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The Fashions Of Sim 66

Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 872 Member
Hello. I write a sim lit story called Sim 66, you can find links to it in the Writer's Lounge of the Challenges and Stories board. It's set in the late 1960s and with the abundance of Sixties custom content at the moment I've made over all the characters, townies and premades to look as authentic as possible given the materials out there...still no Nehru jackets for men out there...if anyone knows of a cc content creator who would be interested in making them please get in touch!

Anyway, here is a selection of characters and the outfits they were in the story. I've put a lot of research into the fashion side of the story...on Pinterest I have over 1200 pictures of fashion, interior design and life in the 60s and each outfit you see here is modelled on real clothes from back then.


Jeremy is a button-down, square type of guy who works in an office and is often taken aback by the Swinging side of the 60s. His outfits tend to be on the conventional side with short hair. His shirt is part of his party outfit; bought for him by his more fashionable girlfriend.



Barbara is new to Sim City, having moved down from Montreal. She runs a trendy clothes boutique in Magnolia Promenade and is the girlfriend of Jeremy. She wears what's hot on the high street for young women.



Suzy is a classic "Dolly Bird" from the 60s. She doesn't just wear what's fashionable...she sets the trends! She's a reporter for a trendy youth magazine and dabbles in investigative journalism. She likes the "Mod" look of black and white especially.


Here are her party and exercise clothes. Plain, full leotards made from the latest stretch fabrics were what was worn for keeping fit...not working out; that term wasn't invented until the 1980s.


More to come in future posts.


  • Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 872 Member
    The Professionals


    Action is a tough cop on the mean streets with an eye for the ladies. His signature look is the turtleneck sweater which he often wears in place of a button up shirt with a suit....he can still pack his .38 service revolver under his tailored jacket though.



    Julia is a serious minded and utterly focussed junior Doctor down at the Sim City Medical Centre. She doesn't like revealing a lot of flesh with her outfits. Wearing gloves with formal attire was very fashionable for women in the Sixties as well. Julia's red outfit here is based on the one Judith Durham, lead singer of The Seekers, wore when recording "I'll Never find Another You" in 1966. Julia's make up look is very natural and neutral except she wears heavy black mascara on the upper lashes only.




    Neil is Suzy Kent's slightly nervous but brave fiancé. He's an aspiring artist so he too likes a bit of a Bohemian look in his every day attire: Turtleneck sweaters and this bright green suit in these examples. The white tux is very much in keeping with the Sixties fictional spy look.

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    The BFF

    This was the first group of premades I did make-overs for as the BFF feature heavily in Sim 66, both in their own sub-plots and in other characters'. I wanted to keep in the style of the original base game look for them, but retcon them for the era.


    Summer sticks with the blue and white colour scheme from the base game, but that look is very post 80s with the polo shirt and plaited ponytail. I kept the skirt but changed the shirt for a turtleneck and the sneakers became flat pumps. White hosiery was very common in the Sixties so the overall effect is this two tone total look, very fashionable for the time. The hair was changed to a kind of beehive bun which makes her look very mid-Sixties, although her alternative everyday outfit has her hair down; I tried various long hairstyles but that one from Get Together looked the best. The makeup is designed to emphasise her eyes and that wide eyed, perky look she has. The skirt suit keeps the blue and white theme going.



    For Liberty I kept the base game colour palette to show she generally likes bright, contrasting colours. The pants I didn't change but the T-shirt is too modern for the 1960s so I swapped it out for a ribbed long sleeve top in the same purple colour. The middle outfit is based on a French fashion magazine photo from 1966 and it's what Liberty wears when she's on a date or trying to impress someone: It's very European and shows the design ethos coming from France at that time. The cap is the kind that was popular in the mid-late 60s with women. The party outfit is a retconned version of her base game party dress: The colours are the same, just the cut of the dress is different as the frills and layers are too 80s, the Sixties favoured smooth lines. I kept the sunglasses, boots, hairstyle and bracelets. Liberty's make up was changed to show that heavy mascara and eyeliner look and pale lipstick. It gives her a kind of doe-eyed look which I think looks cute on her.



    Everything Travis wears is base game and one of the few times when the official clothing is more than good enough. I kept Travis' earth tone colour palette but changed the specific items. The outfits on the left and middle are what young men wore in places like Haight Ashbury, San Francisco or Greenwich Village, New York in the mid, pre-Hippy 60s. A brown velvet or suede jacket worn over a casual T shirt and matched with slim, straight legged pants. Cargo pants are not Sixties. The leather jacket in the middle worn with Levis is a variation on that look. Travis' party look on the right is another case where the base game provides something suitable for the era. The military style, ALMOST, Nehru jacket is very in period...young men liked to wear jackets inspired by those worn by Victorian British soldiers. His hair has been changed from the scruffy, Chandler Byng look popular from 1990 onwards to a more era appropriate long haired look; often seen among young men from 1965 onwards who wanted an alternative to the Beatle style cut.

