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50 foals challenge--Jason and Salsa Dancer--updated 7/10/2017


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    WolfLady74 wrote:
    You are welcome to use any of the foals in your challenge! I have links for all the ones uploaded at the beginning. Thanks for reading. I'm going over to check out your challenge as soon as I finish my updates.


    And awwww, they got married! Ooh, baby on the way, too.

    I get way too invested in these stories, I swear. LOL
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    I know what you mean! I get all excited when things happen in all the challenges I read. I have been playing more than updating lately so a lot has happened. So I have even more to add. I told myself no more playing until I have brought things up to current. :lol:
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    Kelley soon figured out that she had been throwing up because she had a baby on the way!
    But I think pregnancy hormones have impaired her fashion sense. I like green but that is an ugly dress.
    Kelley had once had a lifetime wish to become a criminal but after falling in love with Jason and marrying him she now hoped to be surrounded by family and have at least five kids. (No cheat, she saved up points to buy the change lifetime wish) Jason was thrilled when she told him about the baby on the way.

    In all the excitement of falling in love, getting married and finding out about the baby somehow Jason forgot about the bills so the repo person showed up.
    And after that the person laughed evilly and then took something else.
    Jason wasn't too concerned about the trash can being taken since he had bought a trash compacter anyhow.

    That night Jason took Seraph to the Center to be sold. She had 9 racing and 6 jumping and sold for $9,637.
    On the way there Jason maxed out his riding skill.
    While he was there Jason spotted a gorgeous Andalusian mare so he bought her and brought her home to meet Salsa Dancer.
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    Jason had been present for the birth of nine foals now but apparently when your wife is the one in labor it's a whole different story.
    He completely lost it and panicked.
    Kelley thought he was cute at first and she loved him.
    But when he didn't show any signs of calming down she lost patience and said "Just follow me," then drove them to the hospital.
    Probably not a good sign if she's tired and they're just arriving.
    She paused to ask if he was ready for this and he promised to be by her side through the whole thing.
    A little while later they came out with a baby girl that they named Therese.
    Although they drove to the hospital for some reason they took a cab home.
    She's holding the baby. What happened to car seats?
    Now that they're home Jason looks a little uncertain like he's not sure what he's gotten himself into. Or maybe he's just wondering why Kelley is still wearing that ugly green dress.
    But he made up any potential uncertainty later when he gave Therese a snuggle before going to bed.
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    Aww, a baby :mrgreen: . That's pretty funny that Angel doesn't have any spots at all, but she is still a cutie!
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    Jason had named the new mare Darling and Salsa Dancer wasted no time getting to know her.
    Zenith was such a pretty mare but Jason knew it was time for her to go.
    (Okay I cheated a little and gave her a longer tail. It looks a lot better on her.)
    So Jason took one more last ride on her and brought her to the Center.
    She had a 9 in racing and a 6 in jumping and sold for $9,767
    While he was gone Angel aged up ...
    ... and Salsa Dancer got busy with Darling.
    Um, Darling I don't think you can have twins. But I think there is a foal in your future.

    Jason could hardly believe the time had flown by so fast when he realized it was time for Therese to age up.
    She's a cutie!
    "How come she still doesn't have much hair?" Jason whispered to Kelley. "Don't worry," she reassured him. "It will grow in. She's still a baby in a lot of ways."
    Jason and Kelley went to bed but Therese was still wide awake most of the night.
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    The next morning Jason was surprised to hear from his aunt and uncle, Katherine's parents. They had been devastated when they heard about their daughter's death and regretted never resolving their differences. But they wanted to try and make up for their lack of support by helping out Jason. They told him they had found a nice mare for him as a late wedding present and they dropped her off.
    Jason was impressed and thanked his aunt and uncle. He was impressed by the mare's rich brown coat and flaxen mane. It was such a nice contrast and he was already imagining what her foals might look like. But he couldn't think of a name nice enough to suit her. He kept thinking about variations on chocolate but they all seemed unoriginal.
    "What about Hopscotch?" Kelley asked. "Hopscotch?" Jason asked. "Where did you get that from?" Kelley shrugged. "It just seemed to fit her." Jason nodded. "Okay, Hopscotch it is."
    The next morning Kelley brought Therese to the stable with her while she cared for the horses as Jason took some time in his garden, which he had been neglecting lately. Salsa Dancer went to check out Therese. She was very excited by him but he seemed a little unimpressed as if thinking Only one? I have my tenth foal on the way!
    Then Darling checked her out and seemed to be thinking: She's awfully small. I hope my baby is bigger than that!
    Then she went to play in the water trough.

