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The Official The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge [UPDATED ON DEC 29, 2018]


  • DysanniaDysannia Posts: 37 Member
    So, I'm starting this challenge over (new computer). I'm glad to be back here on the forums and excited to get started again!! Wish me luck!
  • MicasdMicasd Posts: 2 New Member
    > @Ashleigh825 said:
    > <3 <3 <3 The Official 100 Baby Challenge <3 <3 <3
    > Hello! You may be wondering where the heck the 100 Baby Challenge Rules went. The truth is, it got really difficult for me to keep up with updating the challenge here and on other fan sites I had it posted on, so I ended up falling behind on updating in a couple places (like here), which led to a lot of craziness and confusion.
    > Fear not, though! I came up with a quick and easy solution.
    > From now on, you can find the 100 Baby Challenge rules along with all the updates right here on my simblr:
    > Happy Simming!
    > <3 :* <3
  • MicasdMicasd Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi, I've got a question 👉🏻👈🏻 the challenge says you can't repeat donators, so it doesn't matter if I use 2 donators that are brothers, isn't it? Like, they aren't the same but they have the same surname.. I don't know if it that matters or not hahahahaa
  • mn84evrmn84evr Posts: 12 New Member
    > @anash said:
    > I think the latest patch just made this a little harder. I cannot use Don Lothario, Marcus Flex, and J Huntington lll who are all noncommittal I haven't tried with Sergio Romeo in windenburg yet who has the hates children trait. I can who hoo with the above male sims but every time I try for a baby action they seem to be yelling at my matriarch and the action gets cancelled. So I am now going to redo the whole entire sim population in my game, and start over.

    Hello everyone. I just came back to the game, and am starting with the 100 baby challenge. I've run into this as well. No matter how friendly and flirty levels i have with some sims, they will not even woohoo with me sometimes. Because of this, I feel like i've wasted so much time :(

    I have a question regarding this though. There are some sims who are married, who i have had a baby with.... so I'm assuming whatever their trait is to stop us from woohooing is random.

    If i add guys to my world, could they randomly also not want to woohoo with me?? I think i may only have babies with guys who i bring in game, so that i don't waste too much time.

    Thanks for the help :) I'm looking forward to working through this challenge
  • LuclyluLuclylu Posts: 418 Member

    @mn84evr I’ve found with recent updates that some potential male donors are not interested or simply want to be friends. I think this is because of the addition of sexual orientation and updates.

    @Micasd Ya brothers are fine! Even if they share the same last name as they are essentially two different sims.

  • KitigeosimKitigeosim Posts: 29 Member
    Just getting ready to start this challenge.
    Do you have to start having babies straight away or can you build up the Matriarchs skills first ?
    Can't wait to start :)
    Tumblr - Sims gallery #Kitigeosim
  • natalie_laytonnatalie_layton Posts: 2 New Member
    I have 5 toddlers :s send help! Lol
  • anashanash Posts: 85 Member
    Kitigeosim wrote: »
    Just getting ready to start this challenge.
    Do you have to start having babies straight away or can you build up the Matriarchs skills first ?
    Can't wait to start :)

    I usually do wait a few sims days and build up skills that she would need like writing and whatever skill she may need for work. Writing I usually try to get to level 4 so she can write love emails and not have to romance the donors as much. I also try to meet as many future donors as well so I can just keep popping the babies out.
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