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  • Please post your DxDiag report: 1) Click RUN 2) Type "DXDIAG" and click ok 3) Click "Save all information" and save it to your computer 4) Copy and paste the entire thing into a post
  • Yes, they should. However there is a reason why the minimum requirements are posted for the game. The Sims, and any other computer program for that matter, will NOT run on every computer ever made. That's why there are system requirements. If your computer does not meet these requirements, it will not run properly, if at…
  • I made "Grand Design" a while back, you can find him here:
  • Those interactions definitely would have been cute, however I wouldn't go as far as saying they "missed out" because of one interaction.
  • They posted this in the Pets thread as well. I directed them to the gift-giving form but now I just see they're spamming the forums with the same thread. Oh well.
  • Hello, welcome to the forums! Just as a heads up to you for future posting; make sure you post in the correct form for your topic. This is the Pets forum so you would want to post in the "Gift" forum: Also, asking for hand-outs/begging isn't the most, well,…
  • When it comes to computers, you really do get what you pay for. If you cut corners to cut costs, it usually means you will end up with a lower end computer. This computer only has an integrated video chip, which is not intended for gaming.
  • Simply backup your saves and files to a different location on the computer before installing a new EP. And as already mentioned, always remove all CC in the Downloads and Mods folder before installing a new EP.
  • ?? People aren't being "selfish" by not posting, maybe people don't have requests yet, it's nothing personal towards you. It's hard to make requests of people when they don't know what their work looks like. I would suggest posting images and examples of horses you've made so they can get a feel for what your style is…
    in offline Comment by LittleV April 2013
  • Well, not every world is going to suit everybody. Although I think it's a little difficult to judge the world off of a few seconds of video that barely showed any of the world in the first place. I think we need to wait to see official screenshots of the ENTIRE world first.
  • Aahhh, We just got back from Hawaii a week ago, and now this EP is making me want to go back! >.< I'm totally turning my world in Island Paradise into Hawaii :P
  • I'm pretty sure he's already thought about it, and way more than any of us have.... he's on the Sims development team after all :wink: And Graham isn't a cold-hearted person, he wouldn't remove something that he knows a lot of people want.
  • I'm excited to see how they've been implemented into the game! I was never super crazy about adding them personally, but I've always wondered how they would be implemented so it will be interesting to see.
  • That's kindof the point of mersims though. They live in the water. I'm sure EA has figured out a creative way to implement them into the game. They wouldn't be included if they hadn't and were completely unusable. ...and that's why EA added them. I don't really know why you don't want them simply because others do, but a…
  • Yachts would be cool in the game, but they would need to have an extensive new design/build mode in order to make them correctly. (I work directly with a mega-yacht design company, and designing boats is nothing like designing a house). The houseboats might look funny but they do in real life as well. They're actually…
  • Here's a couple more examples of true houseboats (note the foundation):
  • I live in Seattle which is the houseboat capital of the country. They're very common and popular here, and I can tell you that a true "houseboat" is exactly what we are getting in the game. They are literally a floating square "foundation" or "dock" that has a regular house built on top of it. There are different types of…
  • Don't like it? Don't buy it. There I fixed your problem. I don't care for the look of this world, so I'm not buying it, plain and simple. I'm not going around complaining about it simply because it doesn't suite my tastes, I'm just not going to buy it and I don't need to whine about it in the meantime.
  • OMG, you're seriously still going on about this?? From the first week that Pets came out, half the people on the forums have told you... YOUR COMPUTER DOESNT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE GAME. Unless you've purchased a brand new SUPPORTED computer, then we have nothing to discuss here.
  • It looks like it's just a kite. Here's the high-resolution image:
  • Are they the Sims3 file or a .package file?
  • There's really no reason why this topic needs to be bumped any more.
  • The forum goes in increments of 15, so the "480" is the most recent page. It's currently stuck on "465", so simply manually changing the "465" to "480" in the address will show the next page. (EDIT: Ok, now it's at 495) However this topic really needs to die. There's no…
  • Oh I see. You didn't offend anyone, I think you're doing a good job so far!
  • Does the free version only let you upload a certain number of files?
  • You might want to read EA's Terms of Service before you consider charging people for CC, they can potentially sue you if they see fit for selling their content: We can not make a profit off of anything made using any of EA's products.
  • Cool blog, however I noticed one thing: It is illegal/against EA's Terms of Service to charge for or make a profit off of anything made using the game. Did you mean you are going to charge people for certain items, or did I read it wrong?
  • See.... I rest my case.
  • Your past actions DO come into play when you're doing the exact same things that you were doing before in order to get banned. Getting banned 6-7 or more times speaks volumes, and obviously you have no intention to change your ways. Some people come back and want to change their ways in order to become a true member of the…
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