    That night Therese actually fell asleep when she was put in her crib and Jason and Kelly relaxed on the bed enjoying the peace and quiet.
    Kelley turned to Jason and said "The baby is finally sleeping. How about if we have a little fun?"
    But Jason said "What? Now? I've had a long day and I'm really tired."
    Then he thought Wait, what the heck am I saying? We haven't woo hooed since before Therese was born!
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    In the middle of the night Darling had her foal.
    Darling seems to be wondering why there is only one baby and where the second one went.
    The little girl is named Bella. She doesn't seem to have much of her mother in her at all except her mane and a few lighter spots. Too bad. Her spots seem to be smeared on though. It's kind of cute.

    The next morning while Jason was out with the horses Kelly wasn't feeling very well at all.
    She had to run to the bathroom.
    She decided not to tell Jason about it yet. She couldn't be sure that it meant.
    But ... while Salsa Dancer was romancing Hopscotch ...
    ... Kelly had to run to the bathroom again.
    Okay, there's no denying it. Kelly thought. It's time to talk to Jason. She was both happy and overwhelmed at the idea of another baby so soon and she wasn't sure what Jason would think about it.
    She pulled out her ugly green maternity dress, thinking how romantic it was that she'd gotten pregnant again the first time they had 'alone time' after the baby.
    Then she decided the dress would be too obvious and changed before going out to find Jason spreading some hay and share the good news.
    At first he seemed confused like he didn't know what she was getting at ...
    ... then he was surprised and excited.
    "Wow, another baby already?" he said as he ran a hand over her stomach. "We seem to hit the jackpot every time. Maybe we should try the lottery!"
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    Yay, a second baby! And Bella is adorable with her smeared on spots. Can't wait to see her grown up.
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    WolfLady74 wrote:

    I love this picture, and her expression :lol: .
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    Kelley started to teach Therese to talk ... apparently about barbells.
    Bella is cute with her little smeared spots.
    For some reason the in-game icons for Angels show her with a very distinctive blaze on her face. I see a slightly lighter streak, but not a distinctive blaze. I don't get it.
    No spots, but she is a pretty mare.
    When Kelley tried to potty train Therese the first time she really didn't want to sit on the potty.
    Meanwhile Jason did some practice jumping with Hopscotch.
    Kelley was getting bigger by the day but she was looking forward to the birth of the baby.
    Therese liked her new doll house.
    Although sometimes she liked to chew on the dolls. Maybe she's teething.
    She also loved hugging her teddy bear.
    Does the bear look alarmed to anyone else? Or is that just me?
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    Therese is adorable. The poor bear is probably hoping she doesn't rip his head off. Toddlers can be so destructive (even though they don't mean to be).
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    With a new baby on the way Jason felt that they needed to expand the house. It was fine to have a crib in their room while the baby was little but when Therese became a child she would need her own room. Luckily they had a lot of money because the grown foals had been selling very well lately.
    This shows the expanded house and also the barn that Jason was able to put up a little while ago.
    This is looking down on the whole house.
    Kelley's nesting instincts must have been coming out with her second pregnancy because she told Jason. "As long as we are expanding we need to redecorate. Bare logs and paneling might be fine for a bachelor but now that we have a family I'd like something prettier." "That's fine," Jason agreed. "You can redecorate any way you want."
    Here is the kitchen and bathroom.
    Here is Therese's room.
    Here is their newly decorated bedroom.
    Here is the expanded living room with a play area. They spoiled her and got her almost every toy.

    Not long after they finished decorating Kelley felt some familiar pains in her stomach. "Jason, the baby is coming." Jason came running into the bathroom where Kelley was and started panicking. "What, now?? We don't even have a babysitter! Who will watch Therese?"
    "I guess the baby will be born here then," Kelley said. Jason continued to panic but this baby came much faster as second babies often do and before long they had a little baby boy.
    Kelley snuggled him right away. Home births weren't all that bad because no one took the baby away from her.
    Jason was thrilled with his new son but Therese was crying and feeling left out in all the commotion so he went to tickle her and show her that she was still loved.
    "You're a big sister now! How about that?"
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    A boy!
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    The next morning Kelley was working on teaching Therese to talk. She told her all about how Mommy and Daddy met. "And then Daddy surprised me with a ring ..." "Wing?" No, ring sweetie."
    "And then we got married ..."
    After that Therese took a break with the peg box.
    She got really mad when they didn't fit.
    Meanwhile Salsa Dancer was inspired by Jason and Kelley's new baby to try for a new foal with Hopscotch.
    Therese was doing very well on the xylophone and Kelley sat down to play with her. But somehow Therese ended up trying to play on Kelley's knees.
    Kelley took a turn bottle feeding Bella.
    While Jason took a turn taking care of the baby.
    Then he had to go get Therese who was crying.
    So Kelley ended up feeding Nathaniel after all.
    But she didn't mind because she loved her little boy.

