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The member system has been introduced to help curb the trolling epidemic we faced. Everyone joining this Forum for the first time start out with 0 Points, it does not matter how long you have been on the Sims forums, you can increase your points to become a Member. Points are seen on the profile, in a grey box on the left side.

You need 50 Points, 30 Posts and have an account older than 24 hours to become a Member.

You can earn points by:
1. Earning badges - here are all the badges you can currently earn
2. When someone LIKES or Awesomes your post you get
- 1 Point for Like

Being a new member has certain disadvantages.
1. New members can't post images.
2. New members can't quote normally, they get arrows instead of the box.
3. New members cannot post links.
4. New members can not add signatures.
5. New members can not compose messages, they can however reply to them.
6. New members can not have a profile picture.

Zagadoo is Simlish for Disagree. This button doesn't earn nor deduct points, neither does it earn badges.
lisasc360 wrote:
You earn points when you get these badges for "lol' and "Like".

Badge points for "lol"
5 lol = 5 points
25 lol = 5 points
100 lol = 10 points
250 lol = 25 points
500 lol = 50 points

Note about the lol points
Unlike "likes' that give 1 point for every like you receive, lol's will only gather points in the form of badges as shown above :)

Badge points for "Like"
5 Likes = 5 points
25 Likes = 5 points
100 Likes = 10 points
250 Likes = 25 points
500 Likes = 50 points

5 = 5 points
25 = 5 points
100 = 10 points
250 = 25 points
500 = 50 points

Badge points for "Comments"
1st Comment = 2 points
10 Comments = 5 points
100 Comments = 10 points
500 Comments = 15 points
1000 Comments = 20 points
2500 Comments = 20 points
5000 Comments = 20 points
10000 Comments = 20 points
25000 Comments = 20 points
50000 Comments = 20 points

Badges for The Sims Anniversary
1st Year = 5 points
2nd Year = 5 points
3rd Year = 5 points
4th Year = 5 points
5th Year = 5 points
6th Year = 5 points
7th Year = 5 points
8th Year = 5 points
9th Year = 5 points
10th Year = 5 points
Ancient Membership = 5 points

The Miscellaneous Badges
Combo Breaker = 5 points
Name Dropper = 5 points
Photogenic = 10 points

Badges that aren't in use/service
Agrees (We had agrees in the beginning but they got removed)
Awesome (Don't know if EA is ever going to activate this)
Insightful (Don't know if EA is ever going to activate this)
Up Votes (Don't know if EA is ever going to activate this)

Twitter Connector
Facebook Connector (Either these 2 haven't been activated or no one has figured out how to get the badges for these yet)

Please abstain from GIVING points to new members or creating threads to ask for points.
No Point Farming or similar. We know that the initial rank is limited but there is a system in place for a reason. Any threads posted to boost points or otherwise influence rank directly will be closed.

Threads for new members:
Complete Forum tutorial
New member's club by @brandi22
Come and introduce yourself by @rosemow

Note: The level system has been replaced by this, you are either a member or not :)
Feel free to add :)

Updated: 17/09/14 Disagree and Agree buttons have been removed.

Special Thanks to
@lisasc360 @metalfenix_Raf @Quelsimmy @bflury @salivacocktail @Daijahv @ebuchala @Simperatrix @sirpadfoot42‌ @blunote00‌ for adding to the post ^^
and... @SimGuruBChick‌

A Super Special thanks to @lisasc360 @rosemow for always being there to help new members.

Credit to everyone that posted there, you are all awesome!
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