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February 2019: Howdy, this is Jude. I am currently running the Game while ZeeGee pursues other interests. I had a lot of fun participating as a builder and after the game died off in 2018 I really hoped to see it come back. So I am here to try and make that happen.

As of February 5, 2019, we are up and running! Please read below to see how this works, whether it is to request something you want or to find out how to enter. Then, jump to the most recent posts and join in on the fun. If you have any questions at any point, please do not hesitate to post them publicly, but you can always reach out to me @Jude525.

Once upon a time there was a wonderful thread that helped simmers 'pay it forward' or 'pay it back' to those who owned the store and gifted store items or helped the simmer in any way with owning the store. The creator of that game, Mya (NagyGina), has been missing for quite some time so the thread can't be updated, and it eventually fell into forum Neverland.

Mya's original thread:

Gift of Creation Game

This is a simplified version of Mya's original game!

There are two ways to participate:
1. Post your creation wish list by copy/pasting the form and filling it out. You can wish for lots, worlds, patterns, sims, anything that can be
created with Sims 3! You can wish for as many creations as you want! Just please number them.

2. Look through the posted wish lists and see if there is anything you would like to create. "Wishlists here" If you see something you would like to try, you can post that you're working on it and post 'in progress' pictures, or you can just post a link and 5 pictures when you're done. If you have more than 5 pictures please put them in a spoiler or post a link to the rest.

Anyone who creates an item from a wishlist and posts the entry here will be entered into a monthly drawing and there will be store prizes at the end of each month! Creations will not be judged. This is a random drawing.

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    @missroxor Trend Setter Studio Apartments


    @Merelhyn A Family Home in the Far West for AlphaFen


    @Merelhyn Hacienda Starter for Ciane

    @rnramey Aquarius Penthouse for creativity_rulez
    @rnramey Banyan Coastal Home for AlphaFen
    @Astreia 10 Palms Swimming Pool for jude525
    @missroxor Haven from the Storm for jude525
    @missroxor The Mavis for jude525
    @Merelhyn Niseko for AlphaFen
    Little Blue Cottage for Alpha or Ciane

    @KiearaPhoenix Sweet Mauve Cottage for AlphaFen
    @Merelhyn Honeycomb Lunar for Jude525
    @missroxor Crater Sanctuary for Jude525
    @KiearaPhoenix Houseship of Hope and the Quintael family for jude525
    @SjappielovePaul Jude's Luau for jude525
    @missroxor Paradise Mobile Homes for jude525

    @Envyfan A simple warm starter home for Ciane
    @KiearaPhoenix House from Netflix's Terrace House for creativity_rulez
    @Merelhyn Newport Elegance for creativity_rulez
    @Merelhyn Blue on the Sea for creativity_rulez
    @KiearaPhoenix Atlantian Royal Barge for creativity_rulez
    @Merelhyn Hortensias cabin for alphafen or ciane
    @creativemetaphor Classic Colonial for @FairyGodMother
    @KiearaPhoenix Atlantis Umbra Palace for AlphaFen
    @Merelhyn Luxury Black & White Starter for ciane or alphafen

    December entries:
    @funkeeferret Johnny Cash for sjappielovespaul
    @creativemetaphor Yule Love this Cottage for AlphaFen (AlphaFen said something you want to create so we'll use that.) :)
    @Envyfan Ainsworth Estate for AlphaFen
    @Astreia Blue House for CharlottePrice (who we hope will be back very very soon, miss ya girl!)

    November entries:
    @Jude525 Patrick Jane and Elizabeth
    @Envyfan House for creativity_rulez
    @funkeeferret A simple story for Ciane
    @Envyfan Adam Lambert for sjappielovespaul
    @AlphaFen Savannah Pink and her Savannah Pink crib for pinkiesweets4
    @ciane Malenski Hall for creativity_rulez
    @Astreia A Casinha Branca for AlphaFen
    @funkeeferret Sage House for creativity_rulez
    @Envyfan Neon Lanes for sjappielovespaul

    October entries:
    @funkeeferret Young Elvis Presley for sjappielovespaul
    @Envyfan Starter home for AlphaFen
    @funkeeferret Palmbury House for Pinkiesweets4
    @Envyfan Starter Home for Ciane - TWO VERSIONS!
    @SjappielovePaul School for ZG
    @funkeeferret A simple story for Ciane, and a very good one!

    September entries:
    @Jude525 James Spader sim for ZeeGee
    @funkeeferret A simple story for Ciane
    @Envyfan House for FairyGodmother (charlotteprice)
    @funkeeferret Eclipse House for creativity_rulez

    August entries:
    @ninaumi House for CharlottePrice
    @Jude525 House for CharlottePrice
    @funkeeferret Hickory House for Charlotte Price
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    February 2019: New link to current wishlists: HERE

    This is a work in progress so for now use the below links. If your wishlist has a 'strike through' and you'd like to reinstate it, let Jude know.