    Bella aged up when I wasn't looking.
    Kelley had gotten to know her while she was a foal and since she had acquired the equestrian trait (thanks to saved lifetime points) she decided it was her turn to train one of the horses.
    She got on the right way but was a little nervous about her first ride.
    Jason took a turn feeding the baby.
    (If you look out the window behind him you can see Kelley going for her ride. I didn't even realize that until I went to crop the picture.)
    Therese tried out the Lego table but something seemed to be going wrong ...
    That looks painful.
    Kelley and Bella enjoyed their first ride together.
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    Nathaniel aged up. He looks a little dizzy from the age up spin.
    Kelley picked him up and reassured him the dizziness would pass.
    Jason had to give his son some Daddy snuggles.
    It's hard to tell from the picture but he got Daddy's green eyes just like his sister.

    While Jason was training Angel for racing Therese went to watch her Daddy work.
    While Jason was training Hopscotch gave birth to a little colt.
    When Jason got a good look at him the next morning in the sunlight he named him Shadow.
    He looks like he has his father's coloring but overlaid by a shadow.
    Salsa Dancer is getting pretty good at jumping.
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    Now that she was trained Kelley brought Angel to be sold. She had a 5 in racing and a 5 in jumping and sold for $6,759.
    When she came back out she saw a young man with a beautiful mare. He asked Kelley if she was looking for another horse since she had just sold one. Kelley wanted that mare but told him she wasn't sure she could take on a new horse. He offered her the mare, who he said was named S'mores, for free because he had won her in a contest and couldn't keep her because his family was moving to the city. Kelley gladly said she could take the mare and brought her home.
    (Available from madhu_vati as a stallion (his original gender) here:
    That night Shadow aged up into a handsome stallion.
    The next day Kelley took Hopscotch to be sold. She had a little trouble getting on but she still made it to the Equestrian Center.
    When she got back she found a mare in the front yard with a note attached to her saying "Please give Midnight a good home." (Available from Simplyvana824 here:
    She thought it was strange, but since she was a lovely mare she unsaddled her and went inside to tell Jason.
    Jason was busy teaching Therese to walk.
    She told him about the mare left in their front yard. He shrugged and said the person must have seen all their horses and knew they were able to care for her. "Never look a gift horse in the mouth." Kelley groaned at his bad pun and walked away.
    Nathaniel was playing in the toy box.
    Kelley picked him up since it was late and he looked tired. "Who's my good boy?" she cooed to him.
    When she went in to put him down to bed she aged up into an adult.
    This is what she looks like as an adult. I didn't like the hair so I changed it back to what she had before.
    She had noticed new lines on her face and feeling a little insecure about getting older she pulled out her old maid's uniform that night after the kids were in bed. (Although she wasn't listed as employed as a maid once they got married apparently she still has access to the uniform) She was pleased it still fit after having two babies.
    "Do I still look as young as when you met me?" she asked Jason. Jason was mesmerized by how she looked in the uniform. "Wow, Kelley! I didn't know you still had that uniform. You look really sexy. Come over here."
    "So I still look good?" "Yes, dear, you are just as sexy as when we first met."
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    Great update. The glitches can be so funny. Bella looks so pretty with her smeared spots, too. You've got some gorgeous horses there.
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    Thanks. It's funny when Bella was born I was disappointed she didn't get more of her mother but when she grew up I thought she was a pretty good looking mare. Then when I uploaded her to the exchange she got more downloads in only a few hours than all my other horses. I was like "huh, I guess she does have a really unique look to her."
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    Jason had a phobia about birthday cakes.
    He tried to explain to Kelley that he didn't mind having a party for Therese but he just couldn't stand the idea of having a birthday cake.
    "Jason, you can't have a birthday party without a birthday cake. I didn't mind for my birthday or when they were babies and wouldn't remember but Therese will remember this birthday. She deserves to have a cake."
    "But I don't want it to be memorable because the cake bursts into flames and someone dies in the fire!"
    "Look, I know all about your feeling that 'in a past life' or something like that you actually died in a birthday cake fire. But I just can't deprive our children of their own cakes. I don't want to pass this fear on to them and I don't want to give them depressing non-parties. You can stand way away from the cake and we'll have a smoke detector."
    Jason still wasn't sure when the time to come for Therese to become a child. He stood outside the kitchen looking worried.
    "Jason, can you at least look happy?" Kelley said, hiding her frustration with a big smile. "This is a big day for our little girl."
    "Is this better?" Jason asked as he forced himself to ignore the cake and celebrate his little baby girl growing up.
    "Much better."
    Even little Nathaniel crawled over to see his older sister have her birthday party.
    Kelley was a little tired, although happy, and she thought Jason was overcompensating but she was glad it at least appeared happy for Therese.
    Before they knew it Therese had aged up into a pretty little girl, even if the aging up had left her slightly cross-eyed.
    She definitely takes after her mother the most, only with daddy's green eyes.
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    Sorry for the really short update but my Internet is acting up and it is taking forever to upload pictures or post updates. I will try again later or perhaps tomorrow. For anyone interested in the origin of Jason's "phobia" it's because it really did happen. I was playing one night way back before he even met Kelley (or maybe he had hired her and just not noticed her in that way) when he was still with Benni and it was time for him to become an adult. I invited all his acquaintances and Benni and had an outdoors party. So when the cake caught on fire ...
    there were no smoke alarms. I tried to have Jason put it out and since he was the only one on the lot that I controlled he was the only one who tried.
    Everyone else stood around freaking out. You can see a still-alive Benni freaking out behind him there. I was snapping pics because I expected it would be over soon. Then he died and the Grim Reaper showed up.
    I ended up staring at my game in shock for a few minutes before deciding I didn't want to lose him since I had just restarted not that long ago. So I closed without saving and lost like 3 hours of playing. After that I admit I was nervous about another birthday cake disaster and I thought it would be a funny thing to put in that he was afraid of cakes.

