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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • Audio_5urfAudio_5urf Posts: 655 Member
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    I hit 500 downloads, so I thought I'd take a whack at the starter home challenge since I'm trying to get more build experience under my belt.

    the result..
    The sprinkler system (nobody wants a cheap stove fire) and cabinets hit the decor budget, so I was only able to add a couple things to the bathroom. I think the outside turned out nice though.



    after the Nascar race, making a new sim to move into it. no cheats for once so it will be interesting.
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  • ZafireriaZafireria Posts: 3,640 Member
    @CK213 It that a CC skin on the joker woman or some sort of lighting mod? Because wow that's some serious skin difference.

    All I did today was testing some CC, which I got no pictures of sorry :(
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,380 Member
    edited May 2016
    Zafireria wrote: »
    @CK213 It that a CC skin on the joker woman or some sort of lighting mod? Because wow that's some serious skin difference.

    All I did today was testing some CC, which I got no pictures of sorry :(

    I was playing around with CC just to see how realistic a TS4 sim could look.
    I'm not even sure what was on her since I was just testing stuff that I don't normally use.
    Probably something from S-Club on TSR. It looks like there is subtle mask skin texture on her.
  • Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 1,883 Member
    One of my couples eloped in Granite Falls, had a short honeymoon then returned home. I then decided they would be the first of my Sims to become parents. My other Sims are all engaged or are throwing whims to become engaged. So, Dionne and Trey Lofton became the parents of a baby girl named Emma. I have to say the babies in Sims4 are very cute, and there are many interactions for the parents that build friendship, but that becomes a bit boring after a few Sim days. I aged up Emma and was pleasantly surprised to see genetics from both parents present in Emma's looks. She resembles her lovely mother the most but I think she has her daddy's nose. Since both parents have the cheerful trait I gave Emma the same one and the family as a whole is a very happy one.

    The children are adorable. I am most happy about the genetics that are being passed along. Emma has made a couple of friends at school so she is a bit of a social butterfly, I think. LOL I played for a couple of Sim days and got her into the routine of going to school and doing homework as soon as she gets home. She enjoys playing the violin but is not very good at it yet. When I left them the weekend was one day away. Both parents are in the culinary career and work weekends but they have a child now, so on their weekends they will be quite busy introducing Emma to the park, fishing and teaching her to swim at the gym before leaving her in the care of an unknown babysitter/nanny. That has me a bit concerned as I have grown quite fond of little Emma.

    But I missed seeing her as a toddler and the parent/toddler interactions. I scolded myself a little for feeling this way, too. I knew beforehand to expect something new and told myself not to judge the newness. But, deep down, I felt myself missing teaching her to walk and talk and build her skills while watching her play with her toys. I guess some habits are tough to break. I play with aging off so little Emma will have a long childhood and I am determined to make hers the best I can manage.
  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 6,756 Member
    @Paigeisin5 - If you don't want an unknown babysitter, then make a club for Emma and a teen+ neighbour/family member/friend. Start a gathering before the parents head to work, and set club activities to things they can do together. You can send Emma to bed when it's her bed time, and the babysitter/nanny/au pair should stay around until you stop the gathering.
  • kingkong192kingkong192 Posts: 953 Member
    My computer's hard drive went out. So my sims are all gone. That's what happened today :(
  • Marley VMarley V Posts: 934 Member
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  • kingkong192kingkong192 Posts: 953 Member
    Thanks!! @Marley V
  • Audio_5urfAudio_5urf Posts: 655 Member

    I haven't seen anyone use the word "au pair" since on the show The League. The memory from that episode made me smile.

    In other news: I actually played today. I decided to play the sim I moved into the new starter and not use cheats.. was interesting..
    drum roll please..
    *drum roll*
    put your hands together for.. Tucker Chapman!


    Tucker is the new kid on the block, and like many other Sims, he came to this city for opportunity.. just not the work kind. He prefers to keep to himself, and his games.. but he loves the outdoors too.. He hopes to be able to thrive without a job so he can enjoy a laid back life full of fun. Plum, that's what the city advertises right? Tucker might as well put his love of the outdoors to good use.

    It all begins with the initial investment..


    and what would moving to a new place be, if you didn't have to meet the neighbors before being productive.. very insistent neighbors with a plum awful fruitcake..


    with that out of the way, now Tucker can be productive and explore the neighborhood and avoid a job.



