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We need BETTER MEMORIES in 2021



  • pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 7,870 Member
    edited December 2020
    Can we stop using it the word 'hate' for once?
    SERVERFRA wrote: »
    It would be nice if the sims remembered their own family members.
    They kind of do I always see my sims have a family member in there thought bubble. But that would be nice or to have better family tree titles like stepmom or uncle or even have great grandparents and have them register as that.

    @DragonCat159 Can I ask you were I said hate in that comment?

    Certaintly. Here's where you said it:
    Also that is the same person that hates Snowy Escape.

    My comment was highlighting how it irks me people misuse that word. And people overall should stop using that word if somebody provides customize constructive criticism. Loathing a ggame and disliking something in the game are two different things.

    And what do memories have to do with her liking or disliking snowy escape? Why disregard entire feedback over something she said something about something else? Those two different mechanic have nothing in common about the discussed feature.
    That is all I don’t hate her.
    Neither did I imply that you did. I presume and claim that you may dislike (which, again - different meaning) her, from the tone. My apology if I did indeed misinterpret it.

    Ok sorry its not that I think she hates anything its more dislikes. She is entitled her own opinion. I know she is just expressing her own thoughts on how they should improve the game. But I don't tend to listen to youtubers anyways unless its about a patch that might break the game. I watch her stuff and from my impressions she has a negative attitude but I guess its because she like the sims 4. So sorry for using the word hate its not exactly what I meant to say. <3 To be honest I actually didn't even know we could make our own memories doing that so I did learn something. :D
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 455 Member
    The Sims 4 is heavly criticized because it is low-key a downgrade for the franchise. We naturally expect evolution in the next generation and not just "little improvements" and then two or three steps back! I don't see things as "different games" because technology evolves so does the game! I expected 4 to be technically superior to 3 and it didn't happened because everything that made TS3 being TS3 was removed from TS4! I would love to have a new experience but TS4 still didn't managed to do it after 6 years, because if I don't play TS3, I would play TS2 over TS4 at anytime! And this isn't me being negative. It's me being realistic on expressing my feelings and if it hurts someone I'm really sorry but I think that is not my problem because I'm just talking about a game! Remember that we are still here because we love the franchise as a whole and I don't want to see The Sims becoming just a mobile game like SimCity (The Sims biggest brother) is nowadays and that's on EA hands now...

    Yes! I agree with pleasantsims and frankly there's finally one more youtuber beside LGR that I completly agree with!
    None of The Sims games are perfect but TS4 is the current now and it needs major improvements and everything that could take this game out of this limbo it is always welcome!

  • ForgeronForgeron Posts: 272 Member
    Who are they though? I don't listen to youtubers saying the game needs something I will listen to them when a patch will break the game. Also that is the same person that hates Snowy Escape.

    @pepperjax1230 she doesn't hate the Snowy Escape. She likes it, she only think its not a priority when it comes to what sims 4 needs. And she's right to feel like that, memories, sentiments, better emotions and traits, etc should always be the main focus. Snowy Escape is an enclosed adventure. You can't even add the bunny slope in other worlds... i know there's none with snow all the time, but would be fun to add a slope and when winter came with Seasons, it turned into a bunny slope, like the skating ring turning into a snowy one.
    bixters wrote: »
    I totally agree with the video.
    Memories could be so much more. They have a basic framework that they completely ignored. Most people don't even know this feature exists.
    I know there are concerns about Memories causing Save Corruption, but as long as they give the player the ability to turn on or off memories, or to choose which memories they want to save, this shouldn't be an issue.
    Just having a notification saying "Your sim gained a memory of getting married, do you want to save this memory?" is an easy fix.
    Being able to choose the the emotion and the sims who have the memory would be great as well.

    But what if I have memories on and I forget to turn it off. And I have a specific memory saved for two sisters Melissa and Sarah . Then using cheats I decide to make Melissa and Sarah's neighbor their older brother, cheat their relationships to max then delete Sarah after deciding I no longer want two sister? How would memories be effected without corruption?

