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The Official The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge [UPDATED ON DEC 29, 2018]


  • Redliner1960Redliner1960 Posts: 88 Member
    @nikki324 My second Matriarch just turned into an elder and I'm at 23 children. Now I just have to wait for her to become a YA !

    The Hates Children should make it interesting... I've had several kids with it and it is pretty funny when they get mad after meeting a new sibling that they didn't want.

    On the genetics front I used Daenerys Targaryen and it's been very interesting watching the differences from all the different dads.

  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @Ashleigh825 I've started this challenge and am up to 7 babies so far. Have thought of a question.
    "Your matriarch may not get pregnant by the same man twice. Once he has impregnated your Sim once, he cannot be used again for more children. Obviously, if the one pregnancy results in twins or triplets, that is fine. One pregnancy per father, not necessarily one child"

    Does this apply to each matriarch individually or to all together? Can the second/third/etc matriarch become pregnant by some of the same men if they have not died or moved away? Scrolling through my unplayed households I can see that there are only 39 unused men, including teens and elders(30 townies and 9 in houses). The ones that my matriarch has met have not disappeared from the townie pool so if there is any turnover it is not apparent yet. I believe some are added regularly and that the limit of townies is 180 but have no idea how many are added at a time or how often. It would be a small advantage for a succeeding matriarch to reuse donors but I think that would be balanced by increasing difficulty in finding new men.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on this and also that of other players.
  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    I am pretty late in my second generation matriarch (24 babies). I haven't repeated men and I also haven't had any trouble finding other men. My townie population seems to regenerate pretty frequently. However my matriarch doesn't keep relationships with men that don't actually live in the town so every so often I'll go into manage worlds and move 8 of them into a random house together.

    I'm not too sure about the 180 townie limit. If there is one I haven't run into it yet but that may just be because my matriarch doesn't actually remember all of the people she has met.
  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    @redliner1960 The Hates Children trait has made this generation pretty miserable haha it's been tough to get through. She either tense because she's pregnant or because she just tried for baby. Surprisingly though she still gets a happy moodlet once the baby is born. I figured she would get super angry every time she had a baby.

    I'm about halfway through her adulthood so not too much time left. I'm excited to start the next generation.
  • Redliner1960Redliner1960 Posts: 88 Member
    I can't speak for the challenge starter, but my thought on it was one pregnancy per donor. I am 23 kids into it and it hasn't been a problem yet.

    You would think she would be almost simicidal after having the kid with that trait. Hopefully your next Matriarch will be more reproductively inclined and just as interesting.

    I took a break from this challenge to do the #roomchallenge but intend to pick it back up reasonably soon.
  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @Redliner1960 I was amazed not only at the score you got in the room challenge but the SPEED you did it in. You must play almost nonstop. Do you have the NoSleep Reward? lol
  • SNDGIRLSNDGIRL Posts: 517 Member
    Poor matriarch painful life...
    But cool challenge although i could never accomplish something this awesome
    But you gave me an idea... I imagine a skyrim themed sims the Shatter-Shield family starting with Nilsine Shatter-Shield and I will be creating tons of other sims in the skyrim theme
    ~Legacy Challenge Coming Soon~

    Huge Skyrim Fan!!!
  • Redliner1960Redliner1960 Posts: 88 Member
    @hedgekat1 I did buy that reward for Ima Lone but I think you meant me... and in that case it really helped my game progression that I got sick over the weekend and basically did little else.
  • Pinstar1161Pinstar1161 Posts: 216 Member
    Does your matriarch have to be a stock CAS-created sim or can you use one who had her childhood played?
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  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @Pinstar1161 - I would guess it is a CAS sim. Someone played from childhood would have skills and achievements. A CAS sim puts everyone starting in the same place.
  • RivieRivie Posts: 782 Member
    I want to start this, it looks a bit hard though. I don't know how I'd manage, lol I have my simself life, a family I started for a contest but kept playing it and a big brother household I haven't even started. It'd be pretty crazy, I'll have to think about it a little longer
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    The Abandoned Lot - Kingson family How the story begins...
  • KellyWhovianKellyWhovian Posts: 177 Member
    Thanks for putting this up.
    I love this challenge so far!
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  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    The matriarch that had the hates children trait is FINALLY an elder. I actually ended up getting through 13 kids with her so it wasn't as much of a failure as I thought it would be. It helped that her last pregnancy resulted in triplets (first multiple pregnancy even though she had the fertile trait since very early in young adulthood). This puts me at 27 total kids through 2 generations.

