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Helpful links for Playing and Creating in Sims 4

rosemowrosemow Posts: 147,931 Member
I have set up this thread to provide helpful links to information about sims 4 that may help simmers as they are playing the game. It will help both new and all sims 4 simmers!
I hope everyone has lots of fun Sims 4 simming! :)

If anyone has other links that they think would be helpful in this thread, please post them!


EA Sims 4 Player guide

Forum Rules

For New Members :
You need to have 25points and 15 posts before you can become a full member and can then have an Avi picture, post pictures, have a signature, start new threads, edit posts , post links that show up correctly and have quotes appear in grey boxes . This thread explains about it.

You receive a point each time another simmer presses like or awesome or insightful on a post that you have posted in a thread created by another simmer. The off topic section is a good place to post.

This post explains about the badges that you can earn points through also.

How to redeem your free Holiday Celebration Pack

Hello ! Come and introduce yourself


AHQ EA Sims 4 Technical Help

AHQ EA Bugs report Help

Crinrict's Sims 4 Help Blog

PC Minimum and Recommended System Requirements for the Sims 4

Mac Minimum specifications

FAQ for Mac Users


Sims 4 Feedback

Sims 4 Ideas Corner



Posting pictures on the forums

If you would like to post pictures of your sims or builds in the forums , set up an account at a free photo hosting site such as Photobucket or Flickr or use a site such as imgur or tinypic and upload your screenshots from the game to your account or the site. Your photos will be in your screenshots folder that is in your sims 4 folder . The picture button is the button with the little file picture on it above the forum post. After uploading your images to the photo sharing site, right click the picture on the photo sharing website , and click copy. Or you can copy the direct link code that is on the left or right hand side of the site page.Press the picture button above your post , paste the code/address into the box, then press the enter button. Then the image code will be in your post ready to appear when posting your text post,

To add a signature, click the cog wheel at the top of the page. Click preferences. On the left hand side of the page, there will be a link to change signature settings. Click that and you can add a picture ( using the directions given above ) or add text .

Another way to post the picture is to type [img][/img] in the post and put the image code address in between them.

These link threads also explain how to post the pictures.

GAME GUIDES on other sites

Simsvip Sims 4 game guides

Carl's sims 4 game guides


Information about emotions

The Sims 4 Emotions Guide - SimVIP

Quick guide to whims, aspirations and careers

Career Guide

SimsVip Careers Guide

Career Guides

Pinstar's top 3 lists for careers

Splitting and Merging Households

Video guide to splitting households.

Social events : Throwing a party

How to throw a Holiday Party


Collections Guides

Guide to deaths in Sims 4


Go into build mode, click on the "save to my library " file icon (in the upper centre of the screen) then click on the 'save lot ' option. You can then save your home from your library to the community section of the gallery by pressing the cloud button.
A video tuuorial on uploading homes, and placing downloaded lots in your neighbourhood is found at this link

This is a link to a video tutorial on saving and uploading rooms to the Gallery

Guide to the Gallery

Online Gallery link

Guide to downloading from the website gallery


Buildings tips and tutorials thread

List of building keyboard shortcuts and controls

Ruthless KK's The Sims 4 Build Guide

Builder's Toolbox (contains maps and info about the worlds, cheats, shortcuts and Hotkeys )

To keep enlarged items in your build.
Don't place the lot directly from Manage World. Go into build mode on the lot where you want to place the lot. Then go to the gallery from there and import onto your current lot.

To use buydebug items in your builds
Open up the cheat console CTRL+SHIFT+C and type “bb.showhiddenobjects”. Then type in "Debug" in the search panel.

Editing Hidden Lòts cheat explained

Unlocking career rewards cheat:

Learn how to edit lots and customise your world. A tutorial by SimGuruGrant

How to build a Starter home

Guides to building pools ( towards the bottom of the post )

Builders Showcase threads links

Link to thread which contains Tutorials and Resources for Mods and CC creating.

Custom Content and Mods help information.
Video guides to creating custom paintings and custom wall stickers
How to make seamless pattern wallpapers

How to make a Video using The Sims 4


CHEATS guide

The Sims 4 Cheats
How to go into cheat mode:

While playing the game, press the CTRL + SHIFT + C keyboard buttons on your computer at the same time to display the cheat console window. In that text box (comes up in the corner), type the below listed codes in and hit the ENTER key to get the desired effect.

An excellent guide to cheats is found on this site:
It contains a full list of many helpful cheats.
I have listed some cheats below, but there is a more comprehensive list at the site,

Simsvip Cheats guide

kaching — Get 1,000 more Simoleons added to your household funds.
rosebud — Get 1,000 more Simoleons added to your household funds.
motherlode — Get 50,000 more Simoleons added to your household funds.
Death.toggle — Disables Death so your Sims cannot die.
freerealestate on [or off] — Can be entered at neighborhood/world. If on, all homes are available free of cost.
resetsim [first name here] [last name here] — Returns Sims to a safe, neutral state at their home location.
headlineeffects on [or off] — Shows or hides the plumbobs and talk/thought balloons above a Sim’s heads (called headline effects).
fullscreen on [or off] — Turns full-screen on or off.
fps on [or off] — Shows the framerate in upper right corner.
Pressing the “Shift” button and the “]” button at the same time. — Increases the size of objects.
quit — Exits the game.
help — Shows all the cheats in The Sims 4 like this list does.

testingcheats {true/false} – Enables use of further cheats
Entering “testingcheats true”, then entering “cas.fulleditmode” allows all CAS abilities.
Interaction Cheats are available by Shift + Clicking on objects and Sims once the player types in “testingcheats true” in the command console.

Shift Clicking on Sims
Reset Object – Resets Sim
Add to Family – Add the Sim to the current family
Cheat Motive > Make Happy – Sets all motives to full and sets Mood to Happy
Cheat Motive > Enable Motive Decay – Allows motives to change dynamically
Cheat Motive > Disable Motive Decay – Allows motives to remain static

Shift Clicking on Objects
Reset Object – Resets Object

Shift Clicking Dirty-able Objects
Make Dirty – Makes object dirty
Shift Clicking on Dirty Objects
Make Clean – makes object clean

Shift Clicking Mailbox
Reset Object – resets Mailbox

Shift Clicking the Ground
Teleport Me Here – Teleports selected Sim as close to the clicked spot as possible

Shift Clicking Sims
Modify in CAS – Allows editing of everything but name change and inherited traits

How to set items as head cheat ( information and video)

Link to other cheats


LIving Sims Magazine
SF Magazine

Cc and Community Magazine

The Legacy Challenge Mega Thread

List of Challenges ( Legacy and Other ) for Sims 4
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