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Your Newest Exchange Uploads - Share your Links here! PT2


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    @goodFeel93, i think your pictures are much better than others I've seen. At least I can see the inside and what's in it. Some people just do overhead shots from way above, which would be ok if I could see a sim person view, too, ya know? I think you should take pictures in live mode, so we don't see the grid.
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    @goodFeel93 Another great build that suits my style perfectly. I love your use of the circular windows in the carport. Something I wouldn't have thought of but totally love.
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    Newest Upload: Modern City Apartment "LuckyLlama". Perfect for singles or couples :smiley:

    Lot Size: 10x15 NO CC

    Happy new year folk! :blush:


    DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9277053
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    Hello, This is my first post on the sims forum. I've uploaded my interpretation of the Old Mill Brunch with a greenhouse rooftop to the exchange. The second uploading I did was of the old mill with just base game, using the old mill brunch and stone set and throw greenhouse venue. I had to remove some lights and furnished kitchen for the second upload. Wallpapers and everything else stayed same.

    They are purposefully unfinished due to the story for the lot. It's a residential lot which you can make into community lot. I wrote blog posts about it. The lot 40x40 and placed partway on the waterway. You may need to use the soften terrain tool. Unfortunately, I have not been on the forums long enough to post links to them.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,442 Member
    @goodFeel93 Another build that I love. And, again, you use something that I've never used. Those multi-story, angled columns. And you used them beautifully.

    @RosemaryStar Welcome!!! I love the story behind your build. I always love when a build suggests a story to play, and when the builder intentionally presents one. I have my next few games already planned, but this may come up on my list at some point after. (I am playing out a legacy family that I started a couple years ago.)

    Please, keep letting us know when you have new builds. I know I will go check them out. Again, welcome.
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    Wow, some really great builds on here. Glad to see the Sims 3 community is still active with projects like these! I was a member a while ago and posted some of my builds to some much older threads but would love to get back to sharing work. Was curious how I go about doing that?
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