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Hi, I don't know exactly where to post this. I'm not sure whether it's a bug or not. Anyway, I have a husband and wife family w/a baby. When one of them is taking a bath, the other can use the toilet, BUT he or she can't go thru the bathroom to get to the bedroom during that time! I finally had to put a second door in, but at first they weren't able to afford it.


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    So you're saying one can't leave the bathroom if the other's taking a bath?
  • SonshineSonshine Posts: 53
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    No, vise versa. One can't go *thru* the bathroom if the other is taking a bath. :/ However they can go to the toilet while the other is taking a bath. strange!
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    I had Mrs. Martinez(haven't learned her name yet) take the toddler to the potty and her husband Marley walked right in filled the tub and started taking a bath. Mrs. Martinez and the toddler left the bathroom without a problem and left Marley in the tub with the stinky potty. He didn't mind he kept taking his bath and emptied the potty when he finished his bath. :-)
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    Oh, I know exactly what you're saying, son. It IS a bug. I made a house that has this long hallway that wraps a "U" around the living room. If I am on the say, the West side of the hallway, my sim prefers to go around the entire hallway to get to the East side instead of going through the living room. It seems to be a pathfinding bug: distances are measured in rooms traveled- instead of square grids.
    I hope I wasn't too complex.
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