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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • cynclacyncla Posts: 1,117 Member
    I just started , yesterday , a three teen household. Two males and one female . they live in the desert in a large house. Since I have them going to school and not having a job , they must harvest and find things to be able to pay the bills of the house , low 900 dollars right now - two bedrooms, three nice bathrooms, good kitchen , lots of windows and a weak living room for that price.
    Roomy house , more to improve upon , skills to learn , friendships to make and more.
    Going in and playing some more today.
  • PenelopePenelope Posts: 3,298 Member
    Started a new game with a single kleptomaniac Sim alone in a tiny log cabin. I'm going to see if she can support herself just by becoming a painter. In real life, that's not so easy! (Unless you're painting houses, I suppose. LOL.) I wish we'd get a pets expansion already. She needs a dog to keep her company.
  • PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,403 Member
    I fixed the game I set up yesterday to better work my self made version of gigolo challenge.

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  • mortimorgothmortimorgoth Posts: 30 Member
    Today my Sim's sugar daddy died. It was an eventful session.
  • feetinstockingsfeetinstockings Posts: 4,264 Member
    Breanna pancakes calls friends while on the throne
    and Bob gets in the family way
  • Springheeljack298Springheeljack298 Posts: 62 Member
    My Sim mob boss Salvatore Valestra finally married Candy Lumus after she gave birth to their first child. Oddly enough the kid has blonde hair while they both have dark hair
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  • deezenodeezeno Posts: 48 Member
    I started a new tech guru Sim and she had a successful date with Paolo whats-his-name. Her neighbor. They got engaged but can't afford the wedding party yet.
  • SamtapletSamtaplet Posts: 151 Member
    My sims got married today.
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  • PenelopePenelope Posts: 3,298 Member
    edited September 2016
    A woman asked my female Sim on a date. She was single, so what the heck, right? They go to a restaurant. (I LOVE 'Dine Out'!) During the date my Sim finds out that her date is MARRIED. LOL. My Sim then got the option to ask her date about her love life. The date indicated that her husband was not so hot in the bedroom. My Sim (seen in the picture on the right) left without paying and went home.


    Oh, and on top of that, her date had that same sour look on her face throughout most of their dinner. LOL.
  • Audio_5urfAudio_5urf Posts: 655 Member
    This is a short version of today's event.. and yes, even the most expensive stove can start a fire.. talk about bad luck

    Oh plum!! I don't know what I did.. oh plum.. oh plum.. it's spreading!


    Ugh! I'm not going to school today! Parents are just glad we're all okay..


    Little brother won't let me live this down..



    stuff happened that resulted in a young teen getting the 'talk'


    The next day..

    My brother must have ratted me out.. why else would mom be giving me the 'talk' and asking me about 'him'..


    oh no.. this is getting weird..


    please, just.. stop.. this so weird!


    *internal screaming intensifies*


    Lets make The Sims 4 great again!
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  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 18,298 Member
    My new girl Sophia Scott keeps losing a mushroom with every fish that she catches with a mushroom. And she got into it with Summer Holiday today.
  • pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 7,870 Member
    I accomplished this goal I set for myself.

  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 25,077 Member
    Liam finished his Fabulously Wealthy aspiration -- I've now got him on the writing aspiration so he can write the Book of Life.

    Lydia's plugging away trying to get to the top of the painting career, and wants to move to a new house for her Mansion Builder aspiration.

    The twins are B students in school and working on their skills when they get home -- as soon as Lance gets up to a high enough level in one instrument to start writing songs I might have him visit the wishing well to wish for romance and see what happens. I want to send Laura to the library in Windenburg to see if she can meet Mr. or Ms. Right that way; maybe during the weekend in game.
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  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 18,298 Member
    Sophie was attacked by those greedy birds just now, and this was at 4 in the morning, ( Sims Time ).
  • PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,403 Member
    Shinya gained two girlfriends and a lover. He put three notches on his bed post with 37 left to go.

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  • AvaSims4080AvaSims4080 Posts: 810 Member
    The Mum in my gameplay, who is recovering from a break-up, has found out her brother is slowly becoming older and isn't able to look after the kids as often. She's becoming more and more depressed and is failing to provide for her two young sons.
  • PrettyOddPrettyOdd Posts: 63 Member
    This didn't exactly happen 'in game' but I finally got around to creating my simself. I'm pretty bad at making sims look like real people so it was quite a challenge for me, and I spent more time creating myself than I have ever spent in CAS. It's not perfect but I gotta say that I'm impressed with how much I've improved my CAS skills :) Now if only I could improve my building skills :(
  • NaeNaeX3NaeNaeX3 Posts: 6 New Member
    I just got on and a little blue girl and my young adult got into a random fight, the two never met before. Never did trust the blue children in my game tho.
  • DenimjoDenimjo Posts: 209 Member
    My legacy family went to the hospital to have their baby, only to find that no one was there to check them in. The husband, a detective, autonomously decided that he would be a good upstanding citizen and 'Staff the Front Desk' while his wife gave birth to their child. He didn't stop to watch the birth or afterwards; he just started answering the phones and doing the job of the check-in assistant. 0_0
  • bionicdessertsbionicdesserts Posts: 320 Member
    My first alien/human hybrid baby finally grew into a child. Apparently they are not considered aliens but he did get a wicked set of ears.
  • bombtoribombtori Posts: 30 Member
    My sim secret agent Vale had an affair with evil mastermind Ian Remington and got pregnant. She was dating and living with fellow agent Dalton Masterling, so when he found out she was pregnant (he thought it was his) he proposed. She accepted, but he later caught her in bed with Ian. They broke up, and Vale and Ian got engaged. At the wedding they both flirted with other people and realized they didn't really love or care about each other, so they got divorced before the wedding reception ended :D

    Vale's twin sister Isle moved in with her and helped her care for the baby (Paris). She fell in love with Vale's best friend from work Natasha, and they just got engaged and Isle is moving out. The sisters have been best friends since they were children, so it was nice to see them living together for a little bit.
  • Callous_LilyCallous_Lily Posts: 198 Member
    My CAS family lost their dad today. My avatar is Death coming to get him. He was my first deliberate Sim kill.
  • DenimjoDenimjo Posts: 209 Member
    The detective career is filled with aging sims, it seems. Day 1: my detective sim, Bowen, was *just* about to get a confession from a guilty sim when he suddenly got up and walked to the other side of the station. I was wondering why until I realized that one of his co-workers had just died of old age. Feeling it would be inappropriate to yell at the dead sim for screwing up his interrogation, he decided to Wail for Sim instead, and ended up accidentally saving her from death. :o

    Fast forward to the next work day. Bowen managed to put the criminal away and was working on another case when he did the same thing: got up and witnessed the death of another co-worker of old age, this time the chief! He was actually a little sad about this one because he had grown rather fond of the chief but when it's your time to go, it's your time to go. He then goes back to work . . . until an hour later when yet ANOTHER co-worker drops dead of old age. At this point I'm thinking that the Grim Reaper is toying with Bowen, almost as if he doesn't want Bowen to get any actual work done. Bowen voices his suspicions in the only way a sim can and Grim quickly beats a hasty retreat and hasn't returned.

    I am wondering if these "old age" deaths are a cover for something else, something more sinister. :s
  • PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,403 Member
    I noticed a few things in my gallery was miss tagged so I fixed them. Then I made 40 new households of no cc townies to add to my game. After a little break I will out my CC back in my game and make a few with CC. I even made some transgender Sims for my game.

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