because of how much it improves your game. So lets try to be fair to them. I think if people post CC to they gallery, they should be required to place links so that others may download the content. It would help CC creators, CC users, and gallery users.
  • xtwiliightxtwiliight Posts: 3 New Member
    > @Emily_Comry010308 said:
    > I can’t use a gallery I am I console player and I wish sims would allow console players to use live mode on their consoles to use the gallery. I am very limited in library things and I am forced to confine to just the library of presets sims 4 please fix this

    I think it would be hard to do that because the gallery uses origin.
  • kemowerykemowery Posts: 292 Member
    I use the gallery to find builds or rehabs I can either use as they are, or for ideas, either for how to build things, or to make different buildings out of things that clearly weren't intended to be that. I think James Turner (IIRC) has a house under construction build, and I want to make that a community space--the house never got finished, so the community will turn the lot into a garden or maker space or marketplace. Or I could go the opposite direction and if someone made, say, a gas station, I might convert that into a residential lot.

    The other thing I use the gallery for is to get sims that look like actual people. I'm not the best at designing people in CAS, but some people are amazing. One of the projects I want to do is making a game where all of the sims (and where possible the buildings) have been replaced by characters from TV and movies. The gallery is great for that.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 23,081 Member
    I used the Gallery very recently to upload my lots. Generally, I just place them into My Library. But I found out that if one is transferring from one computer to another and something goes kablooey, like it did in mine, it's good to find some of your missing stuff on the Gallery. I couldn't access my Tray or my saves from the copied file. Took some doing, but I started both saves over again. The thought of having to do the building (which generally I love to do) was daunting. But, luckily, I had saved one of them to the Gallery. There it was in my Showcase. Yay.

    The other lot I was actually eager to redo. I have never been completely satisfied with it and this gave me the chance to re-imagine it, if you will. You can bet your sweet Bippy, I saved it to the Gallery. Not going through that again. I am very happy to report that I got my gaming rig back from the shop and it is running like a dream. Not only that, but no glitches when I copied the games I had going on my laptop to a flash drive. This time all is well. As for the builds I didn't have open to me, they are just fine, as the tech didn't wipe out my documents. Origin opened it right up and I took the older Tray and placed some of the builds into empty lots, with the notion I'll save them in the current Tray. I was also able to grab the Durant family. I tried to recreate Tamela and I don't know what happened but she just didn't look like herself. So, instead I have Gem Woodworth. She's cute. But I'm glad to get Tamela back, even so.

    I've also learned to click on Advanced even in My Library. Some of my builds include the combination stand microphone and the Karaoke machine from Road to Fame. If I don't, I simply won't find those builds. I should take out the modded things and save the lot(s) with and without, but I have found my Sims under Advanced, too. I tend to use MCCC to give them skills so they don't start out like infants knowing nothing. LOL
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  • theonlytara42theonlytara42 Posts: 22 Member
    I don't use a lot of my cc content in my shared work since it's so hard for others to even SEE without constantly clicking that option in the menu every time... but I DO include WHERE to find what I use in the few I have posted on the gallery along with the cc creator, so that if that person DOESN'T already have that cc, they can more easily find it. I also use the gallery most for build challenges, since this forum (and I'm not huge on other social media platforms) are usually so heavily populated with random discussions it's just easier to find the kind of challenge I'm looking for on the gallery.
  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,465 Member
    I rarely use the gallery to download anything. The few builds I have downloaded are from amazing builders who have more patience than I do for a cool build that I don't want to pull my hair out attempting to build. I love to build and create sims. I rarely download somebody else's builds and sims. Though I love watching Lilsimsie do her builds I have zero of her builds in my library same goes for James Turner and a few others. I have Devon Bumpkin and Kate Emerald's builds from the gallery in my library and that is all. I would share my own stuff but I like all of you too much to make you hunt the CC down I used. As a result, unless I'm using zero CC at all in a build or CAS and me being a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to what I create, I don't share my builds or my sims in the gallery.
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  • simmerannsimmerann Posts: 24 Member
    I am not a builder, but I use a lot of mods and CC. I download a lot of builds from the gallery, and often mostly completely redo the interiors, often with my own cc. One gripe I have with with the gallery is the poor quality of the images. Its really hard to tell from the pictures what you a are getting so I am often downloaded multiple builds into a lot sequentially to find a decent one, which is clunky and time consuming. I also use sims from the gallery since I don't love making sims. I find the gallery very good for getting ideas, stimulating creativity. Its been wonderful for non- residential lots, I have the most awesome things in my game from that. I also have my settings set so I downloaded a zillion specially selected sims to my library, and my worlds draw from that pool so I have much more interesting NPCs wandering around. I love that I can save my sims and lots to the gallery for safekeeping should I lose them to some computer/game mishap.
  • abd_sul123abd_sul123 Posts: 9 New Member
    are there any tights that look like this for the sims 4?
  • MissLyn2408MissLyn2408 Posts: 38 Member
    I don't necessarily enjoy uploading content-- because I am not that skilled.

    However my personal gallery (library) where I save content without uploading it is important to me because I can more easily share sims and buildings between pcs and saves. For that reason I also upload content from time to time.

    What I WOULD enjoy is an additional feature where we can share content between friends.

    I mean, don't get me wrong-- I am super happy that the gallery exists and I love the choice to use other people's creations.
  • chicvibechicvibe Posts: 61 Member
    This doesn't have anything to do with mods or cc used in the gallery, but one function I would reaallllly love is the ability to alphabetize items in the gallery. This would greatly help with finding duplicates.
  • LiyaaLuxLiyaaLux Posts: 1 New Member
    I wish a modder would create a mod that would allow you to load all of your mods in it and it searched the internet for updated mods THEN give you the option to download it right then. I wouldn't mind paying for it neither.
  • antimeganantimegan Posts: 2 New Member
    When I'm feeling lazy I like use the download random gallery sim button. I think it just generates the sims that do not have custom content. I usually don't download builds or sims with CC because I know I wont have all the cc. It's like purchasing a prom dress off Wish. When you finally get it after a super long wait it doesn't look like the picture and its such a disappointment! Not worth the time and effort. If there was a way to include CC in the download that would be AMAZING!
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