    Hopefully more updates later!
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    lol nice. I've had a birthday cake fire once. It destroyed my whole dining room... Those cakes are dangerous!
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    They are dangerous! Any future fire I'm getting all the people out of the way and calling 911. It was almost as bad as the time in an earlier Sims version (did they have pets in the first Sims?) when the guy wanted to have an big event to propose and set off some fireworks. They went up and came straight back down onto him and his girlfriend and since it exploded on them there was no 'stop, drop and roll.' Then the dog came over to see what was happening and caught on fire as well. They all died except for one other dog. When I told a friend she was like 'did you close without saving? That way it never happened.' I was like "uh, no I never thought of that."

    This time I was like "Oh hell no! I am not losing him in a stupid birthday cake fire!"
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    LOL, poor Jason. I can understand the phobia. And I love how aging up leaves the kids cross-eyed for a moment. It never fails to make me laugh.
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    The morning after her birthday party Therese headed off for her first day of school.
    She was so excited it seemed as though her feet didn't even touch the ground as she ran for the bus.
    Unfortunately in his stress over the cake Jason forgot about the bills again and the repo person came and took the dishwasher.
    Nathaniel seemed to love the horses. He met Salsa Dancer first.
    Meanwhile it was time for Bella to be sold. Kelley was proud that she had trained Bella herself so she was the one who brought her to the Equestrian Center, right after she had gone over to City Hall to register as a horsewoman.
    She had 9 in racing and 6 in jumping and sold for $9,771 which instantly elevated Kelley up several levels on the horsewoman career track.
    Late that night they kept hearing weird noises. They discovered they had a visitor who just loved the TV.

    The morning Therese started school morning Jason realized that Salsa Dancer was not the young stallion he had been anymore. He started to worry if he would be able to go the distance for 50 foals. He decided to try a potion that was supposed to restore youth to horses. He was a little skeptical because the guy on the infomercial had seemed almost too enthusiastic and the 'effects' shown could have easily been CGI. But for one easy payment of $19.95 how could he go wrong?
    Thinking it hadn't worked Jason turned away and somehow missed the dramatic effect on Salsa Dancer.
    Salsa Dancer certainly seemed to be invigorated. He nuzzled Jason as a thank you ...
    ... and then went off to romance S'mores.
    That night Therese couldn't wait to tell them all about her first day of school.
    After dinner Kelley worked with Nathaniel on talking.
    While Jason fixed the shower.
    He had become quite the handyman.
    After school Therese always did her homework and since she went through it so quickly Kelley and Jason started to wonder if she might be a genius. After that she was willing to help out with some chores.
    Then she went to get to know some of the horses.
    Nathaniel was growing faster every day. Jason spent a while helping him learn to walk.
    Jason was proud of his little boy.
    Nathaniel had even become quite a talent on the xylophone.
    Even his big sister loved him.
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