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Toddler Pictures - Show off your toddler pictures here

KitsunegalKitsunegal Posts: 775 New Member
Hey Everyone,

Recently I have been on a lot of picture threads, and finally decided to do one of my own. I did some looking around and I have been unable to locate a active toddler thread to show off my toddlers. So I when I decided to make a picture thread, I decided to do it on toddlers. With that said, I would love to see everyone's toddler pictures, whether they are toddlers born-in-game or created in CAS. Also they can be anything from action shots (meaning of the toddler doing an action) or pictures taken when you planned a new outfit or changed their little hairstyles.

Types of everyone can post:
- In game (do not post the toddler going potty, anything else should be okay)
- As mentioned if you prefer to take pictures of them while changing their look, I would love to see those.
- Interactions with family members (mom, dad, brothers, sisters)
- If you want to post what they looked like a little older then you can, (just try to keep it up to kid)
- They can be pictures of toddlers from legacies or from non-legacy games (as not everyone likes doing legacy style games)

I was going to put what is not allowed on this post, but I didn't want this thread to turn into a discussion about what I wrote. So try to keep comments about other people's toddlers positive. Not everyone has the same definition of cute.

Also I know I put this thread in a place where threads go to die. As people call the Sims and Modeling section for posting picture threads. I find that sometimes its better to bookmark a thread like this so you can easily find it even if it is not on the first page.

I forgot to mention this above, but put captions to your pictures. Names and all.

I'll post a couple to start the thread off:

This is Belle Potter, I created her in CAS but when I placed her in game she became my Lennox heir Delphine's step daughter.

This little guy was named after Brom Lennox (who is found with his wife and kid daughter in my studio) His full name is Brom Storm (his dad is one of Brom Lennox's sons)

This is Brom again but it is to show his eyes which are his mother's.


  • Sadie0237Sadie0237 Posts: 1,036
    edited December 2010
    Toddlers are just about my favorite part of the game. I have tons of them! I'll just share a few pictures so I don't overload you. :)

    My first twin toddlers in my game. I don't even have this family anymore:

    Another old family:

    Random adorablness:

    Blue babies!

    My cutest toddlers:
    Below are the daughters of the toddler above:
    He had three:
    They've grown. The oldest two are teens and the youngest is still a child. I've gotten so far in that family.

    More babies:

    What did I say about picture overload? Well, sorry. I really like toddlers. :mrgreen:

    That's all I have. I promise.
  • SsjdbzvegSsjdbzveg Posts: 852
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  • WaffleAwesomenessWaffleAwesomeness Posts: 433 Member
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    I might have something
  • KitsunegalKitsunegal Posts: 775 New Member
    edited December 2010
    Sadie0237: I so don't mind the overload. They are all so cute. I love the expression on the blue female toddler's face.

    KelleD014: I love the picture of Jill and Issac, it is touching. ^-^

    Ssjdbzveg: Awesome pictures. Both toddlers are vampire's right? And I love the color of the hair in the first one.

    hamsterlover16: Wonderful pic, I love the blue eyes of the toddler in the second picture as well as the red hair and green eyes in the first. ^-^

    I have some more pictures:

    This first set is from my Prince Legacy (I'll post the parents pics so you can see the genetics but they'll just be links).

    This is my founder Anthea Lennox:

    Her hubby Leron (formerly Blaze) :

    They had five kids (one is currently a teen, one is a kid and the last three are toddlers) :
    Helios (He is the one that is currently a teen in game)

    Melpomene (the only girl and soon to be heir and she is a kid in game)

    (her last set where triplets)



    Helios after he aged up to a kid hugging Mel who was still a toddler

    Mel in the toy box

    Helios' birthday

    The triplet boys together:

    With the exception of Cadmus all the kids ended up with a flat nose as a toddler. Cadmus' nose is what I'm use to seeing on a toddler. Aeneas is also my random gene baby, as neither parent has blond hair or brown eyes. Khalid...well is it me or does he have reddish skin? Oh and Sadie0237, I think your the one who told me hopefully they would grow into the nose. Helios did, his nose is exactly the same as his dad's. So I'm guessing the rest of the boys will get that same nose.

    Here is another little cutie from a different game. He is like the great-grandson to the Lennox family found in my studio (his grandmother is Fortuna, who is found as a kid in my studio and his grandfather is Mortimer Goth). His mother is the first born out of the family who married a CAS created sim with the last name Harper. I love the boy's eyes, because they don't come from any member of his family. They look close to the Goth black eyes, but yet not.

