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Exotic World

Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member

This is my first world that I've fully completed for the sims 3 and my first world I've uploaded to the exchange.

Exotic world is fully play tested.



The Story

Hope Island is a picturesque development on the northern end of the Gold Coast.
In 2012 hope Island broke away from the gold coast, and became to the locals the Exotic world.


YEAR 2020

The Coast area


Here summers are warm, or even hot, with a three-month period when rain rarely falls. When it does rain in this season it is heavy and often associated with thunder. Sunshine is abundant, as much as eleven to twelve hours a day in summer and five in midwinter.

Winters are generally mild and sunny but this pleasant weather is often interrupted by very changeable cold and blustery weather brought by a northerly wind called the mistral. This blows with particular strength in the Exotic valley and around the coast area.

The Mountainous Regions

These areas are the wettest and coldest regions of Exotic World and much of the winter precipitation is snow. Winter sports are best developed in this area and Pyrenees but can be pursued for a shorter period in the other mountain regions. The weather and climate of the is very similar to that found in the Swiss Alps. Plans for a special Xmas Exotic world are already in the planning stages of the local Sims.

Central Eastern Island


Summers also tend to be a little warmer. Rainfall is generally low and tends to fall in summer when it is often associated with thunderstorms.
Winters become colder towards the east and they are not any warmer farther south. In winter occasional very cold spells can occur. There is a definite increase in summer warmth in the south and an increase in sunshine from an average of seven to nine hours a day. This is also home of the main city area for exotic island, most people come here for jobs.

On the north end of the island, a oriental housing zone was established, this was attempt by the city council to introduce a higher cultural level to the island.

Western Island


This is mainly a lowland region, winters are generally mild and cold spells do not last for long.
The summers are significantly warmer and sunnier than in eastern Island. They can be rather wet, particularly towards the border, but the rain tends to be heavy and of short duration. Summers have more sunshine and longer spells of settled weather than farther north.
This area also contains a small french rural area and a medieval castle. Also home for the main science and industry area and boast some great nighttime shopping area's

North Island


Low-lying and rather flat area, there are some high mountain regions around the small island. Since 2015, the military have used this area, still some people live in this area and rumors that several archeologist have set up camp to explore some new ruins bring this place some interest.



* Edit INI files
* All Rabbit holes
* Animated Train
* 122 Lots
* Compressed to reduce loading times.
* DX5 Textures used
* Vista used on the lots
* Texture sounds used
* Street names
* Lighting used on roads
* Emitters used inside lot, will only activate after one save, you will hear a bang the second time you load in the world, to tell you the emitters are working correctly
* Hiking area's used
* The Tricksters Dungeon, 5 levels of death and chaos
* Effects used on world map
* Spawners used in a balanced way
* Working Rainbow
* Edited Moon
* Edited Rabbit Holes
* Edited Posters inside the theater
* Working Ambitions lots with a new fire station

Exotic World
Download Link

Currently down, for maintenance, will be re uploaded soon


With permission, the rest of the lots are made by me or are edited EA Lots.

Hillside Wedding Chapel
By rinirae

Briarwood Farm

Lone Artist Loft by EQ $39,475
by EuphorialQueen

Greenwood Waterfall
by glitzyangel

Romantic Oasis
by glitzyangel

Treehouse Camp
by glitzyangel

Weeb's Cottage
by glitzyangel

21st Century Central Park
by magician1

Doo P's 5 Towers Centre
by magician1

The Villa Dubai
by magician1

Starter Cottage under 16K
by magician1

Ocean's 11
by magician1

Mystical Lodge
by Euka

Pinehearst Science Lab
by Euka

Archeologist Camp Site
by Euka

White Wash Delight
by Euka

Irish Rose Cottage
by cerridyn

All the designers of the world have been given credit inside the game for the lots they designed in form a plaque that your sim can read and it will state the designer of the lot.


Here is a full list of all the guides and CAW stuff I used while building this world:

I started a building a world guide, it's split into 12 parts, the guide will cover all the trick I used to build this world.

