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The Official The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge [UPDATED ON DEC 29, 2018]


  • MakoSimsMakoSims Posts: 284 Member
    edited November 2014
    So I started this challenge today & I had the 'great' idea to randomize the traits of my matriarch sim. I seriously don't think I could've come up with a worse combination if I tried:

    Ambitious (she gets tense a lot because she can't have a job)
    Loner (this makes it harder for her to have relationships & being around people she doesn't know very well makes her tense)
    Hates Children (she gets angry when children are nearby, although thankfully this doesn't include her own, and she gets really tense when she's pregnant which is... all the time)

    Basically my sim is really tense. Makes it all the more challenging I guess, but I'm actually starting to feel a little bit bad for her. When this is all over I'm gonna give her a big house, an attractive husband (NO KIDS), and a super awesome job.

    Only 95 kids to go...
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  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    @hedgekat1 I haven't noticed my matriarch Sims not aging while they are pregnant although I know that aging up is delayed when they are pregnant. I have noticed that sometimes aging seems inconsistent. I had one teen that was a younger sibling and somehow aged up faster than her older sibling without any cakes or anything.
  • allysims4allysims4 Posts: 1 New Member
    hi. (: i dont know if this question has been asked before, but can you move house? When you start you dont get that big of a lot, so are we allowed to move as long as we bring all of our childrens with us?

    100 baby challenge
    generation 1
    2 children
  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @allysims4 - You are not restricted to a small lot to start. I started my matriarch on the Oakenstead lot in Willow Springs. Of course I had to bulldoze the house and she didn't have much money left after buying the lot but it was enough to build a one room shanty and buy bare necessities. Then she got busy painting when she wasn't chasing men, and started building up her bank account. By the time the first baby aged to child she was able to add bedrooms and wall off the bath. Having all activity objects in the center of the house with bedrooms on either side is a very efficient layout, even if you have to go to two stories when the house fills up. But as far as moving goes, I don't see anything in the rules against it. I just tend to play everything like I did in TS2. I like big lots and being able to put everything I want on them.
  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @nikki324 - I'm wondering if one of my mods may be affecting aging. None of them are supposed to have anything to do with aging or pregnancy but I think I am going to have to take them all out just to make sure. Seems like my matriarch's eldest daughter is catching up with her in age even though she has moved out.
  • MakoSimsMakoSims Posts: 284 Member
    [*] Teenagers can be aged up after they get an A in school. They can also hold part-time jobs to help the financial situation of the household.

    I'm slightly confused with the way this one is worded. Can teen sims get jobs whenever or do you have to wait until they have an A in school?
    Origin ID: sakura-drops
  • jenatrujenatru Posts: 42 Member
    [quote="hedgekat1;13018525"]@nikki324 - I'm wondering if one of my mods may be affecting aging. None of them are supposed to have anything to do with aging or pregnancy but I think I am going to have to take them all out just to make sure. Seems like my matriarch's eldest daughter is catching up with her in age even though she has moved out.

    I have no mods and I still have the weird aging thing, so I think it must be a bug or something.
  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @MakoSims - I took it to mean they could get a job at anytime. As soon as they get an A they can be aged up so would be kind of redundant to wait till then to get a job. And I think having a job might keep them from getting an A. They have less time to do their homework and improve their skills.
  • Ashleigh825Ashleigh825 Posts: 1,102 Member
    Oh wow, I left the forums for a while and came back to see a lot of interest in this challenge! I'll have to get on top of that point system, haha.
  • Southernbelle1283Southernbelle1283 Posts: 398 Member
    It's started! Chapter 1 is up for my 100 baby challenge! https://cartwright100babychallenge.wordpress.com/

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  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @Ashleigh825 -I've thought some about points. 10 pts for each child 1st gen, 9 pts 2nd, 8 pts 3rd down to 0pts 10th, then start losing points, -1 for 11th gen and so on. Points for each child/teen that gets A, each child that finishes aspiration, each skill that matriarch masters, each aspiration that she completes. Perhaps 5 pts for As and skills and 10 for aspirations.

    I'm still on my first matriarch and she is still 6 days from elder and has had 16 kids, mostly boys. Why does the heir have to be the youngest? I am not really fond of the youngest daughter. Would much prefer the next older who has a lot more personality. I'm hoping that the next pregnancy produces a girl but have had a ratio of 2 boys to each girl.