    Even found some friends he actually wanted..

    Scuba Steve





    a few days like this of gathering random things while exploring, and Tucker was able to upgrade his kitchen.. good-bye fire risks and salads, hello good food.


    even celebrated with a couple drinks.. who knew Tucker would end up at the lounge where the "overly successful" sims gathered..


    a couple more days pass, and even the living room got a couple upgrades.. was even able to play a game without killing a processor core.


    Tucker knew things were looking up.. and finally, his initial investment is about to pay off.


    to be continued..

    I would have kept on going until I checked the time.
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  • Marley VMarley V Posts: 934 Member
    Tucker got style and good taste @Audio_5urf
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  • panthergirl2panthergirl2 Posts: 60 Member
    My Sims the Cases now got married. They are highschool sweethearts of modest means. They are doing well for themselves and they did it all on their own. They already have one child a daughter named Danice I think. The ceremony was beautiful. She is a painter and he is a writer, they live in a modest house in Willowcreek. The wedding turnout was quite good. I can't post pictures yet so...

  • Audio_5urfAudio_5urf Posts: 655 Member
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    @Marley V
    I'm literally starting to run out of outfit ideas with how many sims I have pushed out recently.. Tucker marks #51 unique sims (not premade)
    also, noticed I need to go into CAS to fix a couple sims.. new stuff packs, for whatever reason, will cause some sims to get a random outfit I didn't give them.. *glares at Andre Dasilva*

    I remember one time, one of my sims was getting married to a known alien.. well, during the wedding event, while the bride (the alien) was schmoozing with guests and friends, the groom got abducted by aliens..

    I like to imagine that the bride's father found out about the wedding, abducted the groom, and gave him a very "stern" talking to, and probably "persuaded" him to be a good husband, and "informed" him of the possibilities of what will happen if he isn't.

    thankfully, he didn't get pregant
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  • cynclacyncla Posts: 1,117 Member
    Audio_Surf , LOL the alien thing. I enjoyed the tales of Tucker. I play ALOT of Sims that way and have the best time with it.
    Today I am working on two teen room mates that I moved into a house and barely got started when I noticed it was 2 a.m. and thast I
    d better get some sleep.
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,816 Member
    The Pancakes went camping to Oasis Springs. I hadn't planned this, but Bob wanted to plant a garden. So while he was waiting for the community garden plants to bear fruit, the family had a merry time in the nearby thermal bath. Eleanore, the active Pancake-twin, rolled whims for all the divingboard jumps that are in the game continually, while her brother Elias, the thoughtful twin, scouted the vicinity for frogs and fossils. Bob made icecream for everyone on the lot and in-between lazed around, while Eliza was mostly chatting up other vacationeers.

    I should perhaps add that Oasis Springs is my vacation world in that savegame. It has several camp grounds, public bathes and an ancient ziggurat, but no residential lots.

    A typical Eliza face-making. She's not the shrew Maxis tries to pass her off to us in my save, but such a picky eater.
    They want another child, so I let them practice a little. Looks like the twins strongly disagree.
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  • Audio_5urfAudio_5urf Posts: 655 Member
    edited May 2016
    normally i play creative types, techies, and food types since they can be self-sufficient without a job, wanted to try something new.

    I actually like Tucker too. First time playing without cheats in a long while.

    Out of the last 20 or so sims i've made, only a couple I actually like..
    Tucker Chapman
    Laina Thomas (need to play her)
    Jessica Harlow
    Eva Peterson

    I'm okay with Stuart Bloom (my first store experiment)
    and okay with William Harris (did let him date a daughter I was very fond of in a previous save)

    the rest i'm still impartial too, and two on the top of my head I don't like.. both redheads. XD
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  • LaughingJackLaughingJack Posts: 18 Member
    Started a new couple today. They dated and got engaged, also had a new little baby girl. Had to expand their house sooner than expected because of little girl. Running out of money is always great.

    Found out something new today! Hopefully someone knows when this was added or if it was always there. After the above couple woohoo'd I got the option to take a pregnancy test from the toilet! I have never seen it before and wondered if I had missed something in all the time I had played.

