What Do You "Realistically" Think Sims 5 Will Be Like?



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    Hardware should be irrelevant for a game like the Sims, not because of anything like elitism, but because hardware has just gotten that good. I've played games that have a million times more detail with absolutely no performance problems and I'm behind the times. It's all about optimization, but that seems to be a lost art these days. I mean, I totally sympathize with a development team if they try their best and just can't manage to be as good as other teams at it, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

    I think there's a good chance that the Sims 5 is going to be, on some level, a "live service" game. I expect to see features like battle pass events where, if you pay for the event and play the game during a limited time (which, as some have mentioned, has a good chance of being some sort of tie-in to some other property) you can earn clothing items and house objects that you'll never be able to get again. I don't know if I would guess it otherwise, but rumors of multiplayer functionality definitely have me leaning toward some sort of mandatory connection with other players, though I don't expect it will be on the level of the Sims Online. With that in mind, the game would almost certainly drop any sort of mod support and remove any choice when it comes to optional features that might be perceived to give players any sort of "advantage" when it comes to the multiplayer elements, even if the multiplayer experience is the one thing you can opt out of. Things like no longer being able to disable aging, or perhaps not even having control over saving it so that dead Sims stay dead. Suffice it to say, every single bit of that is anathema to what I enjoy about games.

    That said, I don't think it's guaranteed to happen. I was quite surprised that Sims 4 dropped the microtransactions from Sims 3. If anything, microtranscations were getting more popular and accepted at the time. Also, EA has so far been fairly consistent since dropping paid loot boxes from Battlefront 2, making a legitimate classic singleplayer game without DLC in Jedi: Fallen Order (and discovering that was successful!), and Squadrons being marketed on a continuation on the mindset. Not that I think a full 180 has been made that will last forever, but compared to a lot of other recent situations with no positive precedents, I feel like there's a legitimate opportunity for the Sims to not just get worse.

    When it comes to the core content, I can't really guess. The only thing I can say is that the reception of the Sims 4's launch has not been forgotten. Even in these cynical times I have a hard time imagining the Sims 5 wouldn't try hard to look like it's not repeating those mistakes. That doesn't mean it wouldn't make its own, but I think it would at least aim for the perception that it's not a repeat of Sims 4 at launch.

    The shame about the Sims trying to chase trends is that, in theory it makes a lot of sense. Being a life simulator with a lot of people often making themselves, following trends that the players might also be following could help them feel more immersed. These should definitely be focused more on the life simulator end than the pop culture end, though. For instance, traditional housing has become a real problem for a lot of people and it's led to new trends in what's considered a normal way to live, like relying entirely on recreational vehicles. It would make a lot of sense for the Sims to embrace that sort of thing as a new avenue of how a Sim might live their life. As is topical, when it comes to suddenly existing in the Star Wars universe though? Obviously even at its best that can't help but be tacked on (a full Star Wars spin-off would be different, and potentially awesome).
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    I am not getting my hopes up. It's probably going to be a replica of Sims 4 with a few new features. I know they're going to hold out as much as they can so they can sell packs later. I'd rather see simple packs that revolve around one thing. As long as that one thing is fleshed out and detailed to the best of the dev's ability. But I don't see it happening. Sims on PC is feeling more like Sims on console. I started playing on PC because of all the additional features. If it's exactly like what I'd get on a console, I think I'd rather stop playing it.
    I'm a builder. I want to design every part of the world. I hate fake buildings. I hate loading screens. And I hate not being able to change the look of the land around my lot. I want to add lots, roads, everything. I do like being able to go to other neighborhoods, I wouldn't mind a loading screen when changing to those.
    Real gamers have high end computers. We want to play high end games. You charge so much for each pack. And the content doesn't match the price.
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    We have to keep in mind that there will be competition now and simmers are no longer as loyal as they used to be from the way EAxis has treated us during this iteration. So that should temper EAxis' decisions for TS5. They can't just keep doing poor work and taking the community for granted anymore.

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    I'd rather do business with a company that does a good job because they want to. Not one who throws you away every chance they get, and only makes nice when they want something from you. Too little, too late.
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    They mention it's going to be an online game, so I fear for the worst b/c of the experience I've had playing MMORPGs.

    There will either be lots of microtransactions like Sims Mobile has, or lootboxes, or both.

    I imagine a situation like:

    "For a limited time you can buy this lootbox that has a rare chance to drop a cowplant or bonehilda! But mostly you'll spend $200 and just get a bunch of chairs!"

    And they'll probably let players sell things to other players for simoleons. And they'll probably let you convert real money to simoleons. So those that are lucky enough to pull a bonehilda from the lootbox will be able to sell it to other players for a simoleon equivalent of like $2000 worth of real world money.

    And there will be players dumb enough to fall for this and fund it's continuation. There's people on my MMO that spend 1 grand on a single material piece that's used to craft a weapon. It's not even the whole weapon they drop that kind of cash on it's just one mat.

    There are lots of dumb gamers out there and I'm sure EA will take every opportunity they can to take advantage of whoever they can scam.
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    *tongue firmly planted in left cheek* (I think)

    Barrier to Entry is just an excuse for people who want to play at full speed on a sub-par computer.