1-6 http://builders.forumotion.net/caw-101-f122/building-a-world-part-1-6-t1007.htm

7-10 http://builders.forumotion.net/caw-101-f122/advanced-tutorial-tweaking-your-worlds-custom-sea-sky-rabbit-holes-emitters-t1013.htm

11-12 http://builders.forumotion.net/caw-101-f122/building-a-world-part-11-t1187.htm

Large Address Aware


Spillway Ambitions missing object from CAW


Replacement Dungeons
Pack contain a replacement exotic world dungeon

World Specific Params files

How to re-upload worlds to the exchange

Exotic World Household Sims
This pack contains 44 sim households to used with exotic world, all the sims are based around lifetime wants


The world contains a large number of custom graphics, all the change are limited to this world only, you will not be able distribute the graphic changes inside any lots you design in this world. The world is mod free and nothing will be installed other than the world file.





Currently I've tested the world so it's very playable, I will continue to monitor for errors. A update will be made to the world after the next ep, anything you find wrong with the world, if you list the errors I will to try to correct them.





  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,929 Member
    edited August 2010
    Looks amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing it in game.

    The thread with your sim pack download doesn't say one way or the other whether or not cc was used, i.e. non-default skins. Could you please clarify?
  • auntielyndsauntielynds Posts: 3,071 Member
    edited August 2010
    This is absolutely beautiful Stw. I only had an overall look tonight, but it is breathtaking. I'm moving my sims in and settling down. I can't wait to explore more, it feels so big, and I'm still getting lost. :mrgreen:
  • MATZMATZ Posts: 1,854 New Member
    edited August 2010
    LOVE IT!
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited August 2010
    DOLLDRMS1 - No custom content used in the sims

    auntielynds - Getting lost can be a problem, It did take a few hours to get the lay of the land. The basics are, Rabbit holes in the east Island, cummonity lots in the west town with the factory, science in the north west and military in the northeast.

    MATZ Cheers mate
  • JadeleineJadeleine Posts: 2,007 Member
    edited August 2010
    It´s beautiful! I love the water colour.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,248 Member
    edited August 2010
    Wow, Stw! What a Beautiful world. :shock: Love it. :mrgreen:
  • ClayworldClayworld Posts: 1,106 Member
    edited August 2010
    I'm so excited to try it out Stw. I've been watching your progress here and at Magician's forum. You are such an artist.

    Curses that RL won't give me much time this weekend.
  • JudilandJudiland Posts: 2,332 Member
    edited August 2010
    Awsomw world! Congratulations. It is a real accomplishment.
  • JohnnywrJohnnywr Posts: 2,927 Member
    edited August 2010
    Looks incredible Stw402, a truly unique world. I think this is going to be very popular.
  • white_lily_1988white_lily_1988 Posts: 1,664 Member
    edited August 2010
    This world is Absolutely Stunning! :thumbup: I love it! :P Everything is customized, even the hot baloons that fly around - Wow! You did an amazing job! There are so many interesting places to visit and I like those train stops and how the bridges go above the train track. Amazing :!:
  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,929 Member
    edited August 2010
    This isn't a commentary post but a question. I noticed there are no empty lots. Because of all the effects you have used I wasn't sure whether people can try to put lots down or if that should be avoided.

    I can't leave a long comment on the world itself because I am testing another world for someone and slipped this in last night to get a look at it. "Exotic" is an understatement :lol:

    I played so briefly, commenting is a little premature. I did come back to the Exchange and recommend it. It's definitely worth installing to see! I also installed 7 of the sims you created and played briefly with 4 of them and loved them. I think all, 44 isn't it, of them are going to end up installed in my game.

    I did try playing inside the house that shimmers and it's impossible to stay in for long. The shimmer effect is so dense that you can't see the interior to have the sim do anything. I didn't look at it in buy/build more but feel sure that is a fog emitter effect. I haven't played around with the emitters. Can that effect be turned off, tuned down, something?
  • MrCrumplebottom1MrCrumplebottom1 Posts: 1,843 Member
    edited August 2010
    This is a really awesome world! I love what you've done (changing the water and sky etc.)