    I have noticed that my matriarch does not seem to age while she is pregnant. It is very noticeable when she gets pregnant on the same day her latest baby was born. She may go a week aging only a day. Her oldest daughter (who has moved out) is already an adult as are several of the boys. She may become an elder before her mother does. Interesting commentary on the benefits of motherhood versus singlehood.
  • Ashleigh825Ashleigh825 Posts: 1,102 Member
    The rule of the youngest daughter is in place because she is usually the one with the most time left to have as many children as she can once her mother becomes an elder. If for some reason the youngest daughter is ineligible (like she's still a child when her mother turns elder or something), I wouldn't be adverse to the idea of the second youngest daughter taking over instead.
  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @Ashleigh825 - Both the girls were still teens at the time with Mom pregnant with her last child. I would have preferred the elder because I really liked her feisty personality but they decided it between themselves. The elder girl had a boyfriend that she wants to have a permanent relationship with while the younger turned out to be more of a flirt even though she is family oriented. But she decided she liked the idea of having lots of boyfriends like Mom did. I had thought she would have preferred to go with her brothers (she is one of triplets) as they had always been close. She insists there will be plenty of visiting and she already has several men lined up and has started her first pregnancy. Mom must move out soon but she is very reluctant to leave her own young kids. 5 boys born after the last girl. I was really hoping the last one would be another girl. 17 babies in all.
    By the way, have you noticed suspension of aging during pregnancy in your game?
  • DarthOmixDarthOmix Posts: 9 New Member
    @hedgekat1 I haven't noticed suspension of age playing normally, but I've heard its nigh impossible for female Sims to die when pregnant so its possible. Also greatly thinking of doing this or some other challenge in my spare time myself.
  • Peggyleila2Peggyleila2 Posts: 11 New Member
    I've just started playing this challenge and I have 2 sets of twins so far. One of them ended up with weird squinting eyes, so I was wondering if I was allowed to edit them in CAS to make them look normal? Thanks :smiley:
  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @Peggyleila2 - Does he/she have weird eyes at all ages? I had one boy that looked totally abnormal after he aged to teen. Not his face. He is the best looking of all the boys. But his body was so thin and sticklike that he looked deformed. I sent him to CASedit immediately. Never occurred to me that it might be against the rules. We're not supposed to use cheats that give us an advantage but I can't see how that would. And we're not playing for a prize or even points at present. For myself the challenge is what kind of a story can I make out of it.
  • sim.bubblezsim.bubblez Posts: 1 New Member
    How do you download the 100 baby challenge??
  • kaitiekarmakaitiekarma Posts: 2 New Member
    edited December 2014
    @Ashleigh825‌ - Can you take the potion of youth during the challenge? or would that be against the rules? I'm unsure b ecause everyone is able to get the potion, but it decreases the age, as you obviously know.
  • kaitiekarmakaitiekarma Posts: 2 New Member
    @Ashleigh825‌ Hi, unsure if that worked... but question above ^
  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @sim.bubblez - There isn't anything to download. You just start a new household with one female sim as outlined in the first post. You can start a new game or put her in a neighborhood you already have households in. I started with a fresh neighborhood but also installed a household of 8 hunky men for her to get acquainted with, in case I didn't like any of the townies. I will be putting all the extra children in all the empty houses and lots as they grow up.
  • LadyTaz1678LadyTaz1678 Posts: 18 New Member
    edited December 2014
    I just started this challenge and I have 3 sets of twins (the natural way). It was kind of challenging when I got to the second set of twins because the matriarch was so tired, hungry and had to pee all the time granted she was preggo with her third set of twins. All I can say is this is my first time doing a challenge and I am enjoying myself thus far!!!
  • eternalisedeternalised Posts: 60 Member
    This challenge sounds like fun! 100 babies is a lot though, and my two neighborhoods are already quite full. Can anyone tell me how to start a new game? In the previous sims you could have multiple versions of the two towns, but I haven't been able to find that yet in the Sims 4.
  • LadyTaz1678LadyTaz1678 Posts: 18 New Member
    > @eternalised said:
    > This challenge sounds like fun! 100 babies is a lot though, and my two neighborhoods are already quite full. Can anyone tell me how to start a new game? In the previous sims you could have multiple versions of the two towns, but I haven't been able to find that yet in the Sims 4.

    @eternalized to start a new game go to the top of the screen where the gallery and options are located. There is a plus sign, click that and it will start a new game for you!
  • RudiaroseRudiarose Posts: 891 Member
    Yes, the twin bug since the last patch should make this really easy and hard..lol
  • SwanSong0SwanSong0 Posts: 3 New Member
    Well, I got to generation 2 and the game crashed. It's just as well, because I'd like to try a new game with a blue or a green Sim - just to see how far I can carry those genes over.

    Generation 1 had 21 children. There were 3 sets of twins.
    Generation 2 just had her fourth child.

    Like other players, I did notice a distinct delay in ageing.
    The first Matriarch lived to be 148 days old. Her age froze consistently when she entered the third term of a pregnancy. But she also gained time in other ways. None of these were as consistent, but happened quite frequently - especially, when she became a mature adult:
    - when managing households to accommodate the children moving out
    - when a household member changes their appearance
    - when travelling, possibly by using the 'scroll-option' rather than the phone

    Also, by the end of gen 1 and consequently for gen 2, all fathers had to be met and seduced within 24 hours or they would disappear off the radar. The children resulting from these liaisons were exact clones of the mother.

    Next time, I won't place any of the young adult children. I'm thinking of deleting them from the household instead via manage worlds/edit in cas. As there is no family tree, I have to keep notes any which way. Maybe this will boost father remembrance and solve the genetic problem.

    Reading through the posts in this thread, I got confused on two points:
    Sims can work on and complete several aspirations in their lifetime. Many can be tackled simultaneously. My matriarchs both completed numerous aspirations. But the second matriarch never bothered with her 'given' aspiration Public Enemy, because I found it counter-productive.
    Is this acceptable?

    Whilst observing the rule of not using rewards that extend life, I allowed any person in the household to use their aspiration rewards as seen fit. For instance, a matriarch would have not only 'fertility', but also a 'steel bladder', 'never weary' and 'hardly hungry' to counteract the effects of pregnancy.
    Is this acceptable?
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