    Links to creation wishlists:
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    To post a CREATION WISHLIST: (Copy/paste into new post) Everyone is welcome to participate!

    Creation Wishlist Wants: (anything you want created, please number them if more than one)

    EA Sims 3 Worlds:
    EA Sims 3 Store Content:
    Origin Exclusives:
    Bundle Exclusives:
    Special Requests/Instructions:
    What are your favorite themes?
    What are your favorite Colors?
    What are your dislikes?

    Concept & Ideas Wishlist: Include this if you would like:
    What are your favorite things to Create?
    What inspires your Creations? (i.e. Pictures, Books, Magazines, Graphic Novels, Television Shows, Movies, Anime, Manga, Real Life, Fantasy, etc.)
    How can we offer our assistance in your creations? (i.e. Posting pics; answering questions related to a particular topic, place, time period, etc.; Videos; etc.)
    What are your favorite themes?
    What are your favorite Colors?
    What are your dislikes?
    What are the things you most would like to bounce ideas off of? (please try to number these)


    1) HAVE FUN!

    2) Follow the Rules of the Game (no CC, no CAP, no CAW, etc.), unless a Wishlist has other instructions (Wishlists Wants outweigh Rules )

    3) Try to post up to 5 pictures (the Exchange does not do any creations justice). If you have additional pics, please post additional link/s.

    4) If you want to share your work with others, but what you have created is not on any Wishlist, you can just post to: "Everyone"

    5) If you do not have a Store Wishlist or a Nominee, that is okay. I will then ask how you wish to spend your winnings. If you would like to surprise someone, you can always PM me (&/or the Sponsor) the Surprise Nominee's Name.
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    To post an entry that you have created from someone's creation wishlist:

    Standard Entry Form: (Copy/paste into new post)

    Creator’s Username:
    Creator or Nominee's Store Wishlist Link on Sims 3 Site (Link to your Sims 3 Store wishlist or who you wish to be gifted if you own the store):
    Item Title:
    Creation Wishlist Username and # of Item (The name of the person's creation wishlist and number of the item on their creation wishlist that you've chosen to create):
    Exchange, Simfileshare.net or Mediafire Link:
    Is CC, CAP or CAW Used? (Did you use any CC in your build)
    Do you have CC in your game folder? (Do you have any CC at all in your Electronic Arts mods folder?)
    Pictures or link to original post where pictures are shared:
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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can I post more than one Gift Creation?
    Yes, raid as many Creation wishlists as you want! Change in the rules - You can post as many creations as you like, but only two will be entered for the Simpoint prize.
    Do I have to post a Creation Wishlist? Why should I post a Creation Wishlist?
    No, a Creation Wishlist is totally Optional, but by posting a Creation Wishlist, it gives others the chance to gift you either Creations or Ideas & Feedback that may not be able to gift you otherwise (i.e. You Own most/all of the Store Items or the Gift Creator/s do not have enough simpoints to gift you off your Store Wishlist).

    Can I enter a creation that I made for another Game or Contest?
    Absolutely, this is not a contest of judging creations, but rather to have fun designing Creation Gifts for all that are seeking.

    What if I have an item on my creation wishlist that has been gifted to me or I no longer need?
    Please don't delete the item, just put a 'strike through' so gifters will know that item has been fulfilled.

    What are Bundle Exclusives?
    They are the mystery items that are accumulated from purchasing all the different bundles.

    What are Origin Exclusives?
    They are items that are not available (or unlocked) at the Sims 3 Store, and only made available through special DVD Compilations, certain DVD & Origin Download Editions (sometimes, only available in certain regions), and some are only available via Origin downloads.
    Some of them include:
    Dark Industrial Set
    Plants vs. Zombies & the Pea Shooter

    Can I use OMSP?
    As useful as it is, it could be considered CC so check with who you are creating for to see if they want this in their game.
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    All credit for this game goes to Mya, our beloved missing NagyGina. We hope you're well and happy in where ever life has taken you! :kissing_heart:

    I mostly copy/pasted and simplified Mya's posts. If I missed anything crucial, please let me know!

    *Picture here* Can't get it to post right now
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    Tagging some peeps who previously had wishlists and are still active on the forum. Gift of creation game is back if you'd like to repost your creation wishlist!