    I have played a little bit and loving it so far!
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited August 2010
    I Definitely plan on installing this one for a try. I have admired it from afar for a while now. Nice tuturial on getting that train animated. So many extras (for both users and other creators as well), you deserve a big pat on the back for triple A effort, extreme generousity to your fellow creators by sharing all that you've learned, and astounding creativity for sure.

    A big two thumbs up in my view!!!!

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

    In dreams - I LIVE!
    In REALITY, I simply exist.....

  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited August 2010
    Very nice! :shock: I am going to try this one out as well, it looks impressive. I can't imagine how many hours you put into this world.
  • aralysaralys Posts: 1 New Member
    edited August 2010
    I really LOVE this world... It's by far the best I have seen. I am having a problem with it though. Every time I click to Load the world it stops loading at around 25% I'd say and just shuts the game down... I really want to play this world :cry: Please if you have any insight as to why this is happening I would love to know so I can fix the problem and PLAY!! :mrgreen:

    Thanks a bunch
  • cazg1974cazg1974 Posts: 139 New Member
    edited August 2010
    i absolutely love this world so much, it runs nice and smooth, i think the sunsets look amazing, the weather system is also good, but just a small problem i find, when playing in the daytime its really dark, sometimes when it is heavily overcast, its hard for me to see anything, especially as i have my sim ride her bike everywhere, just slightly too dark, but i overcome it because i do think its the best world i ever played, i can imagine how much hard work was put into it and lots of time to complete.
    Thanks so much for brining a totally brilliant and unique world to us.
  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited June 2011
    I agree with what Cazg stated, I really like this world but ended up deleting it as it is entirely too dark. I ended up getting frustrated when I couldn't even see my Sim during the middle of the day outside his home. This picture was taken just afternoon.

    Can you spot my Sim? I had taken this when the phone was ringing just so you could see where he was. Maybe I am just blind but that is a bit too much darkness for me to enjoy the game. You did a great job of it and I loved the way you customized everything.

    Edit: Removed pic.
    Post edited by Unknown User on
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited August 2010
    Load of replys, I've been out and about this weekend and when I tried to reply yesterday, I couldn't get on the forum and my broadband was playing up.

    Jadeleine - Man thanks

    Rflong7 - Cheers

    Clayworld - Sorry you need to work the weekend, that's a right pain

    Judiland - Many thanks :D

    Johnnywr- I would like think the world can be enjoyed.

    white_lily_1988 - Very nice compliment about the world many thanks

    DOLLDRMS1 - "I noticed there are no empty lots. Because of all the effects you have used I wasn't sure whether people can try to put lots down or if that should be avoided." You can remove any lots you wish to change, with no problems, I can tell I plan to release the CAW files next weekend, so you can edit the world anyway you choose.

    The sims are very good, I've been using them myself, I tried to match the sims to the lifetime wish. I've enjoyed using them anyway.

    "I did try playing inside the house that shimmers and it's impossible to stay in for long."
    The shimmer house was really a concept house, it never really got the update it did deserve for the world, I will be a update to this lot next week end, a more user friendly version.

    MrCrumplebottom1- Many thanks I'm pleased your ebjoying the world

    Writin_Reg - Many thanks, for such a nice compliment, I do have a moto, Share what you learn, if it help just one person then it's worth the trouble.

