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Exotic World


  • cazg1974cazg1974 Posts: 139 New Member
    edited August 2010
    Thanks Stw402, i am looking forward to playing again when you put the ammended lighting one in, i love your world so much and really want to make it my permanent play world, so whilst i wait i think i will just concentrate on a bit of lot building.
    Thanks again :-)
  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,921 Member
    edited September 2010
    Oh gosh, I almost forgot to report this. Leastwise, it may be a report of something wrong. Since you've done so much with this world, I'm not sure if this is a found floating street lamp, or, if you put it on the cliff face intentionally :)

    Anyway, this is across from the diner and library lot.

  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited September 2010
    I will see what I can do about some empty lots, I've made the shimmer lot more user friendly by removing the entrance shimmers, it still a pretty annoying lot to play thou with all that electrical sounds going on, If you do have any problems, you have a entire 2 levels for expansion under the lot, so you can live underground. I've killed the flying street lamp :lol: , that was something I must have missed.

    The lighting was far more complex than I first thought, but I do think I've found a happy medium that I'm happy with.

    Currently the only downside with the current new set of lighting files is about 2 hours during sunrise during a stormy day, the world looks dark during this time. I think this is something I can live with, I mean this does not happen every day and in a real storm it would be dark and even this light still looks brighter than it was.

    This is latest test pics I was playing with.
    Cloudy day, you can clearly see the floor and details.

    This is the worse day you can get a stormy day with dark clouds, thou I've actual made this slightly brighter since this pic was taken, you can still make out the detail of the Sim inside the school bus

    A new dramatic sunset, to keep in the theme of exotic world, I've actual made the sunset a little shorter in time, so the nighttime lighting will kick in.

    A clear day, everything is good.

    The lighting is still open to change, but I think I'm getting close to the end result.

    Thanks again :D

  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,921 Member
    edited September 2010
    The lighting looks much better to me. Thank you for working on this. Of course, you would have gotten a really good laugh if you could have seen me playing with my nose almost pressed against the monitor :lol:

    Glad I got the info to you on the light before you were ready to upload your new file. I'm looking forward to trying this world again when you get the link back up.

    EDIT - Oops, almost forgot to say thanks again for working on the shimmer house. You may be right about it being too distracting to play for long but if nothing else, it's an interesting landmark for Exotic World :)

    Hope you can get a few empty lots placed. If you can't do it successfully with CAW, somehow I think the end user may not have much success accomplishing this with the world editor.
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited September 2010
    Well like you, I'm also a player, I see the same problems you will see, if I was not happy with something, I would not expect anybody else to be, so the lighting needed to be changed. I've still got to place in some empty lots and test the new version and edit the files so I can re-upload, but that should not take to long.
    So early hours Wednesday morning is looking good for the reupload.

    I will make a new thread for version two, with some new cover shots, it will just confuse people viewing the thread if I place the upload on this thread.

  • JadeleineJadeleine Posts: 1,997 Member
    edited September 2010
    I downloaded and played little. It´s very beautiful and perfect for my scifi themed story. Thank you! It´s a little bright, but sims look great!
  • Cyberqueen13Cyberqueen13 Posts: 2,834 Member
    edited September 2010
    Wonderful work! The weather is great! Awesome Mod doesn't work once I installed this world (on ANY of my towns now). Has anyone else got anything to say about Awesome Mod working or not working?
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited September 2010
    Hi Cyberqueen13

    When you install a world the file gets installed to the following location

    C:\Users\Your Name\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\InstalledWorlds

    This is the location of Exotic World after you have done a install, first thing to do is check you have the Exotic World.world file in this location.

    It should also contain the other worlds you have downloaded.

    Also have you deleted anything in the following folder recently:-

    You can find this here:-
    C:\Users\YOUR NAME\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3

    I belief this contains index file, that tells the game what is installed, you will need place the file back, you can either reinstall the world or put the file back from your recycle bin. This should allow you to select your worlds again.

    To answer the question does this conflict with Awesome Mod, It's a world file, I cannot see any reason why a world file would conflict with this mod. If your having problems with that mod, you will need to speak to the designer, but I've been wrong before so I will download Awesome Mod and test the world with this mod.