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    Cuffe & Sneedley

    Two contrasting pairs in Sim 66: The libertine and permissive Alan Cuffe and his assisstant, Madelyn and local busybodies and moral puritans, the Sneedleys.


    Alan Cuffe is based on Hugh Hefner: He runs the magazine, Lothario, and has a nightclub called The Kitten Club. He's surrounded by the famed "Lothario Kittens": Young, attractive women who wear revealing cat themed costumes. Base game provided much of his outfits: The blazer with the cravat being ideal, the tuxedo with dark blue jacket worn over black trousers is very of the era and I couldn't resist his "lounge" dressing gown worn over a jacketless suit that comes with Luxury Party Stuff.



    Madelyn is Cuffe's live-in personal assistant and Head Kitten (Miss Tabby). She has a shady background in dealing "herbal medicines" but runs the business and publicity side of Lothario efficiently. Her everyday look on the left has a period sleeveless turtleneck sweater with a high waist. Her pants are found under "skin tight" in Base Game but here they represent the slim fitting Capri Pants made from the latest stretch synthetics. The green dress with white trim is pure cc: It all came as a package. The hairstyle is cc as well and specific to the Sixties. The third outfit adds a cravat instead of a necklace and is another example of the two-tone look; here, pink and white. The sleeves flare out which was another trend back then. Women wore flats a lot or low heeled was really boots where heels were higher. Madelyn's eye make up is colour coded with her outfits.



    By contrast, Edna's look is conservative. She's the local busybody and in charge of the League of Decency: An organisation dedicated to smashing the permissive society..."Down with mini skirts!" Her look is brown/grey, reflecting her reactionary nature. The style harks back to the period 1960-64; the Jacqueline Kennedy/Coco Chanel look of a slim fitting knee length skirt and smart blouse with a 3/4 length sleeve jacket worn over them. Her make up is also influenced by the earlier part of the decade with heavy mascara worn on the upper eyelash and elongated to make the eyes appear wider. Joan Crawford in "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" is the main influence on her make up style.



    With a lot of the male characters, Base Game does provide a suitable look. George is the sometimes henpecked, gloomy and equally reactionary husband to Edna. George favours a style worn by middle aged men in the 60s once their baggy 50s tailored suits became unfashionable. He wears sweaters and cardigans over a collar and tie, with straight cut black trousers. His outfit on the right is the male League of Decency uniform.

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    The Suitors of Julia Epstein

    Julia has three young men interested in her but she's keeping her options open right now...not that she's the most romantically inclined anyway. On the left is Kerry Fry. Kerry is the son of her parent's friends and is an environmental activist. He has a hippy look with the rough hewn top worn open at the neck and with a crystal pendant around it. The pants are the classic, 60s striped hippy style and goes with the shirt.

    Cole Michaels in the middle is based on Michael Coles from the popular TV series "The Mod Squad"...Cole is a policeman working in the youth crime division. Even though his sweater is from Get Together, Michael Coles actually wore one almost identical, complete with gold chain, in the show.

    Rez is a street musician who fell for Julia at first sight when she visited the Casbah Gallery. I modelled him on real life musicians such as Richie Valens. The look is that crossover between 50s rock n' roll and 60s rocker. He still Brylcreems his hair and wears leather pants.


    Work Colleagues

    Prisha Datta on the left is a fellow cop who works in the same division as John Action. Although born in Sim Nation/America, her heritage is Indian and she is proud of reflected in her clothing. She prefers to wear long, flowing, printed dresses...almost like Sarees...which is popular among the counter-culture as embracing Indian mysticism and styles was popular among the young in the 60s, and lots of bracelets. She wears her hair in a beehive/bun which is both practical for work and a nod to the mod fashion.

    Bianca Gregory was a one-time love interest for Jeremy Saint but she toyed with his affections and blew him out. She now works at the same company he does which sometimes causes awkward situations. Bianca has the big hair of the era and models the "Total Look" of having dress, accessories and shoes all of one colour.

    Bibi Stahler is a forensics expert and a work colleague of John Action. She's originally from Germany and is on secondment from the Munich police department. She is based on the Austrian actress, Senta Berger, who became popular in the 1960s. Like Bianca, her hair is cc specifically designed for Sixties sims. Everything she's wearing here is cc and period specific; this is a more subtle variation on the Total Look with the hair, make up and shoes predominantly orange with brown/tan highlights and pantyhose.