    His name is Aragon (in game he is a teen or he was the last time I played the game)

  • ChemicalwibsChemicalwibs Posts: 6,345 Member
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    Aww, cute toddlers everyone :wink: I just played earlier and took these pictures of Juliette:





  • KitsunegalKitsunegal Posts: 775 New Member
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    Chemicalwibs: What a cute little girl.

    This is kind of a bump and to post more pictures of toddlers.
    From the game that I have the Lennox family in.

    This is Helios Royal, his dad is one of the grandsons of Brom Lennox, and his wife was a secondary choice for founder for a legacy (which ended up being Anthea Prince).

    Here is Amarante Dusk (her mom was a granddaughter or one of them to Brom Lennox as well. Her mom, Ambrosette was like the only good looking girl out of the family (next to her mom)

    This little guy is Gunther II Goth (he is the only Goth named Grandson.

    Last (at least for now) this is Elysia Harper (named after her Great-Grandmother Elysia Lennox.

    This is her and her mother Terena Harper (nee Goth) who looks a lot like her own mother Fortuna, scratch that, she got her looks from her mother, her twin and younger sister have more of the Goth family features:
  • IzabelliIzabelli Posts: 1,422 Member
    edited December 2010
    What cute toddlers! Here is my toddler:
    I think his hair is very cute. I also love his smile. :D
    Have a nice day everyone! :)
  • JKAmaryllisJKAmaryllis Posts: 3,741 Member
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    ChemicalWibs she MIGHT be the cutest toddler I've seen!

    Sooo I have kind of a goofy one.
    [img]http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4084/5197004890_1f93cc5090_b.jpg "width=640"[/img]
    This toddler is "unsure". ;)
    Steam: JKAmaryllis
  • starling68starling68 Posts: 3,352 Member
    edited December 2010
    This is Gracie Hope, the Generation 2 heiress of my legacy.

    Just a couple more pics (:

    Her parents, Violet and Romeo

    (Do you mind if I post a pic of her as a YA?)
  • SsjdbzvegSsjdbzveg Posts: 852
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    Yes, they're both vampires<3


  • KitsunegalKitsunegal Posts: 775 New Member
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    Izabelli : I love his smile as well. ^-^

    JKAmaryllis: She's cute, and I've never seen a toddler do that before.

    starling68: She's cute, and no I don't mind the young adult picture.

    Ssjdbzveg: What's the girl's name? I love how she is hugging a truck close to her like that.

    I have some more toddlers, but this time its from a family I just recently created. In CAS I created a boyfriend and Girlfriend, in the end the guy took her last name. I'm going to post the links so you can see the genetics.

    The twins parents:
    Rowena Ravensmere

    Hesperos (it means Evening) Ravensmere (nee Comet)

    They had two twin boys (which are now toddlers)
    Conall (means Strong wolf in Irish)


    Conall got his mother's hair color and father's eyes while his twin has his father's hair and eyes. The following Sim day Rowena gave birth to twin girls, Nyx and Ceridwen. When they age to toddler I'll post those pictures.
  • notshortfunsizenotshortfunsize Posts: 951 Member
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    Literally my cutest toddler ever Myla(and that's saying a LOT lol)
  • AngieBastienAngieBastien Posts: 3,003 New Member
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    I love this thread idea :!:

    This is my very first family I ever played, my simself and my bf! Our first birth was a set of twins! Kyle and Skott!

    This is my first simself with our second birth and our third child, Mary-Alice !

    Gunther Goth and his adopted daughter, Morticia ♥

    Greta Whitmore with one of her sons ☼

    Martin and Nautica French playing with their blocks table !
  • simsgal2227simsgal2227 Posts: 12,279 Member
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    Baby being born:


    Bad pic, but I didn't take many of them xD.





  • AngieBastienAngieBastien Posts: 3,003 New Member
    edited December 2010
    Cute pics! Love their clothes ♥
  • KitsunegalKitsunegal Posts: 775 New Member
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    simsgal2227: Cute toddlers. The one with the second one isn't that bad, it looks like a picture that you can make an interesting caption for.

    AngieBastien: Cute pictures. I like that you have pictures of the different families you have played. I think the cutest for me was the one with Gunther and his daughter.

