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Anyone still plays TS3? Need friends! :)



  • IckleP09IckleP09 Posts: 3 New Member
    If anyone wants to add me feel free. Never got into Sims 4 so still playing Sims 3 :)
  • lannie901lannie901 Posts: 1 New Member
    Same Here! Finally got round to playing online and wanna simport, as never tried it!
  • simflowerrsimflowerr Posts: 57 Member
    Recently returned back to TS3 and never used the friends system before so I would love to now!!
    My username is simflowerr :smile:
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  • buffyballoonbuffyballoon Posts: 65 Member
    edited April 2019
    i would love some more friends for the sims 3!! my account is UnicornSimmerr <3

  • CreativeMom88CreativeMom88 Posts: 47 Member
    Wow this thread is still going, way cool.
    Search sarahholdenried to find me. Yea I didn't get choice to create a unique name but I'm not wanting to delete my account anytime soon. Just got Seasons finally! Love it! I'm more of a builder tho with Seasons added, I've been playin more. Working on an awesome 64x64 lot. Just need to find a good video converter to convert avi to mp4. Been searching for several months for the best free one I can get.
  • SimsplyRuthSimsplyRuth Posts: 1,183 Member
    ki4ki_b wrote: »
    I'm late to the party... :* If any of you are still alive in TS3 - please add me.
    I added some of yall - note I don't own showetime.... yet but I do have gifts to give
    Feel free to send me a friend request - in fact I will be looking for it. I am SimsplyRuth there also. While there take a look at my studio!

  • CreativeMom88CreativeMom88 Posts: 47 Member
    I just noticed it shows me as a new member, but I'm not new. It's been like 4yrs. Btw if you take a look at my friends list and look for someone named Matt or Matthew, he's been uploading lots of creations this month alone, including 2 or 3 worlds now. He's very much active in Sims 3.
  • AxcmAxcm Posts: 1 New Member
    Im looking for friends too. Add me up. My ID is afonsoxcm118
  • KayeStarKayeStar Posts: 6,679 Member
    "Promise me we do this together, okay?"

  • SimMin94SimMin94 Posts: 11 New Member
    Hi! I'm new on the forum and an active player of Sims 3. I would also like to find friends, both for testing out Simport and otherwise. My account is Pandora0694 on the Sims 3 site.
  • lirefire1lirefire1 Posts: 1 New Member
    I am in NEED of active friends, just to share experiences with and stuff. Add me on ts3 lirefire1

    I am also adding people from this forum, except requests(:
  • SimMin94SimMin94 Posts: 11 New Member
    @lirefire1 I sent you a friend request :smile:
  • simmerLellasimmerLella Posts: 590 Member
    I sent you a request and I'm curious to host someone with Simport, too.
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  • BerryCharmingBerryCharming Posts: 38 Member
    BerryCharm on the sims3 site im on often
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