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How To Live With Grace: A Generations Story ((NEW 3/10))

KarilanKarilan Posts: 2,935 Member
Generally, a person has an idea of what they want to do with their life and how they adapt to change. But often life is random, and things don't go exactly like you'd expect.

In How To Live With Grace, the random element of the story is taken care of by my husband who represents life and boy, is he ever throwing lemons! For entertainment value and to relinquish control, I am letting him choose the outcome of every random pop-up, sim, and lot traits.

Follow each generation of the Grace family as they try to make sense of life and find purpose

Story tags: Game-driven, Random element, Thought-based, Drama

The vote has concluded, and Elyse has been chosen as the heir of generation 5!


Home page for the story including rules and details can be found here.

Latest Chapter:
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My hubby causes chaos in How To Live With Grace - - Pine Point tells Miranda Cole's survival tale - - Criminals build legacies in Glassbolt Prison


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