What should be included in the base game?



  • LavenderWoodLavenderWood Posts: 11 New Member
    Private Car & Swimming Pool
    Fashion designer, model career.
  • pingvinskinpingvinskin Posts: 4 New Member
    I think Parenthood and new paywalled infant stuff should be added to BG (at least a changing table and infants' development). Not to mention private cars, zodiac signs and chemisty/compatibility.
  • HikaruHitoHikaruHito Posts: 1 New Member
    Accessibility options! Wheelchairs, accessible beds, bathrooms, stair lifts, and ramps!
  • lexus20lexus20 Posts: 1,297 Member
    edited March 16
    Laundry & Bust the Dust
    I voted laundry because that is such a basic thing to have in your house. Pretty much every house I make in the game has a laundry room, in real life that is almost always the case too (at least where I live), so I think it makes my builds more realistic. It feels as weird to me to not include a laundry room than to not include a bathroom or kitchen. Hopefully TS5 will have it in the base game.
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