    I used that scenario because I do stuff like that ALL the time. And I just don't know if that would be possible with memories.
    If there is a away around this with causing problems I would love to have memories. I really don't like the screenshot system we have now. It's very weird and impractical.

    tbh @Babykittyjade if Sims was developed by another company they would take time and effort to add memories with the previous knowledge that it caused corruption in Sims 2, instead they take the cheaper and easier way which is avoid adding it. Of course it would be more expensive to spend time developing something thats not buggy and broken, but thats what makes a good game, you know?!
    When it comes to EA, there's a high chance that the addition of memories will result in some sort of corruption. But, MAYBE, MAYBE they have been developing and expanding this feature in the backstage, and didn't released it yet to make sure it will be amazing and flawless. 5 years is a long and good time to develop a deep system like that which won't be corruption-maker.

    @AprilDawn I agree with you, whims and memories are so necessary for me to have a fun playtime. Like, I wish they "soft-removed" whims cuz they were working on wants + fears to be added, but we know they aren't working on it. We need those so badly. Oh, and also we need opposing traits/negative traits. Why can't I have a love/hate water, love/hate children, etc?
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,563 Member
    I see someone who loves the sims and want it to reach its potential.
  • DragonCat159DragonCat159 Posts: 1,895 Member
    Though why did they remove the emotion feature from memories and reflective upon them? Does anyone know?
  • ForgeronForgeron Posts: 272 Member
    Though why did they remove the emotion feature from memories and reflective upon them? Does anyone know?
    @DragonCat159 they didn't, you can still have an emotion tied to the memory and refelct upon them, the only thing they removed was letting us change/choose freely which emotion we wanted the memory to have. I understand why they did this, cuz everyone would use this to cheat how their sims were feeling when they wanted us to buy emotion potions and experience the emotions organically.
  • MelissaBearMelissaBear Posts: 29 Member
    How do you even access these memories on abox one? I've never seen this.
  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 2,537 Member
    How do you even access these memories on abox one? I've never seen this.

    The camera screenshots is where you access them.
  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 2,709 Member
    edited December 2020
    EA said:
    Where's my Sims 5 squad at?
  • alexandreaalexandrea Posts: 2,421 Member
    babajayne wrote: »
    I think Cindy was a bit harsh on Snowy Escape but I completely understand why because I felt the same way after Island Living. Sometimes I’m just feeling done with the game, that’s the vibe I got from her in that video, and sometimes that passes. She’s not always negative about TS4, she has started a TS4 Lets Play in her streams, there are mods she feels are essential and that makes it playable for her. I personally can play without mods but I am a fan of hers. I like her suggestions and I think if someone has watched the videos they would have heard her say she knows not everyone plays like she does or needs to play that way.

    Yeah the sims 4 definitely is a love/hate relationship for me. I agree we need TRUE memories. Sims shouldn’t be happy after a sin just slapped them in the face or shouted forbidden words at them.
  • carpe_diemcarpe_diem Posts: 268 Member
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    Certain events (childbirth / death) could be saved as a long time Memory and be remembered at random
    (will give MEMORY MOODLETS with the same buff as back then).

    • Green X = Positive sentiments / events
    • Red X = Angry / Negative sentiments / events
    • Yellow X = Embarrassed sentiment / event
    • Blue X = Sad sentiments / events
    • Brown X = Redefined memories
      (earlier positive memory that has changed temporarily after gaining a negative sentiment)

    Sims remember their memories and will at random get a moodlet with the memory (Memory Moodlet)
    (eg. "Simsis was born") that have the same buff as back then (e.g. “+1 happy”).
    This moodlet will give them the interaction share memory with other sims that are included in the memory (e.g. parents can share a memory of a child birth). This will make the other sim remember = trigger their memory moodlet.

    Redefined memories = sims will get a Negative moodlet (tensed/sad/angry) when remembering these memories. The Redefined memories will turn back into Positive memories when the negative sentiment disappears.
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  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 2,709 Member
    I feel like the sentiments were their failed attempt in a memory system. Don't expect them to make anything better than that. This game is old and the engine is limited. I'm sorry to dissapoint anyone but they cannot do much more with this game.
    Where's my Sims 5 squad at?
  • simmerannsimmerann Posts: 24 Member
    Holy Moly- I never knew about this!
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