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    I just want to know how to make the bilevel steps, but I don't know where to ask. :?
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    Amazing house Jack! I love how open to the outdoors it is and how it looks classy but tropical at the same time. Great job :D
  • duyguugudurduyguugudur Posts: 2,684 Member
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    Waow this is really amazing thread O.O I has just discovered it! :-o

    Thank you for creating it! :) I will bookmark this and will definitely try later!! :)

    I had just recently started a thread myself to ask help/opinion/feedback for my WIPs.. maybe i will share it here? :oops:

    Thank you for creating & sharing!

    @Jackmontc, looks sooo amazing!! :)really inspiring colours, clean & clear lines! Loved the outside bath area :mrgreen: good work!
  • MerryWiddowMerryWiddow Posts: 4,262 Member
    I just want to know how to make the bilevel steps, but I don't know where to ask. :?

    There are a lot of tutorials at the following link.

  • MerryWiddowMerryWiddow Posts: 4,262 Member
    Jackmontc wrote: »
    It's been a (very) long while since I checked in here.. but I'm still going!

    Let me know what you think, thanks in advance.

    Eagles Landing

    A truly luxurious residence in a Caribbean setting. Behind an unassuming façade, this two bedroom villa makes the most of the beachfront lot, with panoramic views from all the living areas. It has outdoor furniture at every turn and is the perfect place to escape the world, in your own private sanctuary. Sit back, relax, and enjoy...

    Download Link:

    Thanks :lol:

    Amazing Jack. I've left you a rec. I really love how you did the roof and the back deck.

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    HI merrywidow long time no see*HUGS* miss you an the others. i wondered wher that forum when i been looking for it an for got RL been busy i hadn't be able to find you in here till now XD was so lost in this Sims 4 forums.
    :) ~Sincerely, Yuna~
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    Wave's to MerryWidow. Have a wonderful weekend dear... <3
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    Hey there folks. Is anybody still around?
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