    @ajaxpost @charlotteprice @ciane
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    UPLOADING YOUR CONTENT: While most of us still use the official Sims 3 exchange, you can also upload your lot to different upload sites. I have started uploading my content to SimFileShare, as well as The Exchange. That way if the Exchange ever goes offline I have everything already uploaded and ready to link. SimFileShare is for simmers, and does not revoke links as much as MediaFire so I highly recommend it. You need a code from a fellow simmer to upload or it will take awhile to get an account.

    *Please PM me if you would like to get a code*
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    *charlotteprice's chocolate stash here*


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    Oops, I reserved too many posts. But if this takes off, maybe I'll need them. :lol:
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    My creation wishlist:

    A James Spader sim, the way he looked in Pretty in Pink[/s] Done! by Jude525
    2) a wedding venue using all the Romanza stuff built in Lucky Palms
    3) Animations, any kind! But especially just regular talking, or showing emotions of shock or surprise. *especially wanting a 'drop mic' animation right now* Though I do realize the sim can't actually drop the mic (This is a request for sim animations that you can use with the 'animation' tool. You click on it, add the code, and the sims perform the action requested.)
    4) A school room something like the one featured in this video: Animation video

    5) I'm adding something to my creation wish list. I really need the Goth home in Sunset Valley redone in Victorian style! If you're good with Victorian style and are able to do a quick makeover of this home I would sure appreciate it. Don't change any of the outside or inside walls. Using the goth set from the store would be a plus if you have it. I'd like it to look 'classy Victorian,' not fuddy duddy Victorian. This wish will expire at the end of this month because I'll have to just do it myself if I don't have it by then. But I'm HORRIBLE with Victorian so... anyone game?! edit to add: Please put a piano on the main floor also!
    6) A makeover of the Wolff home in Sunset Valley in a modern style. I'd like a redecoration, not a complete renovation. So basically, leave all the outside walls. Keep all the large windows that look out on the ocean, but aside from that, knock yourself out!
    •EPs: Do not have Supernatural! Do not have installed Pets, Showtime, ITF and IP.
    •SPs: All
    •EA Sims 3 Worlds: All except Dragon Valley
    •EA Sims 3 Store Content: Own the store except for supernatural items!
    •Origin Exclusives: Dark Industrial set
    •Bundle Exclusives: none
    •Special Requests/Instructions: Please build in a no cc game folder.

    Concept & Ideas Wishlist
    What are your favourite things to Create? I love to renovate EA houses and make sims that (I think) look like characters in my favorite books.
    What inspires your Creations? Colors! I'll see a color and think oh that will go nice with...and I'm off and running. Sims are mainly inspired by books or my SFP game. This sounds weird but I'm also very inspired by really ugly houses. It makes my day to find a horrifically ugly EA house and completely renovate it to look awesome.
    How can we offer our assistance in your creations? Hmmm, give them nice roofs??
    What are your favourite themes? I love the angles and colors in modern styles
    What are your favourite Colours? Oh that's a hard one, I have to think about that. PINK! I like red too and aqua.
    What are your dislikes? Supernatural, having to do landscaping, and laundry
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    I don't completely get it. I thought I get it but now I stopped getting it.
    So...Someone creates something for someone else (that 'something' is based on their creation wishlist) and at the end of the month, all the people who created something for someone else are 'nominated' and can get stuff, or am I completely wrong?
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    @GITTE2001 You are exactly right. :) Simmers post creation wishlists of items that they want to be created. Other simmers create items from the posted wishlists and post their entry here. This enters them into that month's drawing. The winner will receive gifts from their Sims 3 Store wishlist or, if they would like, can nominate another simmer who they would like to receive the gift.

    The amount of the monthly gift is yet to be determined, depending on if I get sponsors!
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    Please put me down as a sponsor. :smiley:
    Call me Regina. My Page Proud member of the "Own the store" club! :D

    If you aren't already stalking the Daily Deals, you should be! Visit these threads to get Store items and Sets with the greatest possible discounts:
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    I copied over my old one:
    Creation Wishlist (Informal) Form:
    • EPs: All
    • SPs: All
    • EA Sims 3 Worlds: All ; )
    • EA Sims 3 Store Content: Most of it (All build items and sets, just not all the individual clothing.)
    • Origin Exclusives: I have the things that came with LEs and I did buy ITF from them as I wanted that dark industrial set.
    • Bundle Exclusives: I have a few that I do really like... the big Wicca bed, some chairs, a medieval low table...
    • Special Requests/Instructions: I love simple starting out stories.
    • Creation Wishlist Wants: (please try to number them)
    1. a simple story (Example: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/718087/the-tale-of-the-golden-tickets or https://iamciane.wordpress.com/)
    2. a small starter house (http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8514240)

