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The Official The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge [UPDATED ON DEC 29, 2018]


  • Zetshia1Zetshia1 Posts: 2 New Member
    I just started this but I forgot I have the "Babies for Everyone" mod and my sim impregnated her first boyfriend, as well as getting pregnant herself. Whoops :o I'm sure that mod is probably considered cheating but if I don't get her pregnant as an elder, and don't count the babies she unintentionally 'fathers' can I still do the challenge?
  • BrittSmith31BrittSmith31 Posts: 3 New Member
    > @Zetshia1 said:
    > I just started this but I forgot I have the "Babies for Everyone" mod and my sim impregnated her first boyfriend, as well as getting pregnant herself. Whoops :o I'm sure that mod is probably considered cheating but if I don't get her pregnant as an elder, and don't count the babies she unintentionally 'fathers' can I still do the challenge?

    that is hilarious!, and ya I'm having fun with it! I just started my youtube channel so I don't have many videos, or subscribers. I literally made it like a week ago! lol I'm hoping to build up my subscribers, i made a twitter to help boost my followers.
  • SylvSylv Posts: 885 Member
    Doing it! Going to finish it! My Sims 3 version stopped after the first baby... I plan on getting MUCH more babies than that :)
    Origin ID: SylvRo
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  • Redliner1960Redliner1960 Posts: 88 Member
    @Ashleigh825 Thanks for the challenge

    I am at a good spot to try a challenge and this one seems like a good place to start. Off I go to start the craziness!
  • JadeEmmaJadeEmma Posts: 93 Member
    I started this challenge on TS4 and currently am on my fifth child. The first time I started, my sim aspired to be a gardener, but that was difficult especially with raising a houseful of kids. I restarted and this time my sim is a writer with a lot more success!
  • Redliner1960Redliner1960 Posts: 88 Member
    I'm at 3 children and a pair of twins newly born... My girl paints and I'm hanging in there on cash, but I'm beginning to wonder just how many Matriarchs it's going to take to get even near 100! Not that it matters but I have had 4 boys and 1 girl (one of the new twins). Not sure how I'm handling sleeping when the 2 babies become children... "ponders the situation"
  • JadeEmmaJadeEmma Posts: 93 Member
    @Redliner1960 Before I restarted the challenge with my sim as a writer, she had two sets of twins (not at the same time) and the only time she slept was when she collapsed in exhaustion because she was the only one who could take care of them, and they would not stop crying. It was chaos!
  • Redliner1960Redliner1960 Posts: 88 Member
    She hasn't collapsed yet but she did have a bad incident involving a peeing herself mishap that involved one of the boys flopping down in the puddle to play with his toy horse.
    @JadeEmma thanks for the heads up... I'll try to stay ahead of the rest, food, kids and money! Oh and the WooHoo to keep on plopping. Makes you wonder what you were thinking starting this madness.
  • JadeEmmaJadeEmma Posts: 93 Member
    @Redliner1960 it's easier if you're a writer, I haven't tried a painter yet. But being a gardener is a rough challenge because it's so time consuming and draining on your mood. My sim also peed herself many times and found it hard to take a shower since she was so exhausted. She was a mess lol. Im also thinking about spacing out the kids a bit, so she'll have a teen to help her out, however, she seems to be doing fine at the moment.
  • Redliner1960Redliner1960 Posts: 88 Member
    Painting has worked very well also... not struggling for money anymore and I'm actually upgrading some items to help with moods and such. Two of my 6 kids are now teens and she's pregnant again. If I can keep this pace it would appear that the 7th Gen would have the 100th kid... just an estimate.
    @JadeEmma I will keep my eyes open for your progress!
  • JadeEmmaJadeEmma Posts: 93 Member
    @Redliner1960 I'll keep mine out for your progress as well! Having the 100th kid by the 7th Gen would be quite the accomplishment! I'm estimating at about the 10th gen right now for mine.
  • dobatochandobatochan Posts: 25 New Member
    You don't have to use the legacy challenge generator, you can use this one :D