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    Francesca, Rod and Stefanie Griffith are friends of Julia Epstein and Francesca works as a nurse at the Sim City Medical centre. She's Julia's friend, mentor and confidant. You might recognise her face: If you go into CAS enough times you'll get as a default template a red headed woman with a round face and freckles. This is her but "Sixtified". I changed her hairstyle to this fab design called "Dixie" by Simduction. Her dress is one of my favourite bits of Sixties cc by Unbichobolita: It comes in 8 different designs, each one great but this particular one is my favourite. Here, again, is another example of the "Total Look" where Francesca, her natural colouring being reddish-brown, wears a dress in those shades coupled with matching accessories and make up. That's what the Total Look is: Making sure everything from head to toe is co-ordinated and planned to create an overall effect.

    Rod's suit is a cc outfit: The jacket, sweater and pants all come as one. It's called the "Sonny & Cher" corduroy suit and you can find it on Maxis Match CC World. His hair is a Beatle cut; yes, the Beatle haircut has been done as cc. It gives him a bit of an Ilya Kurayakin from the Man From UNCLE look.

    Stefanie's outfit is a story in itself as to how children's fashion impacted adult clothes and vice versa. Back in the late 50s & early 60s the hemlines on dresses for little girls rose above the knees quite considerably. Mary Quant was inspired by this look to co-create the miniskirt (it's still disputed whether she or the French designer Andre Courrages invented it first). When the mini first gained mass popularity among young women in 1965 the effect was that it sent children's hemlines even higher. You might have thought it would have the opposite effect but, no, they went up and so high up they barely covered the bottom. By all accounts this was a hit with little girls who now could run around, climb and fling themselves around a playground as much as the boys, unencumbered by a long skirt but for modesty it became de rigeur for girls to wear thick tights. This trend began around the late 50s and was standard by the early 60s and that in turn translated into women's fashions as stockings were ditched in favour of tights and pantyhose as hemlines starting rising beginning mid-65. So to bring this bit of fashion history right back round to our Sim here, what you get with most base game and cc skirts for children are hemlines that are a little too long to accurately reflect the fashion for little girls from 1964-74. However, this dress is the nearest thing to an accurate one worn by children at that time. And to complete the look she wears the must-have thick, red, ribbed nylon tights that little girls all seem to wear in films, TV shows, magazines and photos from that era.
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    Townies 1

    Here are some of the occasional walk-on characters from Sim 66. Burr De Benning on the left wears a grandfather style shirt but in a more vibrant colour which was common in the 60s and with flared pants. The big sideburns were a popular Bohemian look on men which continued into the early 70s.

    Michelle Prather wears an entire cc outfit and hairstyle. The dress with striped sweater underneath comes as a package. Her face and hair are based on the actress Suzanne Pleshette, who appeared in movies and shows such as "Support Your Local Gunfighter" and the original "Newhart" TV series.

    Chloe Hwang wears a mixture of base game and cc. It's another total look with the blouse, shoes and pantyhose in one colour and the skirt and cravat in another.

    Jonathan Hamlin sports a San Francisco hippy look with a vest worn over a plain T-shirt and worn with striped pants and moccasin style shoes. The glasses are pure 60s; a nod to the kind John Sebastian of The Lovin' Spoonful wore at the time.

  • Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 872 Member
    Jean Shrimpton was THE supermodel of the 1960s...yes, I know Twiggy was as well but here we pay tribute to The Shrimp. Sim 66 features all kinds of characters but what I required for more world building were some supermodels like Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, Peggy Moffat, Pattie Boyd and Colleen Corby, among others. Now I'm not very good at designing famous faces for The Sims 4...but I know people who are: Step foward @illusie at the fabulous D.N.A team. She created the face and the body to closely resemble Jean and I just added all that Sixties make up, outfits and some of the hairstyles. Here is Jean's different looks in the game and the real life photos that inspired the outfits:







    Once again a big thank you and shout out to Illusie and if you haven't checked out the D.N.A. team over on the Lots page of this forum then please do so; they've done many commissions for Sim 66 such as the Orange Peel and Kitten Clubs and now Jean Shrimpton.
  • illusieillusie Posts: 12,380 Member
    @Kellogg_J_Kellogg, great sims in this thread. I love the cc clothes and hair you picked for Jean. I'm happy you like the sims I made for you!
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    I can see that you made a lot of effort to make the post, all your sims look very good
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