    Happy Siming!
  • pajamajam07pajamajam07 Posts: 310 Member
    My sim Lucas Caldwell finally settled down after dating around for most of his young adult life. He asked the lonely writer he's been seeing, Tara Kulkarni, to be his girl today. His other romantic interest, Shakti, is acting pretty pretty towards him, and kept rejecting his proposal to go for drinks with their mutual friends. I guess she can't handle that he's finally selling down (and with someone else). Hopefully it doesn't change the rest of their friends now that Tara will be joining them more often.

    Prior to this, I left Lucas for about a month and find out he had a thing for Indian women! Who knew Lucas was a 'Playa". Not anymore though.
  • PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,403 Member
    edited May 2016
    I took my Sim to check out the new club he will be DJing at. He sat at the bar drinking his favorite drink when a townie came up and introduced herself. She flirted with him and then took him upstairs to her hotel room. Later that night Don died while warming himself by the fire at my Sims house. Shinya tried to plea for his life but Grimmy just laughed at him.
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  • SimmerellaSimmerella Posts: 67 Member
    Today I made my simself and uploaded it to my youtubechannel. If you want to watch it, you can see it here:

    It is on swedish but maybe it will be fun to watch anyways! :)
  • Audio_5urfAudio_5urf Posts: 655 Member
    edited June 2016

    Tucker Chapman Episode 2..
    *queue 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' theme song*

    8:07am on a Tuesday..

    "What the plum is a green thumb?"


    It all started with that new planter.. and well, Tucker was pretty happy with the return on his first set on the porch, so he figured,"why waste a good thing."

    Sure, collecting is great and all, but it involves a lot of walking that he REALLY doesn't want to do.. regardless of the nice things it bought him.. but Tucker sure will go the extra mile for some planters... and boy, he bought a lot of them over the next week!


    even found some cool things along the way in his quest for planters.


    this garden thing is almost becoming an obsession.. but at least it doesn't involve so much walking... he took to google to see how he could make the best use of his planters.


    He began splicing and dicing... shame some lillies at the park had to be sacrificed to the Blood God.


    Tucker may not be a very social lad, but talking to plants lacks a certain charm that stranger danger has..


    poor bartender isn't paid enough to deal with people behind the bar..


    with the social bug out of the way.. time to focus on more important things.. PLANTERS


    and those grape vines are looking excellent!


    but even better.. a rumor he found while lurking the darker parts of the web were true.. kind of an ironic thing it is though.. a "Death Flower".. and whatever the plum a "Cow Berry" is..


    to be planted!.. err.. continued.

    spent most of the evening renovating a house for gallery upload before I went on a gardening rampage.. poor Tucker.. he got a lot of new furniture out of it though, now i can put decor in the home! :D

    I managed to find a lone screenie from that alien thing on my fb albums

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  • Marley VMarley V Posts: 934 Member
    Today I made my simself and uploaded it to my youtubechannel. If you want to watch it, you can see it here:

    It is on swedish but maybe it will be fun to watch anyways! :)

    perks of being norwegian, I understand this!
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  • cynclacyncla Posts: 1,117 Member
    Other than it looking neater , is there any benefit from using the boxes to grow from? That bartender didn't look like he minded, possible girlfriend material?
    Thanks for the "Taken" picture .
    Early this morning I had a Sim quit his tech job and he was actually whistling while tending his garden , something he's never done before.
    He's a much happier boy now and can go out a lot more , has time to cook AND then eat too - let's just say , he's much much happy.
  • GleestickyGleesticky Posts: 508 Member
    Eddie died from a fire, so so I'm playing a new sim. This is Larry. He is a detective. He loves his job and his wife Jenna.
  • CreoleSimCreoleSim Posts: 333 Member
    Maybe it's just me, but I'm loving the faster reactions (Like my Sim making her friend a Birthday cake last night at her friend's party, and said Friend immediately walking to it and blowing it out). Today my neighbor called and asked to come over, usually she's pretty sweet, she's a hippie. She came over very tense (Maybe her and the wife got into it). I calmed her down, and she started doing yoga in my yard.
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,656 Member
    I've been working on my kid friendly family restaurant. It's called Blarffy's.



    I have to wait for the booths to go around the outside, and the podium at the entry, and all the kitchen stuff at the back. But there's a nice big table for those big family celebrations up front.
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