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The Legacy Challenge Mega Thread

Pinstar1161Pinstar1161 Posts: 216 Member
This thread is for all discussions, debates, questions, comments and other inquiries related to the Sims 4 version of the Legacy Challenge.

The most up to date information can be found on my site.

Sims Legacy Challenge

The Challenge Rules are Live!
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  • xJDLKxxJDLKx Posts: 313 Member
    I really can't wait to get started! is it September yet? ;) x

    Origin ID:Jessicaaa77
  • SOnet104SOnet104 Posts: 487 Member
    Thanks Pinstar. One again you are spending time to make our game play as fabulous as it can be. Can't wait for the trait picker to be ready and the game to be release.
  • thesims3madthesims3mad Posts: 140 Member
    Platinum Simmers also have a random trait generator.
  • chauschaus Posts: 61 Member
    I can't wait! Always love to read all the rules :)
  • windchime00windchime00 Posts: 294 Member
    Will you be releasing the challenge on game day?
  • DollDoll Posts: 522 Member
    For the first time I'm actually going to start out doing the legacy challenge on release! I can't wait~
  • kiwi84kiwi84 Posts: 1,009 Member
    I can't wait for the game, thanks for taking your time to make this challenge to ts4 :)
  • IsabelleLeeIsabelleLee Posts: 11 New Member
    I'll definitely be doing the legacy challenge, seems like a lot of fun :D
  • IsabelleLeeIsabelleLee Posts: 11 New Member
    I actually wrote down all the ways to earn points, might actually do it by the rules this time XD
  • OneAdorkableGirlOneAdorkableGirl Posts: 2,379 Member
    I cannot wait to play a Legacy in Sims 4. I'm really excited because this will be my first time actually attempting to create/add to my legacy house.. because I feel I'll really be able to build in the Sims 4. Sims 1-3 were very difficult for me.. :( A lot of my houses were square-shaped, LOL. (I think at the middle-end of Sims 3 I started to get a little better about building, however, they seemed to kind of resemble the same styles.. ) I hope to change that in Sims 4. :)

    I will be recreating my Sims 3 family (Just the two adults -- The female is the one in my Avatar.); and it will be a long legacy as I enjoy this family very much... so, it'll definitely take me a lot longer to reach generation 2. Because I want them to have a big family. :D

    I can't wait to see the rules to the challenge so I can start planning. I want to plan a floor plan for their house(for later, of course), and then start planning what type of things I want them to be interested in. In Sims 3, Elijah was into inventing; so I might have him start working on Woodworking. :) (Depending on the rules of course, and if it's affordable.); and Freya.. I'm thinking cooking and gardening, hehe. (I know this isn't the traditional way to play.. as I'll already have Freya a Spouse.. ) but I'll have a second save where I start with one founder :).

    D; I'm trying really hard not to plan too much since I don't know much about the game-play, or the rules to the challenge... but the more I look at the new pictures/videos etc that came out after Creators Camp, the more excited I get and end up planning anyways. *falls over.*
  • EvvieSimmerEvvieSimmer Posts: 116 Member
    I'll be all over this when the game comes out! I adore playing legacy.
  • StellaInterpolStellaInterpol Posts: 10 New Member
    Thanks for doing this Pinstar, can't wait to play a Sims 4 legacy! I think the new build tools will make it easier to adjust the legacy house as the generations progress.
  • ChelleBaldyChelleBaldy Posts: 262 Member
    Can not wait for the game and the challenge
  • Elle2111Elle2111 Posts: 36 Member
    I kind of never got around to doing the legacy challenge in the Sims 3 but I am really looking forward to giving it a go this time around with the Sims 4 - I read your blog and I loved the story and characters that you made at Creator's Camp! - I JUST WANT THE GAME NOW hahaha.
  • EuanSimEuanSim Posts: 2,345 Member
    I look forward to trying a legacy in The Sims 4 - the only problem is deciding which Sim to use!
  • CaitarinaCaitarina Posts: 175 Member
    The sims 4 is the first sims game in which i ll certainly play a legacy challenge :D When new sim games release i usually start off with 1 sim, no idea why i never actually tried a challenge.. in the sims 3 somehow it never rly got me.. but few days ago i read an article about it, it gotta got me in the sims 4 ;)
  • loubyloulouloubyloulou Posts: 4,362 Member
    Platinum Simmers also have a random trait generator.

    I like this! Thanks for linking to it. I'm really looking forward to trying out the new legacy challenge... Counting the days :D
  • Southernbelle1283Southernbelle1283 Posts: 398 Member
    I'm already getting a blog set up to document my Legacy Challenge - The Price Legacy starring Piper Price.
    Thanks for doing this again, Pinstar! I've been reading all your posts from the Creator's Camp and I'm super excited!

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    Twitter: @simmerdownsouth
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  • carlimactcarlimact Posts: 732 Member
    Thanks Pinstar! After reading your Masque legacy, I got super excited to this again. I was actually wondering if we'd be able to and I'm glad. I'll be using the platinum simmer randomizer for sure
  • DoodleGemDoodleGem Posts: 15 New Member
    I can't wait to try the legacy challenge again! In TS3 it was a little hard (Only got to generation 3). But i can't wait to try again, and maybe actually follow the "no cheats rule" XD
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,396 Member
    Most of my gameplay seems to revolve around the legacy challenge. So I will definitely keep playing this in Sims 4. :)
  • LeitaElizabethLeitaElizabeth Posts: 1 New Member
    I've never done a legacy challenge before, but I'm super excited to start it in TS4! Man, it really can't come soon enough. I think i'll have a tough time choosing a mate though. I almost never choose a premade sim.
  • Mmmyrs2Mmmyrs2 Posts: 1,348 Member
    I enjoyed doing the Apocalypse Challenge... I think I'll start a legacy this time around!
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