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Roaring Heights Elixir Consignment Store

lionpawslionpaws Posts: 426 Member

I built an elixir store for Roaring Heights that I'd like to share.

It's a 30x20 lot situated across the street from the Criminal Hideout at Roaring Heights.


Indoor Alchemy Garden
Alchemy Station
Gem Cutting Machine
Alchemy Consignment Cashier
Fairy Bungalow (behind the house)
Barista (from Uni EP)



(sorry about the typo on the title picture - it was 2 or something at night when I did the picture)

Have fun! - Only 10 days until Christmas.



  • YellowJaneYellowJane Posts: 6,589 Member
    edited December 2013
    Great! It's good to have an elixir store for the new world :) Nice job, and I love the usage of the Greenhouse roof. Man, do I love that venue!
  • PolysporinPolysporin Posts: 945 Member
    edited December 2013
    Its super cute, did a great job and this will come in handy.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,796 Member
    edited December 2013
    Coffee n elixirs is a great place for our sims to visit. :) Great exterior of it as a glasshouse. The type of fencing you have used looks great. Nice furnishing of the interior . Nice shades of colour and patterns that you have used. Great place to buy elixirs as well as enjoying buying something to eat at the barista bar and eating it at the tables. The type of dining tables and chairs you have used look nice and suit RH. Nice patterns you have used for the floors. Great section where sims can harvest the plants that they need for ingredients in their elixirs. Very nice way you have set up the alchemy station and gem cutting room. The pictures on the wall there look nice and nice colour shades.
    A great build for Roaring Heights. :)
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,016 Member
    edited December 2013
    Beautiful commercial lot! :D I like the garden and the coffee shop area. Love the way you have decorated. Left you a well deserved recommendation. :thumbup: :thumbup:
  • lionpawslionpaws Posts: 426 Member
    edited December 2013


    Thank you ladies!

    @Yellow Jane: I was so happy with the coloring of RH I had to build this right away. I'm thrilled you like my little pot that much!

    @Polysporin: Glad you like this, we do need someplace in town to have our Sims cut their gems pro bono, don't we? :wink:

    @Rosemow: *Gasp!* you leave me speachless. So much praise! *hugs*

    @Yanti68: Thank you! It's the support and recommendation of you all, thatz inspire me.

  • pinkorangespinkoranges Posts: 70 Member
    edited December 2013
    like this, will be going in my game.
  • lionpawslionpaws Posts: 426 Member
    edited December 2013

    Thank you Pinkoranges. Have fun with it :)
  • Arose_08Arose_08 Posts: 23 Member
    I love this! Well done :smile:
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