    Concept & Ideas Wishlist (for those who prefer to make all their own creations):
    • What are your favorite things to Create? stories & small homes
    • What inspires your Creations? Pictures of house plans mostly
    • How can we offer our assistance in your creations? Challenge me to attempt something I haven't done, but would like to!
    • What are your favorite themes? I tend towards modern, minimal, artistic appeal & balance
    • What are your favorite Colors? I tend to like the cool color palette of blue greens and green blues with maybe some violet blues too. I also like warm palettes of yellows, oranges, and reds sometimes. (Think of an autumn nature setting with leaves turning color and how breath-taking that can be in the hills and mountains.)
    • What are your dislikes? I really don't care for homes or wardrobes with lots of different styles and colors. I like things to have a unity in colors, styles, shapes, patterns. A bit of contrast is good, even great; but too much diversity is unsettling, rather than calming. I like calm. ; )
    • What are the things you most would like to bounce ideas off of? (please try to number these)
    1. I love to find pictures of homes and floor plans to sim!
    2. TnT_Terry has hosted some Around the World contests that challenge all to learn about a culture and find something to inspire us to build as well as share what we learned. http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/669342/around-the-world-to-simbai-now-with-more-pics and http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/754677.page

    I don't point farm any more, so I can NOT help with sponsorship; but I would love to help create things that others would like!
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    @rnramey Thank you, Regina!
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    ciane wrote: »
    I would love to help create things that others would like!

    Yay! Ciane is here! Thanks, your creations are always amazing.
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    Not the one you asked for, but a nice one anyway with lots of Live, Laugh, Love stuff:


    It's made by Jessabeans!

  • FairyGodMotherFairyGodMother Posts: 7,140 Member
    *waves hi to everyone*

    @ZeeGee I think of NagyGina a lot and I sure hope she is safe, we all know how RL can take us away from here!

    I would love to be a sponsor, so add me please :p

    Uh, you didn't reserve too many post, that extra one is MY ROOM to store me some chocolates in :D:D
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    Deleted! Thank you all for your creations in the past, really appreciated all of them.

    I no longer have a wishlist, and hope everyone is enjoying their game, as I have moved on!

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    Oh My! Hey ZG! :)

    Typically, your subtle mention of my name didn't pop into my notifications but I saw the title of the thread and ...

    It'll be totally awesome if this wonderful idea of creation sharing and gifting takes off again, so mucho kudos for the reboot.

    I will give it a think and see how I can best contribute and "I'll be back"

    Oh, and yes, when I occasionally look through my old bookmarks and friend lists I see Mya's name come up - she was such a generous and enthusiastic member of the community and I hope that wherever she is now she is able to enjoy sharing her talents with an appreciative audience.
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    @ciane That is really cute! I love the way she used the flowing banderole thingy.

    @charlotteprice Added you as a sponsor and gave you your own chocolate stash. But is this forum not allowing pictures anymore?? :neutral:

    @ajaxpost Yay, glad to see you here, however you got here!

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    Hey all. This sounds like fun. Not as much pressure as an actual build contest, but something to inspire. Or even just somewhere to share something I've already got sitting around from time to time that I haven't uploaded.

    I enjoy building it all. Parks, venues and homes. I usually lean toward small to medium size homes, as opposed to large, grand styled mansions. But my style can vary from cottage to deco to modern. Only I do tend to get eclectic more often than not once I wander out of the cottage style.

    I have all the EPs and SPs, as well as all the store buy/build content and all the store worlds. Although I don't have all the EPs installed at the moment due to how I am playing my current game. And I have a disc install, so I can't just turn packs on and off. Is there a mod that would do that? Similar to the function within the launcher under Origin? If so I would be thrilled to install that for building requests that need certain packs turned on or off.

    Current EPs that I do have running:
    Late Night
    World Adventures

    One thought, I have one piece of CC that I use almost all the time that I strongly recommend. I can easily leave it out/take it out of a build, but it adds so much. It's called One More Slot Please! by Granthes over at Mod The Sims. It allows you to place things in all sorts of ways, but the absolutely brilliant one is the ability to place items on the inside of bay windows. All that amazing real estate gets put to use! I mention it just because I love it so much that I may recommend it for a specific build and show pictures with and without for people to decided on their own. As a matter of fact, I'll have to pull something out of my current house and post it to show as an example. I just never understood how they could design a window with a shelf that couldn't be used as a shelf and I was thrilled to find a solution.

    It's late and I'm getting sleepy, but @charlotteprice I'll see what I have in my bin and get back to you. Or spend a couple hours building to spec. I'm about due for a build. And I see you've also been hit with the new Photobucket restrictions. I need to find a new photo host also. I thought maybe I'd throw some money their way and subscribe, but they are clearly looking to host only professionals at the rates they are asking.
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