    I'm playing with a Vivobook right now and I know that I can't run Sims 3 without lag and having to set my graphics settings at mid to get it to run. That's the price I pay for not being able to afford the top-of-the-line gaming computer. But those who expect a gaming company to water down their game and not push the leading edge of computer game development are just going to p*** off gamers who do have the hardware and don't want to be "held back" by those complaining that they can't play the game at full-graphics settings because they can't afford to buy the latest and greatest.

    I'm one who says "push the envelope of game design" even though I'm playing on a computer that barely handles the game at mid-graphics. I'd rather see a top-notch game and try and save my shekels to get a gaming machine down the road so that I can play it properly than find the company always catering to the lower end of the machines and putting out a game that doesn't meet expectations by those who play on higher end machines.
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    I used to be really pumped and excited and looking soooo forward to Sims 5.

    But lately, after reading a lot of past interviews with various Gurus in the last year or so. My excitement is slowly fading and I feel like TS5 will just be a Sims 4.5 version.

    I'm going to predict that we WILL NOT get:
    • CASt like it was it done in TS3. They might give us a color wheel for skin tones and hair, possibly objects. But after watching the interview with James and SimGuruLyndsay I for sure don't see them ever giving us CASt with the ability to add our own patterns again. Maybe something similar to TS2 where there were areas that had different swatches. And that would NOT make me very happy at all. I have a PC with enough memory and a graphics card to handle it without lag.
    • Open Worlds - Instead I see them giving us Open Neighborhoods that your sim lives in without a loading screen but with very minimal lots to build on and lots of fake back drops and houses again like TS4.
    • Apartments will again be locked and unable to build our own or modify it because in another interview with SimGuruEugi he stated "If we had allowed the creation of apartment buildings from Build/Buy, we would not have been able to achieve the look we were going for" and then he stated "There are also performance implications. You might want a building to look like it has, say, hundreds of windows and small items of decor. If those were actual B/B objects, they would all count against our performance metrics." So because so many people play on a toaster and they have implemented a "performance metric" which means small worlds, lots of fake buildings and very few lots to keep performance optimal.

      What I DO think we'll get:
      • Real Babies in the Base Game
      • Toddlers in the Base Game
      • Teens that actually look like Teens and not YA replicas
      • Basements
      • Terrain and Pond Tools
      • Pools (hopefully with "real" diving boards)
      • DLC will be the same as TS4, but less content
      • Editable Worlds (Not like a CAW tool, but at least the ability to remove decor or place it)
      • Some Similar things as TS4 (CAS's push/pull mode, Build Tools)
      • A similar "Minimalist" AI for Sims Personalities. SimGuruNinja said in a recent interview when asked why the storylines weren't as fleshed out as previous iterations. He basically stated something like "We decided to go in a more minimalistic approach to leave it up to the players to play their stories out". (They are also moving away from a Life Simulation game, and going for trends according to Laura Miele, EA’s chief studios officer, she stated "I think that Sims provides an incredible canvas for us to tap into all kinds of relevant trends, whether it be music, fashion, design and architecture, or in TV and media. And we are going to continue to do more of that. That is the direction we’re headed.”)

      So yeah, I'm feeling really disappointed that we probably will not be getting the best of all the games rolled into one game. But I would be absolutely THIRLLED if they took all of the feedback they've been given from TS4 and utterly blew us away with TS5!

      What do you guys "realistically" think Sims 5 will be like? (Please don't list what you "want" in the game, there's a million threads on that already. I'm interested in hearing what you guys know "deep in your heart" it will be like.)

      If you think what I've said is wrong, I'm really interested in hearing your theories and why.

    what interview I would like to read it
    more for sim kids and more drama please
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,388 Member
    also what stories are you talking about if anything sims 4 has more story lines not less
    are you talking about premades
    more for sim kids and more drama please
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    Another disappointment like "The Sims 3" and "The Sims 4".
    But I'm an incorrigible optimist, so I hope it will be "The Sims 2" with better graphics!
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    Probably worse than the Sims 3 lags & worse than the Sims 4 bugs.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,388 Member
    Realistically I'm sure every expects something different then everyone else
    more for sim kids and more drama please
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    One word, disappointing. I think players have got their hopes up based on nothing. People are expecting this game to be the best game ever and fix everyones issues with Sims 4 but that just isn't realistic. The game will still have the same money grabbing tendencies Sims 4 has as it's still under EA and they know people will buy it whatever. Things will not drastically change.

    I suppose we can hope for better graphics, more gameplay details and a less closed world but realistically the packs will probably never be as in depth as they were in past games and the game will still be full of cash grabs and missing content.
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    Onverser wrote: »
    One word, disappointing. I think players have got their hopes up based on nothing. People are expecting this game to be the best game ever and fix everyones issues with Sims 4 but that just isn't realistic. The game will still have the same money grabbing tendencies Sims 4 has as it's still under EA and they know people will buy it whatever. Things will not drastically change.

    I suppose we can hope for better graphics, more gameplay details and a less closed world but realistically the packs will probably never be as in depth as they were in past games and the game will still be full of cash grabs and missing content.

    Yep, I 1000% agree with the bold parts!
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