    Notshortfunsize: She's cute. ^-^

    As mentioned on my last post the Ravensmere's had two twin girls after the boys I showed. They just aged up to toddler so here they are.

    Nyx Ravensmere

    Ceridwen Ravensmere (Nyx's younger twin).

    Ceri somehow got dark brown hair and blue eyes. While her twin has both genetic traits from her mother.

    Now of their older twin brothers and their parents.
    (the boys were learning how to walk)

    This is after Hyperion was done, it was such a cute picture, I just had to share it.

    My legacy grew and Aiode, Melpomene's first child, aged to toddler.
    Aiode (who has her grandmother's hair color and possibly her grandpa's eyes, its hard to tell since Anthea and Leron have similar eye color)

    Aiode with Melpomene

    Melpomene just had triplets so I'll post those when they age up. I can tell you their names. The first born was named Rumi (since her dad's name is Japanese), Euterpe (another Greek muse name), and Zoe.
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  • KitsunegalKitsunegal Posts: 775 New Member
    edited December 2010

    I needed to bump the thread, and I wanted to show the triplet Prince girls. Also Before they were born, I had Cadmus (Melpomene's little brother, or rather one of them) get married and then get his wife pregnant before having them move to her parents house. They have a little girl who I will show off here.

    First Maranda Willett, daughter of Cadmus (nee Prince) and Jackie. She has her grandpa, Leron's hair and grandma Anthea's eye color.

    Now the triplet girls:
    The first born of the three, Rumi (Has Anthea's hair color, but father's eyes)

    Euterpe (Has mother's hair and I think her eyes)

    Zoe (she has her father's hair color)

    All three girls together
  • akstz1099akstz1099 Posts: 1,687 Member
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    My 2 favorite toddlers!


  • AngieBastienAngieBastien Posts: 3,003 New Member
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    Kit!! Your latest posts are incredible !!!! Wow gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous :mrgreen:
  • KitsunegalKitsunegal Posts: 775 New Member
    edited December 2010
    akstz1099: Nathan is so cute, I love how he is posed with the bear.

    AngieBastien: Thank you. ^-^ Oh and Conall and Hyperion are kids. Also my legacy family (namely Zoe, Euterpe, and Rumi and even Aiode are teens now)

    Now my latest toddler
    This is Andromeda Ravensmere, and the youngest child of Rowena and her husband.
  • akstz1099akstz1099 Posts: 1,687 Member
    edited December 2010
    @Kit: Thanks!

    Andromeda is adorable! I recently named a baby Andromeda, also!
  • KitsunegalKitsunegal Posts: 775 New Member
    edited December 2010
    akstz1099 wrote:
    @Kit: Thanks!

    Andromeda is adorable! I recently named a baby Andromeda, also!

    Your welcome ^-^. And thank you. The Ravensmere family has some pretty cool genetics going on. The mom Rowena has purple hair and teal eyes and her husband Hesperos has that aqua hair and those type of eyes that Andromeda has. Their face shots are on the first page of the thread with their first set of twins. Andromeda has the same hair and eye color as her dad and older brother Hyperion. Which is cool. And one of her older sisters has the same hair and eyes as the mom, I think Nyx.

    When I was naming the kids I looked at the parents names Rowena I think is Welsh and Hesperos is a Greek name possibly from mythology. So the oldest got the name Conall from Irish or Welsh mythology, Hyperion is from Greek mythology..and you get the picture with the naming scheme. I thought Andromeda was the best name to fit in there, I also like Cassiopeia but I have used that name in a different game recently and did not want to repeat it so soon.

    Besides Andromeda is a cool name, not only is it from Greek mythology but its in Harry Potter. ^-^
  • KitsunegalKitsunegal Posts: 775 New Member
    edited December 2010
    This is a *bump* and to show off two new toddlers.

    I got LN for Christmas and my new Sims that I created that day had twin girls. Its funny because the mom was pregnant before the dad was turned and yet the girls are vamps.

    Here is Elaine Swift

    And here is her twin Sarah Swift

    (just so you can see the genetics of the parents before they turned here are the links to their pictures)

    Altair Swift (the dad) :

    Cerelia Swift :
  • ilovetaylorlatnerilovetaylorlatner Posts: 5,790 New Member
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    I think this is the most GORGEOUS toddler I have ever had, her name is Diana
    She is soooo cute! :mrgreen:
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