    I'm glad someone added this! I've been wanting to do the 100 baby challenge but due to some problems in the sims 3, I couldn't finish it :\
  • Tammra101Tammra101 Posts: 2 New Member
    Looks fun, I enjoyed this challenge in Sims 3 but hated the lag. Looking forward to trying it in Sims 4!
  • deapeterssondeapetersson Posts: 22 Member
    Like it! @Ashleigh825!
  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    I'm about 7 babies into my challenge right now and I love it! The only problem I seem to be having is that my matriarch can't seem to maintain relationships. She'll meet someone and once they leave the relationship disappears and she has no way of contacting them again. It makes it hard to meet potential fathers. She has to meet the fathers and make the babies all in one day. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there any way around it?
  • Redliner1960Redliner1960 Posts: 88 Member
    @JadeEmma I am 11 babies into the challenge... Got them with my first matriarch. I do not anticipate getting 11 out of the next one but I guess time will tell. I've never tried to play with so many kids at once. The grade school age kids block you from caring for the baby and at times that gets a little frustrating. The painting is still supporting the house well and I have expanded the house to better handle all the lil bathroom hogs!
  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    In addition to the matriarch not being able to maintain relationships the other problem I'm having is a lack of family tree. Its hard to keep track of who is each kid's father especially because once the father leaves the matriarch loses her relationship with them even though she's pregnant with their baby lol I try to name the kids with the same first letter of their fathers names but sometimes its hard to remember. Does anyone know if they're going to implement some kind of family tree function like they had in Sims 3?
  • JadeEmmaJadeEmma Posts: 93 Member
    @Redliner1960 I have been also doing a Four Immortal Sisters Challenge, so I have not played on my 100 Baby challenge file much lately, but I will now and give you some updates! Wow, 11! And it can be frustrating when they stop you from being able to care for the baby. I'm also glad the painting is going well!
  • Redliner1960Redliner1960 Posts: 88 Member
    @nikki324 I know a lot of Simmers have asked for a family tree but haven't heard that it's coming,,, I have been using the old fashioned pen and paper. I write his name and info down to use in the random generator as soon as I do a pregnancy test. Your other problem sounds like the issue people get when they reach a certain number of generated townie sims. I only had that problem in a game that I was 4 or so generations into and haven't ran into on this save yet!
  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    @Redliner1960 It seems like she doesn't have a problem remembering people who actually live in the town with her. I think what I'm going to have to do for the next generation is just move in a bunch of random males townies together and into and house so that at least I'll have a bigger pool of people to choose from that she can actually remember. Right now the only people she can remember are all the different members of my legacy family who actually live in the town. Its fun to incorporate them in the 100 babies challenge but it somewhat limits the genetic pool.

    Right now I am also keeping track of fathers and traits with the old school pen and paper. I hope they'll come out with a family tree feature at some point though. Its especially frustrating with the legacy challenge because I like to see how far I've come.

    Either way I'm having fun playing both the 100 babies challenge and the legacy challenge.
  • biglil711biglil711 Posts: 162 Member
    Not believing what I did. Didn't want my matriarch to be sad about forgotten birthday so had her blow out candles on cake. Unfortunately she aged right before she blew out candles so aged to senior, now have to wait for daughter to grow up. 21 kids and 79 more to go :-)
  • Redliner1960Redliner1960 Posts: 88 Member
    @biglil711 Ouch sometimes it seems like the game is playing against you... but that's a nice start. I'm at 13 and clawing my way forward lol
    @nikki324 Yeah, that's the way that works. Move them in a house and it will be fine...

    I am enjoying the challenge but I will admit it's much more time consuming than I anticipated! Evil challenge makers!! Mwahahaha
  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    @biglil711 Did you have 21 kids in one generation?? I'm only up to 9 and my matriarch is already half way through being an adult. That stinks that she aged up early but still seriously impressive!

    I think if I try this challenge again I'm going to try it with a matriarch that has less dominant traits. Right now she has black hair and brown eyes and so far through 9 kids I only have one whose hair is not black. I think it would be more fun if I had more of an idea of who their father is just by looking at them. I guess in the later generations the traits will become more mixed so hopefully I'll get more kids that are more unique looking.

    What do all of your matriarchs look like?

    Also, does anyone know of good legacy/100 baby challenge stories I can read? I'm not creative enough to make them myself but I enjoy reading others.
  • biglil711biglil711 Posts: 162 Member
    @nikki324 it was the second generation but with the fertility reward she could have had a lot more lol. Oh well a slower pace for a bit.
  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    edited November 2014
    @biglil711 My first matriarch just aged up to elder. She ended up having 14 kids (her last two pregnancies were twins since I was finally able to afford the fertile trait) I had chosen serial romantic as her lifetime aspiration which was very doable. I'm a little disappointed though because the youngest daughter just rolled to have serial romantic as her lifetime aspiration as well. Its good because I know I can do it but I was hoping for a different type of challenge. Hopefully since I have a jump start with hers as a teen I can knock it out faster and choose another lifetime aspiration to switch it up a bit.

    To top it all off the daughter just rolled the trait 'Hates Children' >:( This should be interesting ..
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