    DarkMirage - Lost count how many, to many sleepless nights, 2 months I think, thou I was doing other things, like working, sleeping and family stuff.

    aralys - "Load the world it stops loading at around 25% I'd say and just shuts the game down... I really want to play this world Please if you have any insight as to why this is happening I would love to know so I can fix the problem and PLAY!! "
    The World was installed into a empty My document folder, it did have a 10 days of play testing, so at this point I'm ruling out it's the world. So what you can try and do, is remove any mods first and test then. Make backups...
    If that fails, try removing your My document Sim folder and let the game spawn a new folder then reinstall the world and see if that works.
    Also the world is not tested with Awesome Mod, I can't see while it would conflict with this, if you do use this mod, recheck without the mod installed.
    Also you do WA & ambitions to make it work. Good luck

    cazg1974 - I'm currently not to happy with the darkness during the daytime, I will be looking into a new daytime lighting system which you should be able to install into your current world, check back next weekend for this

    DarkMirage - As above, really, I'm planning a update for anybody who downloaded the world, and a version 2 with a improved daytime lighting, I've started to tweak this already.

  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited August 2010
    Stw, that is good to know, I look forward to trying this world again when you get it updated. Thanks for the reply.
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited August 2010
    I've done some test already, it's very easy to remove the INI files that control the lights, this did take my just 5 minutes to do and this is on my current save game:-


    So what I've decided to do, is but together a small update pack for anybody who downloaded version 1 so it does not mess up any saves, and just re-upload a version 2 with the improved lighting files. I will be working on this the moment I get chance.

    The end of the day, most of you reading this will understand some of the problems you can get with worlds, it very easy to overlook something. We don't have the luxury of a team of play tested like EA have. Saying that have you seen all them floating trees near the sphinx in Egypt holiday location, somebody in EA missed that.

  • SimpsonloverSimpsonlover Posts: 475
    edited August 2010
    aralys wrote:
    I really LOVE this world... It's by far the best I have seen. I am having a problem with it though. Every time I click to Load the world it stops loading at around 25% I'd say and just shuts the game down... I really want to play this world :cry: Please if you have any insight as to why this is happening I would love to know so I can fix the problem and PLAY!! :mrgreen:

    Thanks a bunch

    I had this same problem. Clean out any worlds you don't use in the world.cache folder ( By deleting the sims and objects packages. ONLY FOR THE WORLDS YOU'VE UNINSTALLED) and your dc backup folders in sims 3, then uninstall this world. Then re-install it with a different browser.

    Btw this world looks amazing!
  • EkoggEkogg Posts: 189
    edited August 2010
    The colors / weather effects are amazing! Loving this world so far :P
    It can get a bit dark but I can still see everything just fine.

    It's currently the home to my billionth (maybe that's a stretch) legacy family. But I'm determined to keep this one going. :x

    >my avatar is the first sim born into the world, She's the daughter of my founder and Jeffrey Ashby :)
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited August 2010
    I'm tweaking up the new lighting files, they look much more crisp and less dark the the original, one of the problem with the original was the transition from day to night, I've gone back to the files I was using in the beta and tweaked them this is the latest file.
    You can see the sunset and all the details

    This is about as dark the world will get, no lights for being night and the sky in is dark with long shadows, you can still make out details etc.

    I will be uploading this soon, probable tonight or Wednesday.

  • DarkMirageDarkMirage Posts: 5,998 Member
    edited August 2010
    Wow, now that is much better, at least for these old eyes. Thanks so much, I really look forward to playing this world. It was very impressive from what I could see of it the first time.
  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,929 Member
    edited August 2010
    Awesome, you're redoing the lighting! I was coming back to tell you that I had to give up playing in this world because it was too dark for me to tell what I was doing half the time. For example, I had taken a sim to the cemetary at night to tour the mausoleum and when he came out I told him to harvest the life fruit plant. I was totally surprised when he turned around and then started harvesting from a tree. It was so dark that I had not even seen it. Additionally, I couldn't even see the mailbox in the front of my sims home for him to get mail after working an evening job.

    EDIT - Oh, I forgot to say thanks for considering updating the shimmering lot so it is useable and letting us know that lots could be added. However, if I add lots it will have to be with the world editor because I don't use CAW. That's not really the optimum way, imho, so if you feel inclined to add an empty lot or two to the second version for growth purposes, I certainly would not complain :)
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