    Post edited by Unknown User on
  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,921 Member
    edited September 2010
    I guess anything is possible but I can't imagine a world file conflicting with a mod.

    Stw, if you're going to try AwesomeMod to test and haven't used it before, a special step is necessary to uninstall it safely so that you don't mess up your save. Regina posted the step on CustomSims3 not too long ago, so here is a link to that post: http://www.customsims3.com/smf/index.php?topic=2786.0

    You may already be aware of that but I just wanted to be sure you did know.
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited September 2010
    It's been a long time since I used that mod, thanks for the info DD, I currently use a toned down version of this mod that I made myself, it just gives me the ability to edit the stuff myself without the need of messing about with another mod.

    Anyway, I did play the game with the mod installed and had no problems, other than it conflicts with my mod that I use to play the game, but worked fine when I removed this. Just something of note here, when I do build a world, I build them on mod free games, I don't even have store objects installed when I build worlds. It reduces the risk of anything not working.

  • msg2010msg2010 Posts: 6
    edited September 2010
    Finally found the right post :)
    (So ignore my post on your other topic)
    sorry about that.
    Does Exotic Worlds require
    World adventures and Ambitions to play?
    I only have the base game and the launcher
    didn't say anything was missing but when it was loading it "x"ed off on me D:
    And when looking at your lots that you used a lot of them say they need world adventures and ambitions.
    Is this correct? :)

    Thank you.
  • msg2010msg2010 Posts: 6
    edited September 2010
    Never mind,
    It works with Ambitions :)
  • Cyberqueen13Cyberqueen13 Posts: 2,834 Member
    edited September 2010
    Thanks for trying to help me with the Mod issue. I will look into it more with your suggestions. Thanks. I do love this world. It is so very unique. I especially love all of the weather changes. I come here when I get bored with the weather in other towns and need something different. I just wanted to make sure that if I got the mod working again that it wouldn't conflict with the crazy awesome things that go on in your world. Thanks again.
  • Cyberqueen13Cyberqueen13 Posts: 2,834 Member
    edited September 2010
    I uninstalled then re-installed my mod and now it is working again. Haven't tried it in your world yet, but will check now. Thanks again.
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited September 2010
    I hope it works for you.

    Currently working on a new project, you can find more info about this new world here:-


    Building exotic world was learning curve, the new world will take that learning and try to improve over the original design.

  • Cyberqueen13Cyberqueen13 Posts: 2,834 Member
    edited September 2010
    Well it works fine! Oh, and I saw the new world you are working on. Very exciting. I have it book marked. I don't like taking the time to load the vacation spots, so Sand Point will be nice to live in and do some adventures whenever my sim :) get's bored.
  • snuttdisnuttdi Posts: 270 Member
    edited September 2010

    I've been off the boards for awhile longer than I thought! How could I have missed this world! It looks wonderful!

    I can't wait until you have the download link up again because I sure am going to download it and play it!

    Thanks for all the helpful info links you provided as well!

    Looks like you did a fantastic job!
  • daveeeddaveeed Posts: 9 New Member
    edited October 2010
    Great world, love what you have created.
    I do have a quick question though...Where do you get the animated train from? Does it actually go around the railway?

    Cheers. :)
  • CouriervaughanCouriervaughan Posts: 20,570 Member
    edited October 2010
    The world look awesome
  • Cyron43Cyron43 Posts: 8,055 Member
    edited November 2010
    Stw402 wrote:
    I will make a new thread for version two, with some new cover shots, it will just confuse people viewing the thread if I place the upload on this thread.

    Is this thread up already? Can you give us a link, please?
    This space is for rent.
  • GREENEYAGREENEYA Posts: 7,818 Member
    edited December 2010
    I do not understand.
    The description says that this world has no cc in it, but it is noticeable that it has cc in it.
  • VaelynnVaelynn Posts: 272
    edited December 2010
    Good stuff. I like your world and also what you did to some of the lots. Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. :D
  • hazelmyhazelmy Posts: 22
    edited January 2011
    Wait, where is the link?
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited January 2011
    Sorry about the delay


  • ladydragonfly02ladydragonfly02 Posts: 7
    edited February 2011
    This is GREAT :shock: I love this world. Are you updating this world for LN? I'm sure gonna bookmark this and keep watch.
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