Rebuilding Worlds: A Sims 4 Challenge

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#REBUILDINGWORLDS Genetics Challenge
A Repopulation (Genetics Challenge)
Challenge Theme Song

Starting Out
  • Bulldoze ALL lots [click here or here to download empty worlds, instructions included]
  • Founding Couple: Choose sims from the gallery or make your own founding couple based on coupling guidelines *see couplings below
  • CC and Mods are allowed!
  • For each generation build a new house for the heir to live. You must build or furnish your own home. Unfurnished lots are allowed in this challenge, search the gallery by using the #unfurnished for empty homes. The challenging part of this challenge is in building so be creative! Make use of floorplans to create a special home for your sims. And there is also a wealth of info on the forums found here.
  • Spares are allowed to stay in the town, if you like, just be sure you have enough space for each generation heir and their spouse to live.
  • Community Lots can be added in from the gallery or custom built by you!

Additional Notes
  • Windenburg and San Mayshuno are optional worlds to continue your challenge in once you have completed the base worlds.
  • When you download potential mates move them to an empty lot and evict them so that they are shown as "Not In World". Only family/relatives are allowed to own real estate in your rebuilt world.
  • You are allowed to change the potential mates aspirations but not their traits. However, randomize their aspiration from the category they already have. For example, if a mate has the Best Selling Author Aspiration you can only change it to another Creative Aspiration such as Musical Genius or Painter Extraordinaire. (A full list of aspirations by category can be found here)
  • If you wind up with a sim who has a medium skin tone you can choose any of the three mates from that generation.

Need a place for your mates to stay until they find their one true love? New apartments are going up in the bustling city of Newcrest! Looking to open a business? Why not set up shop in Newcrest! It's just a hop skip and a trolley ride away from Willow Creek.
  • Mates (and their families) are allowed to live in Newcrest. Place them here when you load them into the game.
  • Place your retail lots in Newcrest (and even Magnolia Promenade)

Founder Couplings *not gender specific
  • Native American | White
  • Black | Hispanic
  • Asian | Black
  • White | Pacific Islander

Note: Try and pick one! Each coupling will be used for at least one of your rotations through the various worlds.

Love is Colorblind
Part of this challenge is about exploring the genetics of the Sims 4 game through Legacy styled gameplay.
  • Heirs will be paired with sims from a predetermined gene pool
  • Mates have to be a different skin tone than the heir (i.e lighter or darker to promote diversity and test the games genetics)
    Alternatively you can let your sim choose who they wish to be with from the gene pool based on whims!
  • All skin tones and genders are welcome

Play through generations comparing each generation's heirs and their families. Feel free to share pictures of their homes and day to day lives as well. Traits for each heir sim must be randomized using this handy dandy trait randomizer tool found here. There aren't deadlines for completing this and you can play at your own pace. Anyone can join at any time. So don't just lurk, Join!

Family Tree Trackers
Family Echo
Plum Tree

Trait Randomizers
Create a Random Sim
Platinum Simmers Randomizer
Sims Legacy Challenge Randomizer

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