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Roaring Heights Creation Sharing Thread (Updated 1/7/14)


Hey guys,

Same as all the other threads, so please utilize this as much as you can and share your creations for others to enjoy!

Please remember to post whether or not your creation has custom content or not.
Custom Content includes: 3rd Party Content not made by the Store Team and Custom Patterns

Your creations can be the following:

- New Homes
- Tutorials
- New Venues and Community Lots
- Redesigned Homes and Venues
- Additional Sims
- Revamped Sims
- Pets
- Reviews
- Screenshots
- Stories

Please limit screenshots to 5 to 6 images per post. If you have more, I strongly recommend posting a slideshow. Also, please do not quote other player's images as it creates a huge post and clutters up space in the thread.

Thank you for sharing guys,

Post 1: Introduction
Post 2: Tutorials, Reviews, and More!
Post 3: Builds
Post 4: Sims and Pets
Post 5: Reserved


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