    Now I get to move on to one of the triplets. They were 3 girls so I figured I could choose between the 3. I'm not sure what the actual rules are on that but one of the triplets rolled the 'Hates Children' trait so there was no way I was using her and another one rolled the 'Soulmate' aspiration so I thought that would be a rough aspiration too. I ended up with the one who will be Active, Self Assured and Insane with the Music aspiration. She was also able to complete the rambunctious scamp aspiration as a kid so she also has the 'Physically Gifted' trait. This should be interesting.

    How is everyone else's going?
  • sheridanrosesheridanrose Posts: 1 New Member
    Thank you for this...been trying to find the rules for this.
  • CulturesCultures Posts: 53 Member
    edited November 2014
    I always tried to do this challenge on Sims 3 but I was never motivated to play through 100 toddler stages (I absolutely hated that stage). Now that toddlers are gone I'll definitely be giving this challenge a shot again! I'd also love a point system of some kind, but I don't know what it would include.
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  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    My first matriarch is up to 12 kids and pregnant again. She had nine singles and then triplets. I'm getting better at pushing the kids to make their As. I've noticed something odd. She doesn't seem to age while she is pregnant. Is this standard or is it a glitch?
  • SparklySabsSparklySabs Posts: 67 Member
    I am going to go create a sim and start this now :) thanks for the rules!
  • SparklySabsSparklySabs Posts: 67 Member
    edited November 2014
    I am attempting to blog my challenge here is the address
  • Southernbelle1283Southernbelle1283 Posts: 398 Member
    @nikki324 there is a mod to help with the relationship and romance decay - you can set your own rate or eliminate the decay all together. I've been using it for a while and it works really well.

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  • jenatrujenatru Posts: 42 Member
    [quote="hedgekat1;12979565"]My first matriarch is up to 12 kids and pregnant again. She had nine singles and then triplets. I'm getting better at pushing the kids to make their As. I've noticed something odd. She doesn't seem to age while she is pregnant. Is this standard or is it a glitch?[/quote]
    I have been noticing this, too, on two different saves (one of which isn't even 100 Babies). My 100 Babies Sim actually went down to 0 days before birthday while pregnant and then went back to 1 day before birthday, so there is definitely something up with the aging.
  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    > @Southernbelle1283 said:
    > nikki324 there is a mod to help with the relationship and romance decay - you can set your own rate or eliminate the decay all together. I've been using it for a while and it works really well.

    @Southernbelle1283 It's not that the relationships are decaying too quickly its that they're disappearing all together unfortunately or else I would download that mod in a second.
  • evetfootwearevetfootwear Posts: 124 Member
    Just started mine today, already having so much fun! Twin girls on the first pregnancy with Johnny Zest ;)
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  • nikki324nikki324 Posts: 72 Member
    I just finished up my third mother. She had 13 kids so I'm up to 40 babies now. The last mother was a bit frustrating because she had the fertile trait from the first day of young adulthood and didn't have one multiple birth the whole time so I felt like I probably could have had more kids but oh well. On to the next one!
  • hedgekat1hedgekat1 Posts: 169 Member
    @Jenatru -Yesterday when I played I counted up how many days I had been playing her house. 56 days. 8 full weeks. And she is only a few days into her adult stage, instead of being over half way through elder. Her oldest daughter is rapidly catching up with her.

    @nikki324, @Ashleigh825, - Have you noticed this effect (not aging in pregnancy)?

    Question for everyone: What do you do with your YA sims when you move them out? Do you put them in a household or leave them 'Not in this World'? Do you have aging on for them or off? If in households do you ever play them?
  • jenatrujenatru Posts: 42 Member
    edited November 2014
    @hedgekat1 I've just been dumping my YA sims into the same household and then ignoring them, lol. Aging is still on, and they visit sometimes, but that's about it.
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